02 April 2010


I'm jumping on the bandwagon. haha! :) I wanted to a while ago, but I would always forget so I'll start this month! ^_^

I watch hollyannaeree on youtube and she does "hits and misses" and that's where she shows you everything she bought that month and tells you if she likes them or not! Well, I love the concept and I know sometimes I can't get my reviews up so if I do them here it can be a SHORT review :D

I'm also going to add my favorites for the month so that's why I am going to call this a round up.. like a monthly round up! It can also help me keep track of when I buy my makeup and stuff so that's another perk of this :P

To kick start this post I'm gonna begin with my favorites of the month! ^_^

If you've followed me for a really long time and kept up with my posts, I was so anti-blush. Maybe because the way I was applying it didn't compliment my face shape? :/ ... but I gave blush another try and now I'm absolutely in love with it ^_^ Sorry I didn't number label the products but these products are so recent I'm sure you'll recognize them haha!

1.MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass: I'm so close to finishing this tube.. remember what I said in my last post right? It's impossible to finish a lipgloss.. well something like that but this one is pretty much done for. I love this sticky shit! It lasts a longgg time for me and if I layer it over lipstick it helps my lipstick last long too :) Plus I love how it's so sparkly!

2. MAC Melt in Your Mouth Cremesheen Glass: This isn't from the new collection that released a few weeks ago, this is actually from the original launch! As you can tell, I loveee this lipgloss too! There's less product than baby sparks in there. I love to add it to a super nude lipstick so I don't look totally dead and it'll give me some color ^_^ But this one isn't sticky and doesn't last as long as the dazzleglass.

3. MAC Ripe Peach & Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre: I just love the shade of these blushes! And you can somewhat customize your own shade depending where you concentrate your blush. Another plus is that the pan is enormous so I don't think I'll ever run out of this! And the beautiful gradient is also a perk :)

4. MAC Prim & Proper Powder Blush: I've used this blush for two weeks straight now. I didn't realize how beautiful this shade would be on my face! It looked way too boring on the swatch for me so I'm so happy that I tried it on ^_^ It's great for everyday because it's so natural and brings life to your face. Plus it's a satin so it's super pigmented!


Okay, so here's the "hits and misses" section.. I think you can figure out how it works if you read lol. I'm gonna split it up into three little sections...


1. Maybelline Eyestudio Shadow: This is pigmented and I have forgotten the name.. I think it might be lavender something? But IDK it's the purple one! The eyeshadow is very smooth and you get a lot for how much you pay but I don't think it's worth it. I haven't actually used it but when I swatch it, I know if I'll love it or hate it. The colors (solid lavender side and marbelized pinkish side) look almost the same when you swatch it so I don't think it's worth it. Maybe it'll be different with another shade but I won't be buying another one. Miss!

2. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara: Okay so I didn't technically buy this during this month but I used it during this month. It gives really good length (I used it in my "Liberty of London" FOTD) but I think it applies nicely but eventually my lashes aren't really curled anymore as the day goes on.. Miss!


1. Shell Pearl Beauty Powder: it's super pigmented for a beauty powder and gives a great highlight to my cheekbones. Be careful though, if you apply too much it can be over kill on the shimmer! Hit!

2. Prim & Proper Powder Blush: okay, so I've already said enough from my favorite part of this post right? lol :) Hit!

3. Frankly Fresh, English Accents, Perennial High Style Lipglass: I love the colors of these lipglosses so much but I've only used one so far and it was only for one time.. like I didn't even touch it up through the day after it faded! If you used then often throughout the day, the colors are gorgeous but for me this is a miss. I'll still use them though since I've already scooped them up. Miss!

4. Blooming Lovely, Peachstock, Ever Hip Lipstick: these lipsticks are great :) Although they all come in different finishes I will categorize them together lol. The coral shade is really nice since it's buildable because I know sometimes coral doesn't look good on my skin. Blooming lovely is really purple-ish so it's not too practical for everyday but if you top it off with a pinkish or nudish lipgloss it'll tone it down. Overall I really like all the lipsticks! Hit!

Sephora: (all bought when I lost my car so I was really sad and just wanted some retail therapy.. lol, not a good idea! If you're sad just please stay home or to the icecream shop.. It's CHEAPER! xD)

1. LipFusion Lipgloss: I got this for $10 and I know it retails for like $30-somethingish?!?! My shade I got is BARE. It has that tingling sensation you get with lip plumpers but it doesn't bother me since I actually like that sensation :) The color is super natural too on the lips! Hit!

