19 January 2009

More Haulage

I had a sephora giftcard for xmas =) and so I saw they were having a sale so I stopped by a few weeks ago and grabbed some things I've been eyeballin` but been too scared to shell out on.. I got the NARS eyeshadow palette, NARS lipgloss set, and Anastasia Powder Duo in Medium Ash. I also got a free Sephora liquid eyeliner and a bunch of samples but those are lost in my drawers at the moment... Eyeliner works pretty good to make a super fine line =) Haven't tried out the samples yet but will do soon.

Left to Right -
1st Row: Kilimanjaro I, Bohemian Gold II, Surabaya II
2nd Row: Himilayas, Ondine, Night Flight

So my camera cooperated to take those swatches but I tried with the lipglosses and I got a blurry mess. =( I also took advantage of the MAC sale they had on the website hehe but I didn't buy as much as I thought I would've. I got the Fix + spray, Charming Garnet holiday set, Family Silver mineralized e/s, Earthly Riches mineralized e/s, and the 109 brush. The charming garnet came with a belightful iridescent powder, slimshine in bare, mini zoomlash, mini eye khol, and a 181 mini buffer brush. I think that's a pretty good deal for 40 bucks?


  1. *DROOL* ... gah, this makes me want to go to Sephora & MAC right this instant! GREAT HAUL!!! I've been dying to get the NARS e/s pallet. & $40 for that holiday set? That's such a good deal!!! I'm far too broke right now but lucky you! =D

  2. Just passing through. Love your haul, especially the NARS products. And I got the Charming Garnet set too, but I haven't even touched it!

  3. yay! i love reading about hauls! :D Great haul! You will love the Nars palette. I was going to get the nars lipgloss set also but I don't like some of the lipgloss shade in the set. I also ordered some from the MAC sale but hasn't gotten it yet. :(

  4. My fave is the Night flight :D Harlow, I have not tried but I'm loving the lipgloss I got esp the All Night Long lippie :D


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