30 April 2010


OMG! Hello new followers & the people that still lurk onto here lol. I can't believe April is finished! I have finals coming up and I am sure as hell not ready for them! Let alone taking summer classes -___-'...

Here's the last face of the day for April ^_^ It was from..... sometime this week?? o_O who knows... Or it could be from last Thursday?? I sure know it wasn't from last Saturday or Sunday and I haven't worn makeup this entire week until today.. Whateverrrs! I just wanna post it up because I haven't been posting much this month :)

The smokiness is very subtle because I didn't bring the color up super high! My skin is looking super dull lately and I am in need of a mustache wax! LOL... So the peachiness in the lipstick brings out the dullness & mustache :P

I did this look when I was trying to clean out my makeup and decide what I wanna keep and use and what I need to throw away or GIVE away... as some of you bloggers already know since I contacted people to give things to LOL.. Like you girls don't have enough makeup of your own, but who can say no to free things? :)

I used:
- Stila Red Carpet Palette
- MAC Freckletone Lipstick
- probably the revlon photoready foundie since my face looks hella white lol.
Well, that's the basicness of the look, other things I forgot because I really wasn't wearing much and I don't think I went anywhere with this look except maybe the MAC counter?!?! YEAHH, that's right, I wore this on Thursday to check out the Pret-A-Papier collection! ^_^ Will post that minor haulage soon... I haven't set foot in a MAC related area since then, and I haven't been to sephora for almost 2 weeks now!!! :D I am so PROUD of myself...

Goodnight! Time to go suck-up to one of my professors now ahahhaha XD I didn't get my assignment done because the program wasn't working right :( And on top of that, windows kept crashing! UGH, gayness..



  1. Love the look Linda! :D

    I'm really stressed about school right now, but the thing I keep thinking, is that it's worth it to finish! :)

  2. I love the look linda..Gorgeous..Have a blast weekend to you..


  3. You look really pretty! :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Gorgeous gal! I wonder what you got from the collection too, anticipating your review! :)

  5. wow i like this look super much! i'm especially digging the shade of lipstick you're wearing :]

  6. I SOOO feel you on the whole peach thing. I've been using a lot of nude colored lipsticks lately, and it just makes me look so DEAD! But those are the sort of colors that I'm really feelin' as of late. :(

    I love your lips! They're so full. And good luck on your assignments!

  7. Hi,
    Love this look The subtle smoky eye is tops and the lip is so cute!

    bty: Feel free to throw some free makeup goodies my way! lol
    xoxo, Krystia

  8. that is gayyyy, don't you have other computers to use at home *ahem* Jon's mega computers *ahem* haha. How many summer classes are you taking? Finals are coming up for me too! boohoo =[

  9. it looks really PURDY! Curious what you got in the pret-a-papier collection! I'm guessing dressmaker, made to order, gazette grey, tissue weight, and instant chic at least, hahaha. :P I just got dressmaker today- so purdy. I returned the prepped for glamour and got the lippie instead. I figure I will get satin taupe one day in pan form so I don't need prepped for glamour!

  10. Ugh, I hate it when my computer use to act up just as I was procrastinating and finishing an assignment last minute!
    Freckletone looks really pretty on you. I have it too but I don't think it's as flaterring on me as it is on you.
    Love you subtle smokey eye!


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