23 March 2012

Lush, The Comforter

Hey ladies! It's been quite some time. (Hasn't it always everytime I post?!)

Today's post is about Lush's "The Comforter". It's a bubble bar and retails for $9.95 available in store or online. I actually went there the other day and had a small haul :) Because I already used the bubble bar there is not picture of it BUT here is their stock photo online which is very accurate of what it looks like in person :)
I've tried other bubble bars and I've enjoyed them all, no particular favorite so maybe I haven't found that scent that makes me go nuts yet.
This time when I used it I crumpled up the portion I wanted to use first before I cranked up the water. It looks pretty! ^__^
Still resulted in about the same amount of bubbles I always get. I think this way is less work! LOL! I crumpled it up, let the water do its magic, then went around looking for things I can do while I bathe :)
Yes, I am naked BUT I am wearing a shirt made of bubbles haha! My friend told me I looked like a 15 year old kid. OH WELL! This was a much needed bath after all this stress I've been dealing with from school.

Recommend you check out "the comforter", or any of the bubble bars for that matter. I want to try the super glittery one next! The dude said the glitter was water soluble so that lured me in...

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Love the Comforter!!! And yes, I need a nice long bubble bath after all the homework, assignments, projects and exams I've been doing!!!

  2. Bubble baths are a great way to destress!
    Occasionally I'll run a bath, set up some candles, and pour myself a glass of wine and just relax. :)

    But no worries, you may look 15 and I may look like I'm 12 sometimes, but when we're old, we'll still be looking good! hahaha


  3. This seems like a great way to relax!! lol i tagged you on the 11 questions tag! =)

  4. Definitely gonna try wine next time! It's SOOOO relaxing especially with my billion school projects :)

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