16 January 2009

Dame Edna, Boots, & Contouring

The other, other, other day I went to Nordstrom and I picked up a few things =) I got the "Kanga-rouge" l/s and the "wisteria" eye trio. I really liked "possum nose" l/g but I'm not sure if I'd really wear it.

See how fuzzy everything looks? This was the best picture I had too! I need a new camera =(

This time I didn't get just makeup =D I bought me some boots too! They're pretty short height-wise aside from all the boots that everyone's wearing. I think I might go back and grab the steve madden ones. They're only 80 bucks! That's pretty cheap for boots.

Rockin` my boots =P

ack! So I lost my camera cable =( I'm not really sure where it is. Maybe under all the clothes lol. If I can't find it I'll probably just go borrow my sister's camera... because I got some more things. =)


I tested out the contouring trio =P ignore the blueness/greeness of the picture.



See the chiseledness? Haha, I'm not wearing anything but the contouring powders so my skin is pretty uneven right now. I'll probably use it this weekend and take another picture then with the camera =)


  1. yay! you look great with the contouring powder! :D I love dame edna's sparkly packaging. I didn't get anything though :(

  2. I know the packaging makes me wanna get it but I had to contain myself coz I'm saving up for the HK! :D Are you planning on getting anything from that collection? :D

  3. Hey girl, just found your blog and love it! Had to add you to my list of ladies I adore =)How do you like the Dame Edna collection so far? I was tempted to buy a few things but weren't sure since the colors aren't something I would normally wear. Anyway keep up the good work! ;)


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