2. Buxom Lash Liner: I've already used a good little chunk during that week and a half I used it constantly everyday. I didn't see any lash growth but it might be because I didn't use it for a really long period of time. (I will start again soon so I can properly review it.) The liner doesn't last all day for me and it's super fluid. I find that it starts to transfer from the upper lashline to my bottom one during the day but I think that's because I have super oily skin and especially the weather changing like crazy made my skin even oilier! Another think I noticed is that it doesn't wash off as easily as my other pot liners I've tried. I probably won't repurchase this even if my lashes starts growing. Miss!

3. NARS Pencil Sharpener: I've been wanting this for a while now. Like all the NARS products it has that rubbery texture so shimmer will stick to it eventually. At first I couldn't get the removable cap off but now I can't really keep it stuck. It just comes off really easily when you pull it off now :( On the plus side it can fit 3 different size pencils and it only cost $6 which is cheap for a NARS product and compared to the other high end sharpeners. Oh, and it doesn't break my eyeliner pencil when I try to make it super pointy! Hit!

4. Benefit Legally Bronze: (upcoming post on this set..) The whole set is really a good deal! It was only $35 when one of the products is $28. I like all the products but it's not something you NEED to have. Bronzer(hoola) is great because it's matte and applies really smoothly and evenly! The golden highlighter pencil (gilded) is nice too but I find this shade is unnecessary for me because I don't like to wear bronzey shades because it makes me look tanned. The mascara is also unnecessary for me because it's BROWN and I don't really like the badgal brushes. I think I'll give it to someone since I haven't used it yet or use it for my brows. Don't be surprised if you get this in the mail LOL.. The high beam.. I love it! It's inconvenient for me too sometimes because I don't decide what I want to use as a highlighter until after I powder my face. With this product you gotta put it on before you apply powder products. The applicator is also.. weird? It's pretty much a nail polish bottle so yeahhh if you can imagine that. :) Although it's such a good deal.. I would say this isn't a practical product if I were buying it for myself. As a gift it'll be great. It just depends on your makeup style though but for me it's a... Miss!


Okay, so this turned out longer than I thought it would! :X I guess I bought a lot of stuff this month that I didn't realize. Usually the stuff I get when I'm sad or angry makes me feel like I didn't buy it ahah! :) Okay but seriously, I am going to cut down on the spending! If you read this all, tell me if you like it, don't like it, what I can change about it pleaseee :) Greatly appreciated!


P.S. I'm answering people in my comments now so if you asked a question check back please! I'm gonna be super side tracked until the semester is over so yeahh.. life sucks right now!


  1. wow , that's a lot of products. LOL. but i completely understand the need for therapy with the stress from school.

    i like the "hit and miss" concept.

    i can't believe the Mac lipglasses didn't work out for you. they look so gorgeous. ^.^

  2. Retail therapy is the best right?!?!?!?

    I love the benefit stuff... so cool!

    And I agree the Liberty of London Lipsticks are amazing!

  3. awww, I want the mac dazzleglass lip gloss =[

    "products everywhere... products pro-pro-pro products everywhereee" *singing*

  4. Love this post! It's like a mini review :)

  5. loving the look of that cremesheen!

    just thought id let you know im having a giveaway if you want to check it out :)

    xox vendettaxx.blogspot.com

  6. Hey Linda! I love your hits and misses - it's great to know what worked and what didn't work as well :)
    I agree with you on the MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass and the MAC Prim & Proper blush. Actually I've been loving all my dazzleglasses lately.
    I heard a lot about that Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara and avoided it because I find a lot of mascaras are too liquidy for me and can't hold a curl on my lashes.
    Whaat? The Buxom lash liner is suppose to make your lashes longer? Anyways too bad it doesn't stay put. I get annoyed when my liners don't stay in place. Maybe try sealing it with a dark eyeshadow?
    Great post!

  7. I loved this! Hits and misses reviews are my fav! You are my fav! Haha!

    I was considering the bronze set from Benefit as well, since it's SUCHHH A GOOD DEAL... but I talked myself out of it because I'm not a huge fan of bronzers. The deal was almost irresistable though D:

    You make me want some MAC blush ombres~ :]

  8. i try to stay away from your blog because i'm suppose to be on a "no buy" arghh and you always get all the new collection goodies! *jealous*


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