26 April 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates! It was New Year's this weekend and getting my wisdom tooth pulled hasn't really helped! I've been sleeping, A LOT! haha, I blame the pain killers but it might be because I wanna sleep too ^_^

I was cleaning out my receipt box last week and omg, look at how many Nordstrom receipts I have! BTW, I go to Nordies to get my MAC makeup because they are more friendlier there :) There are more receipts underneath but I didn't wanna lay out every receipt I had! haha, oh well, enjoy the peek :P

You can click the image to enlarge it lol..

I have some reviews coming up! Maybe a blog sale.. like some drugstore things I've never used lol xD I'm not sure, I should get rid of some mac lippies that I haven't used.. but I'm not sure because I think I swatched them! GAHH, this is when you KNOW you have too much makeup lol

Some quick reviews to follow :)



  1. girl...this year i'm not even trying to save receipts. i would have a heart attack when i looked back at them LOL so what's great about nordstrom? what should i look for there? : )

  2. oh gawdddddddddddd girl! hahaha. that is a LOTTTT! I only own the 4n lipstick! haha. What is one of your favorite colors referring to lipsticks from MAC?

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Mine are mostly Sephora, Forever 21 and Nordstrom rack! LOL

  4. Wow, I'd love to be your MUA at MAC. hrhhrhr....

  5. haha omg!! that looks like the second drawer in my desk... -__-;;

    most of my receipts are from ULTA... with about a million returns stapled to them. D:

    OOOO blogsales make me excited~!! :]

    and ooh, i see that jack's a yorkie now. ^^ i was actually torn between saying yorkie and silkie, but i was like what the heck i'll just guess... and i suck at it. HAHA!! sweeet dog though :] looking forward to hearing more about him :]

  6. OMG, looks like you did a lot of purchases last year! :D

  7. heyy!! :) im backkkkk!

    im sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth, but i went thru that and it was NOT a good experience. hope youre getting better :)

    ooo blog sales!

    and thats a lot of receipts!

  8. I hope you filed that for your 2009 tax income. LOL! So much receipts but if I kept every single one of my receipts, I think I would get that much too! haha.

    Hmmm, I've seen it on tv that you can file receipts but I wonder how that works out o.O

  9. That's a lot of receipts! I use to collect receipts too and had receipts from like 10 years ago.


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