01 February 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips Review

Happy February!! If you eat Subway, for the whole month of February all footlongs (excluding the Philly) are $5! ^_^ Just wanted to let you all know.. lol. Onto what this post is really about. I've recently purchased some nail enamel strips from my local Walmart! These babies cost me $8.50, from Walmart so I'd expect it to be more expensive elsewhere.

Actually, I was drunk at a New Years Eve party and this girl and I were taking shots of Jack Daniels. After the shot, I noticed her nails! I was like OMG, where did you get those done?! (She was wearing the lace ones I purchased.) She's like, I did them myself so of course I was like HUHH... Then she told me about the nail enamel strips and she got them at Walmart. Of course she was super intoxicated so it wasn't super easy to follow as I put it but since I've seen something similar to these on blogs I kinda figured out what she meant, lol.

Then when I was working the next week, this Walmart chick came in and she had a houndstooth design on her nails! I complimented her and she actually explained where she got it and what aisle they were in. I didn't know they were Sally Hansen brand and I didn't realize how small the packaging was (literally, it's a tiny little rectangular box) so when I went to go look I was like "oh no, they don't have them here!" Then Jon looks too, and he's like "ARE THESE IT?"... Then of course I got super excited because he found them for me LOL..

I forgot to take a picture of the stuff inside the box that I missed, but here they are just laid out.

You get:
  • 2 packs of nail enamel stickers which includes 8 pieces in each one. (one pack for each hand)
  • wood stick
  • nail buffer
  • instruction pamphlet
When you open the packages of the stickers, you get this overwhelming smell of nail polish. It disappears pretty quickly after opening though. The largest size was too big and the smallest size was too small but overall they all fit pretty well onto my nail bed. The curvatures and stuff where my nails start growing don't exactly line up 100% but they don't look bad either.

Here is an image of what they looked like at the end of day 1:

Left Hand (No Flash)

Left Hand (With Flash)

I didn't take pictures of both hands for the initial picture because I thought that would be redundant since obviously they're not going to be chipping just yet.

I did apply the nail enamel stickers to a 'just cleaned with nail polish remover' finger. I felt that the stickers would just lift up off my nails so I sealed it off with Seche Vite top coat and it definitely helped make it feel more secure.

I do use my nails/hands/fingers aggressively when I work. I spent two days washing sinkloads of dishes, and at my other job my nails are almost constantly wet and being bent. My jobs definitely help make my nails chip madd crazy and sometimes I end up biting on a nail or something.

Here's how they looked after a week and a half with vigorous work and school:

Right Hand (No Flash)

Right Hand (With Flash)

Left Hand (No Flash)

Left Hand (With Flash)

I don't think there was too much chipping besides the right middle finger but that's because I was biting it, lol. I did notice that I ended up applying it on my nail bed crooked on my left thumb once my nail started to grow out.

I'd definitely repurchase the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips again because they're an instant perk me up for your nails without waiting for the dry time and blah, blah, blah! ^_^ Plus these last longer on my nails versus regular nail polish.

Hope you enjoyed my little review, I'll see you gals in the next post!



  1. Wow! They're gorgeous! I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

  2. Where's my *wink wink Linda* photo? lol. If you remember what we talked about on the phone!

    So, how are those Cheerios bar? lol. I think I saw them at Sally's Beauty the other day... it was packaged like how the sticker decal are normally packaged. but dang... those are small! Who will ever notice them!? I guess it's good for traveling though, right?

  3. Wow, I've never seen these before but they look BADASS! I'm going to have to hunt these down. I hate waiting for nails to dry!

  4. wow! these look amazing!! i want some now after seeing your review! and so cute how you're holding a cereal bar!

  5. they look so pretty! i definitely want to try some :D

  6. these are gorgeous!!! *adding to my wishlist!!!

  7. Wow they look gorgeous! I had seen a lace manicure before and it looked really nice, but I'm sure it's much easier to apply the nail strips! Also, I'm giving away a Naked Palette on my blog if you're interested. (:


  8. this is soo pretty! i love it!! such an easy way to put on nailpolish lol =)

  9. That is such a pretty design, and it looks like it held up pretty well.

    I *LOVE* the fact that your bf helped you find them, LMAO. Just the fact that he even went into the beauty aisle with you! So cute :P

  10. I am on my fourth round of these and I am obsessed. I also work at a job where my hands are wet a lot and I have had mine last up to two weeks! You don't need to put any topcoat on...I haven't and they still last a really long time.


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