05 April 2010


Hello beautifulllllls!

First of all, THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE ENTERING MY GIVEAWAY! I might add in another small prize depending how many people I result in... I actually do got a few more things that are unopen that I've hauled... I don't even know when? o_O

Okay, so I got this on the 25th of March actually but I didn't get to post it up yet! :) Not the typical haul I usually post up, but it will do ^_^ I'm gonna try to post every weekday... since I have a billion things to post! haha XD

Well, I give you a 180-degree view of the car... I mean cars are symmetrical so you should know what it looks like on the other side haha!

The front -- it's fuckin huge. Well, compared to my other car haha. This one feels MUCH more heavier! Has some rock chips in the front, but versus the other one it's a hell of a lot less!

This one has both of the side markers! A lot of the ones I found online were missing either the right of the left and it would be a hassle to go get a new one and stick it on.. lol

You can kinda see me, I'm the pair of legs to the left of the door ^_^

The only thing I don't like so far is just that the headlights are red, and the car is red -___-" so it's really monochromatic in the daytime! xD

Trunk is huge from the body of it, but when you open that shit it's punyyy.. like I think there's less room than my Acura RSX and that was a hatchback! o_O oh, and the license plate it all crooked but I don't know why :(

Interior is black ^_^ You see my shifter?!?! I'm gonna end up polishing it with lotion LOL.. and the e-brake seriously needs to be all the way up or else this baby doesn't want to stay parked sometimes!

And my car comes with the brembo brake package! This shit is ELITE, but because of that it's gonna cost an arm, a leg, and half of my makeup collection to pay for a maintenance!

Hope you enjoyed today's post, did I oggle your eyes enough? lol :)



  1. i'm oogling for sure!!! acuras are lovelyyy omg. ok well not lovely, but super bomb :]

    go vrooooooom and have fun~ :]

  2. DAMN GIRL! You drive a manual? I can't even drive a stick!!! My boyfriend's always complaining about that! Haha!

    But I love the car! It's freaking gorgeous!!! :D

  3. congrats on the new car! i was oogled by the effects too.

  4. Congrats on your hot hot haul :)

    Is your car a stick shift?

    My dream car is an Audi TT convertible, but I guess the A4 will do for now

  5. Wow, the car is gorgeous! Congrats on getting it :D

  6. OMGGG you got an INFINITY?!?! I'm sooo jealous!! that's a sexy sexy car.. and infinity cars sound soooooo nice too... wow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW!!


  8. Congrats on the new car! I'm totally in love with the G35 , I'm so jealous. So sleek and so sexy :D


  9. OMG i love it!! and i actually love the red, it makes it look super sleek/fierce ;) have fun riding your new pimp mobile!

  10. I've always loved this car ever since my cousin got the silver one, but DAMN the red is just so freaking SEXY!!!!!! Looks so much better than my cousin's haha. Nice ride Lindah, have fun with it & happy belated bithday!! :D

  11. what's brembo brake? I never know these things... probably the only thing is the turbo. HAHAHA! Nice ride, when are you going to give me a ride in it huh? Pick me up from the airport! lol.

    Ohhhh, it's redddddd, me likeyyy =] Yeah, I hate how it has red lights too... when you signal, I think it shows red and not yellow so it gets annoying since the other lane might not see you signalling -___-

  12. congrats on the new car girl! take me on a ride please! hehe

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  14. That car is perfect for you. It’s smoking hot! I love the dynamics, and the color is so flaming sexy. Thanks for showing us your ride! By the way, I’d like to compliment you for blocking that plate number. That’s a smart thing to do! I’ve bookmarked your blog and I’m hoping to hear more from you. Have a nice day!
    - Ashely Redden

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