22 April 2010


YUP! Exactly like it sounds :)

I went to my sister's house tonight to get my FAFSA (financial aid) done and finish looking up what classes I was going to take this summer.. I am officially going to be taking MACROECONOMICS in the classroom and I'm going to try out MICROECONOMICS online and see how online classes work :D Then for my second summer semester I'm taking ACCOUNTING in the class and that's about it this summer.. Just tryna take it easy :D If all goes well then I plan on finishing maybe... 2012? If the world doesn't end first ya know... :X

Okay, so I used to go over everyday after class and feed him, walk him, hang out with him... but since my accident I can't go over because 1) I cannot afford the gas and 2) I have been busy lol. So I was super happy that I got to hang out with the puppy today ^_^ His name is JACK btw.

Look at him! He needs a haircut :) I'm gonna take him for one early June.. $40 for everything so not too bad of a deal. I was busy laughing that's why my mouth is open lol

hehe, keep watching him... he's falling asleep! xD

aww..... he's so cute! His eyes were still open but the hair is blocking the way lol xD His head was partially on the pillow too ^_^

Jack is pretty much sleeping now... haha! :) He's sooo adorable, I kept messing with him and he knows he liked it :P

Okay, sorry I've been slacking on my beauty posts! Life is kinda hectic right now and I'm really sad about my grades.. =_= I've let them slip because I've been too lazy to study for tests so my finals really need to be a kick-ass grade! Also got a video to post up tomorrow so look out for that ^_^ Real beauty posts coming up soon! I'm gonna switch up my reviewing style.. and try to make it less reading for some ahah! I know I am very descriptive :P



  1. aww, jack is sooo adorable. :] glad to see you looking well!!

    ooh, this is my first time taking summer classes too! good luck to you and hope it goes well.

    btw, is he a silky terrier? .__. soo cute

  2. cute doggy!! :) how adorable. i really want a dog!

  3. aw, your doggy is so cute! and i totally know what you mean about school. i've been slacking on studying lately as well. good luck!

  4. Jack is a cutieeeeeeee!!!! haha

    Not bad for summer classes. Graduate in 2012 with an associate degree or a bachelor degree?

  5. He's really cute! Aw, I want a doggie too for myself :D

  6. aww what a cute puppy! my cat's name is Jackson : ) my grades kinda suck, but not as bad as last semester! and my school is sooo slow at getting financial awards sent out grrrr! but i hope to take summer classes, too. and -possibly- grad in 2011.

  7. how old are you linda? just wondering cus i'm stuck in school for more than 4 years sighh and with chinese parents, i never hear the end of it LOL i'm sure you'll do good in your finals ;D

    and i love your puppy. my dog is so much like yours b/c he sleeps everywhere LOL

  8. these pics are so cute :)

    i remember when i used to apply for fafsa. I always turned in my application on line, the night before its due lol.

    to answer your question, the blush I used in the photo was Mark's blush After Glow ^_^

  9. aww honey he is adorable!! i love how dogs just love you so unconditionally :D i don't think i can live without my dog :)

    very sweet photos hun :)

  10. Haha - you're so funny Linda when you said you'll finish your classes if the world doesn't end first. I was planning on watching the "2012" movie later today actually...
    Awww and Jack is so cute especially when he's sleeping :)
    You're lucky to have the option of taking classes online. I didn't have that option with my program in university - maybe they do now since it's been a few years. I would have prefered online classes since my hours were all over the place as a student.
    Good luck with your finals hun!


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