10 August 2010


*phew* I finally got my blog sale items today so you can go check it out :) I've got a lot more things to post up that I'll take a picture of on Thursday afternoon after I get off of work and done taking the boyfriend's little sister to go get her schedule. Email me if you're interested and I'll get back to you ASAP!

While we're on the topic of blog sales, one of my followers have reached out and asked me if I could let everyone know she's having one too! You can check her blog out here.


I've recently been using the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal mask lately and I'll have to say I've been loving it a lot more than when I initially reviewed it ^_^ I guess the trick is to put it on before you're about to shower and then the rinsing part of it is a lot easier than trying to reach over the sink and get it off. Oh, mind you, I got it a little too high on my delicate eye area but I was like screw it it's already on there.. might as well make it even!

It's still half-way full so I'm trying to use it before it's expiration date! I will definitely repurchase this sometime.... in the end of winter/beginning of spring LOL.. I really have no money to blow on good skincare right now so I'm going to have to save up for it!


I've got a massive haul coming up! Well, a collective haul of what I've hauled since I stopped posting lol. I guess I'll call it a mostly MAC haul because those are the only things I do remember buying ^_^ Stay tuned for that! I'm also debating if I should do a video but I think pictures are just easier right??



  1. Hey Linda! OMG I highly recommend you to check out the Charlotte Russe platform heels if you like that style like I do. You're really lucky to get it at such a low price of $10 - I had to order mine online and it's not that cheap, but compared to my other shoes it's a crazy bargain!
    Cellnique has been proving to be a really good skincare line and gives results. I saw results for sure with the two Cellnique products they gave me to review. It's nice to know that something out there which is not too expensive can give results! It is pricey but you know, I have to remind myself that a lot of my other skincare stuff is not much cheaper at all and they don't provide visible results so it's like a waste of money :\
    Hope all is well!

  2. hahah girl you are brave to put a mask pic up :) super cute xo

  3. Hi Lindah! : )

    I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I am finally back on blogger : ) How are you? It's ironic you have a mask on in this post because I do too right now lol.

    I just relaunched my blog so could you please be a darling and check it out please? Thanks in advance! : )

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