08 April 2010


I've been trying this mascara out for a little over a month now.. (since the weekend I got into my car accident!) I think it's time for a formal review! Because I've done so many mascara reviews, I'm getting a little too critical now haha! Also made a video for whoever would rather listen than read all this nonsense lol. (there's a demo at the end of the video too if you want to see the application process)

Hm, but first! did you girls get anything from that Sephora sale?.. I did! haha, my mother's like since you paid your car bill already you can spend your next paycheck :P I was like pshhh, I'm spending the other part of my current paycheck first! LOL, plus I got a little pocket change from the insurance company for missing work on Sunday ^_^

I'll show you guys tomorrow! Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends on... sometime this weekend? o_O haha, I don't even remember but I know it's coming up so get them entries in! Link is above this post :)

Rimmel London Sexy Curves
What is it:
A mascara with a full-figured brush that curves in all the right places.

What it does:
The first Triple Plump brush with 3x the curves for 70% curlier lashes. Voluptuous brush with CurveControl technology wiggles easily through your lashes quickly coating them. Exclusive brush design curves IN to maximize lash loading, curves OUT to curl and de-clump each lash for a complete curved look. Lashes look lusciously curled, plumped and defined. Plump `em up! Enriched with proteins, the plumping formula strengthens lashes over time for a continuous lash boosting effect. Rich cream texture instantly amplifies your natural volume x 7 and fixes the curl for 12 hour hold. Fabulously fuller lashes.

What else you need to know:
Also available in waterproof.

Price: $7.50-$8.99
Size: 0.27 fl oz./8mL
Shade: 003 Extreme Black
Where to buy: drugstores, super centers, ulta.. where they sell Rimmel London products!

Packaging: 3/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall: 3.6/5
Repurchase? No, I want to keep my eyeball :X

Brush is very unique, takes some getting used to! I kept poking out my eyes forreals :/ ...but the brush doesn't work well with my right eye for some reason o_O!


The photos above are the results without using primer on my lashes. It looks okay, nothing special whenever I apply my eyeliner and eyeshadow since the inner half just kinda gets lost. The curl factor doesn't last all day for me though, they just end up kinda... mehhh! But it's not shitty though.


When I do wear primer though, the results are even worse! It actually doesn't curve at all but it does give it more definition... which then lacks on the volume -_- Also the mascara with primer weighs down my lashes so they look a little limp :(

For me, this was a miss! I think more of the fact that when it would kinda poke me in the eye, it would hurt like hell! That was my deal breaker. It's a good everyday mascara, but my makeup style is that I like to wear things dramatic. Lashes always needs to be noticeable! This is a good natural mascara but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who's in a rush when they do makeup or else maybe you'll end up with an eye infection haha!

But on the other hand, the regular version I have washes off really easily with face wash and water. Also, when it dries it's not too crunchy and it's not wet either. I can still feel my eyelashes flex and move around. It's also good that you can achieve good results without using a primer :)

Good mascara, but depending on what you're looking for you can either love this or hate this! Hope you enjoyed the post. Check it out if it's ever on sale!



  1. wow!! I love your lashes and your demo pics! I need to have my shiseido base to help me curl my lashes. that SUCKs cause i am running out.

  2. thanks for the review! this actually looks a lot better than the waterproof version, which i got and does almost nothing for my lashes.

  3. hi dearie, sorry to hear bout ur accident, hope u're doing alright.. :D
    anyway, i heard some "bad news" about Rimmel sexy curve mascara too and thanks for the additional info!

  4. Hi Linda! Great review and I love how you do videos for the reviews as well.
    That's really too bad that the wand is designed in a strange way that it pokes your eye :\ I mean, that's pretty dangerous girl! But I almost couldn't tell the differene between the primer and non-primer. As you said, it's best without a primer. I've personally stopped experimenting with mascaras because I learned quickly that 95% of mascaras on the market are too liquidy for my lashes to hold a curl all day. So I can only stick to thicker formulas mascaras - two brands in particular - L'oreal or Dior mascaras.
    But I did hear a bit about this mascara (like from Pixiwoo on youtube) and I'm glad you did a review on it because I was considering it at one point.

  5. Thanks for the review! I always love to try out different mascaras!

    Anyways, check out my blog too if you want :)

  6. mmm i don't like rimmel brand stuff! and this post totally justifys my unliking towards rimmel! and how the brush pokes your eyes eeeek I hate things touching my eyes. btw you crashed your RSX?! that's so sad!! :( especially when they don't make RSX anymore... haha I think that's one of the reason I love RSX so much, is cuz they don't make them anymore... oh and they're sexy cars as well, but gawd damn I can't get over your AWESOME infinity... that is a sweet upgrade, hehe


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