17 February 2009

too dolly FOTD & haul


Yesterday I tried to make a video of my look right below but the webcam stopped recording after 4 minutes?!?! I was so mad! So I re-recorded it today :) It hasn't uploaded yet but I'll post it up right when it's done! :D
(original look)

-- MAC too dolly e/s (inner third)
-- MAC stylin' e/s (middle third)
-- MAC slately black e/s (outer third)
-- MAC scant e/s (highlight)
-- sephora long-lasting liquid liner in black
-- UD 24/7 eyeliner in zero (bottom lashline)
-- zoomlash mascara in black
-- anastashia brow duo in medium ash (light side)

-- MUFE HD in 155
-- MAC beauty powder blush in Fun&Games

-- MAC cute-ster l/s
-- MAC mimmy l/g

On the look I recorded today, I didn't use stylin'. Instead of scant I used Phloof! and when I first put it on apparently the recording skipped that part? LOL! I'm totally going to use a real camera next time if I make a video. And on my lips I used Naked Frost l/g

(Valentine's day look at the very end of my night xD I forgot to take a picture after I left MAC)

Now onto my haulage :D
I got this top from F21 for $15. I could wear it alone.. or I could wear it with a tank top :D I don't think I'd wear the "belt" with it though

I got this ruffle-ly shirt from F21 in a pinky color. It's definitely a "wear it on a skinny day" kinda shirt LOL

This black dress is also form F21 and it was only $11! It goes all the way to the middle of the thigh on me. I really love it :D I think I'm going to wear it when I go eat for my dad's birthday dinner.

MAC damage!

Lucky Tom palette, Too Dolly palette, On The Prowl nail polish, Mimmy l/g, Fast Friends l/g, Nice Kitty l/g, Cute-ster l/s, Big Bow l/s, Tippy BPB... (not shown: Fun&Games BPB, Kitty Power glitter e/l)

I loved the nailpolish so much I wore it on the first day I got it :D In the video it's definitely chipped off a ton :X

NEXT POST ~ Hello Kitty Too Dolly Tutorial ~ :D


  1. great haul!!!! love the pink ruffle shirt!!! super cuteeesies!

  2. super cuteee tops

  3. i have the same exact white top that you have (except in a tan khaki color) & the same dress (except in a gray color). LOL. i love f21. =]

  4. hey girl thanks for the comment :) i love that pink shirt u got. it looks super sexy and cute on u. ur so lucky to have huge boobies and tiny waist. lol.


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