20 April 2010


Thank you for everyone who joined my giveaway! :) I got a total of 167 valid entries, which includes the extra ones but overall I still got over 100+ people participate. I wanted to hold a giveaway as a thank you for following my blog and such. I also wanted some feedback and wanted to see what I should post.
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How did I choose a winner?
First I had to go to my comments section and make a chart! I put a column of "username, follower?, repost?" and then I went and wrote down everyone's names. I clicked on their link and usually it goes to your profile and sometimes if you have the option on you'll see everyone they're following. The hard way is to dig through your followers and I did that with my "find" function on my browser lol. Still relatively easy, but does take a long time whenever there's a lot of people! Yeah so there's my devotion LOL! ^_^ Ohhh, and then I went to an excel spreadsheet and typed up all the entries (+ extra entries) and after I finished with that I went to www.random.org and put it "1 - 167" and choose the first place winner. (Her number was #2) And then after I did that I took out that entry and did "4-167" since she had 3 total entries I eliminated her from being able to be counted again so that there's more of a chance of winning for others. The second winner was chosen after that. (Her number was #154)

I didn't get a screen shot of the numbers before I went to go and did another random draw so no pictures of that sorry! The winners are....
1st place: April
2nd place: shaynajo
April won only because she reposted so that was a good call! ^_^ So reposting does help you win sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. In this case it was a 50/50 chance so yeahhhhh.. I shall contact the both of you for the mailing address! Remember, first place winner has the option of prize and the second place winner will end up with the other one :)

Thanks for entering everyone! I'll hold more giveaways later in the future ^_^



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