27 December 2011

Some random FOTD's

 Hey everyone :) Merry late Christmas! I hope everyone got to spend it with the ones they love, I know I did.

Lately my makeup has been neutral and boring, I even used some olives one day! :D I guess my statement is more of lips -__-" I have been staying away from home lately so I haven't had my full makeup drawers at my disposal.

THIS IS WHERE MY NAKED PALETTE COMES IN ;D I can't say how much I love this palette, and now that I own NAKED2 I love that one even more... (I will make a post soon, no more iPhone blogging because my camera doesn't focus anymore and my battery is currently charging)

Here's a neutral eye I put together, I had some CRAZY sparkles on that day and tried to capture it but no luck so no point on posting that! I actually put on nude lipstick which is a shocker to me because I haven't done nude in a while >__<
I curled my hair that day with the HANA 1" Professional straightener. I thought I failed miserably, but I got a lot of compliments that night! ^__~

The next fotd was with second day hair -___-" I didn't feel my hair was oily enough to wash so I just went with it. BAD IDEA, it got so oily later that day... I should really carry dry shampoo on me but I don't have a preferred one though I've only tried a couple. I'm very picky because I prefer the colorless ones...
Any dry shampoo recommendations for dark hair?
I sported the red lip for almost a week straight, it was so weird taking it off! Again, used the NAKED palette again that day. It's so difficult to eat when you want your lipstick to stay on!

I have a lot of posts planned out in my head, just gotta charge up my camera! I also hit the CVS sale they're having O__O... I got a few things I've been wanting but didn't want to cough up the money lol so that will be my next few posts soon, hopefully!

Have a safe New Year if I don't make it in time ^__~



  1. merry belated christmas dear!! i wish wish WISH i could get my hands on urban decay stuff more readily but alas i can not! have to wait until i'm overseas for that! but for the dry shampoo, itsjudytime uses the salon graphix clear dry shampoo and she seems to like it? i'm not too sure as i don't really use dry shampoo :(

  2. you should give me some recommendations for dry shampoo when you discover one that you like ;] I have yet to even try one... lol

  3. same here! let me know if theres any dry shampoo thats good out there! :) i think i wana try naked palette numba 2 as well!

  4. Oh geez. I can't believe I STILL don't have any UD eyeshadows. The only UD product I have is UDPP.

    And I really should start doing my hair sometime, but it's such a hassle because my hair is naturally curly so I always have to straighten it...but with the weather here it NEVER holds!

    Cosmetic Fixation

  5. Hi you look so pretty :) I don't use dry shampoos but normal powders/loose powder/blotting powder/baby powder works like a charm


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