06 April 2010


Hii! :) Here's my post for today, just a quickie! I never got around to posting this up but here it is ^_^

Well, the one I never got to was a swatch of Essie - Mink Muffs. It was THE LAST one at Ulta and it was hidden somewhere so I seriously DIGGED and finally found it! haha ^_^ Sucks for whoever was trying to hide it though.. they should've done a better job lol.

(image taken after 1-2days of wear so it's a little scuffed lol)
It's a pretty muted color since before this I have been sporting some crazy colors! You probably can't get this anymore but if you do I highly recommend it! It's not like an ugly brown when you wear it because it's not too dark.. But the only thing that sucks about this nail color is when it starts to chip because it's super noticeable!

The next one is MAC - Studded. It's actually a matte color but the way I applied it didn't look too good since it dried too fast for me so I applied a top coat. I actually prefer the top coat! :D

(it's about 1.5-2 coats. I say 1.5 because it applied really shitty since it's a matte)
I'm actually wearing this polish as I'm typing this, I'll probably take it off in a few days because it looks so aluminum foil-esque for me. But we'll see how lazy I get because then it'll probably end up being on Monday night lol :) This is actually the only thing I bought from MAC's Riveting collection!

Okay! I actually gotta take real pictures tonight so I can post some things I've been wanting too.. laziness has gotten the best of me!

One more thing, I got an 84 on my Chemistry test today :( I'm really sad... because that's AFTER my extra points added on! I was pretty sure I only missed likeee.... 3-4 questions out of 20 but I guess I missed more? :/ oh well, I guess it's at least it's passing. (Passing in Chemistry is a 65)

Goodnight gals!



  1. I thought passing a science class was a 75? o.O Maybe just depends on your major.......

    I like china glaze betterrrrrrr. hehe.

  2. I like both colors! The first one reminds me of chocolate! The second one is just all around pretty :D Not aluminum foilish! lol

  3. I like Mink muffs. such a pretty chocolate color <3 I got too lazy to paint my nails coz they keep on breaking :(

  4. mink muffs are really cute, and i love that name! i have so many bright colored nail polishes and now i'm leaning more towards mattes and neutrals!

  5. Mink Muffs is a gorgeous colour, love it! Wish I could find something similar.
    xoxo, Krystia

  6. Love the MAC color!

    Check out the blog!




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