24 August 2011

NOTW: Hopelessly in Love {ft. Hello Kitty}

Hey gals! I was gonna post my haul but I haven't had time to make some swatches so that's gonna wait. Plus I wanted to do haul/review of the quality also ^_~

Here's a quick post. I'm sitting in the AT&T store waiting for my boyfriend to do his phone thing and I got bored. I've been admiring my nails since I've painted them last night LOL! It's the first pink nail polish I've purchased in a while. It's OPI Hopelessly In Love paired with an HK decal from sephora.

Illamasqua base coat + 2 coats of OPI Hopelessly In Love + Seche Vite results in this...
It's a beautiful soft pink that almost matches my purse! I'm really in love with it and it wasn't super opaque on the second coat so I feel like it gets that jelly look ;) or it might just be my imagination lol.

I used the camera+ app to add the blurred effect in case some of you were looking for a somewhat photo editing program for the iPhone.


On a side note, I went and got cupcakes today! I've only ate one so far (red velvet) and it was delicious! Can't wait to get home and try the rest ;)
They look so scrumptious! And all five were only $12.50! A heck of a lot cheaper than sprinkles for sure. ;)

--- edit;; I purchased the cupcakes from a store called Cupcake Bliss off Cheek Sparger in Bedford if you guys live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and want to check them out! :D

Talk to you soon!


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P.S. MAC's mac me over collection is releasing tomorrow! I'm very excited to pick up some more 226 brushes! ^_^
Anyone picking anything up from this collection? ;)


  1. So pretty!! I love this color.

  2. Love the nail color. Cute! Yum!! Cupcakes!! I'm not sure if I'm getting anything from Mac yet.. If you do, don't forget to post!

  3. what a nice color :)

    & where did you get the cupcakes at??


  4. That color is so pretty and flattering on your skintone!

    The cupcakes look extra yummy. :)


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