16 April 2010


HELLO! Yes two fotd's before work :) Not from the same day though haha! One is from last week and one is from today ^_^

Also before I get into this post... I've gone through every entry and wrote everyone down already and there's a few people that I'm not for sure if they're actual followers so I'm going to check up on that tonight! Maybe about 5 out of 100 I'm not sure about but mostly everyone followed the rules! Some didn't say "I want free stuff" but left their email address so I'm assuming you want to enter :P I started going through the entries from when I posted that last post and I went to sleep maybe around 3:00-3:30... yeah! IT TOOK A LONGGGGGGG TIME... lol but I wanted to check if everyone followed the rules because you can't freeload off of me xP

Okay, onto my looks! ^_^ First is the one from last week. I was testing out the new products from MAC I recently got.

New products from MAC on the eyes&lips:
- HEY eyeshadow
- SORCERY eyeshadow
- PURPOSEFULLY RED prolong lipstain marker
I went into work and the guy that works down the complex comes in and wanted some eggrolls... as he was paying he was like "I hope you don't mind me saying but... DAMN you look good with red lipstick!" hahahahha! I emphasize DAMN because that's how he said it :P

The next one is what I'm currently wearing right this moment! I saw a video that hollyannaeree (however you spell her name because I don't feel like going to youtube and looking right now since i always misspell it lol) did on youtube and I really liked the color combos so I wanted to try out something similar :P I wanted to do deeper, but I didn't feel like rummaging through my makeup to find a deeper blue so I settled with this ^_^

I didn't use anything new for this, but I'll list it anyway :P. Everything is MAC btw.
- RATED R eyeshadow
- GRAPHIC GARDENS eyeshadow palette (the two blues & purple for lower lashline)
- CREME D' VIOLET eyeshadow
I don't know about you girls... but my cutester lipstick is all jacked up! And the fact that I don't use it that much and it's like halfway gone o_O!! I love the color, but as soon as I finish that thing I don't think I'll miss it very much lol xD

Here's the look after drinking my strawberry banana icestorm :P haha, no more lipstick. I'm scared to reapply because it might break on me :( if you own cutester, you should know what I mean.. lol

Okay that's it today! I'll finish up all my giveaway nonsense when I get home and I'll announce the winner ASAP! ^_^



  1. I like the second look a lot =] kind of remind me of Jamaica... haha.

  2. gorgeous! you should do a tutorial on how you did the first look with the red lipstain. those e/s combos look beautiful together

  3. pretty! the red lips really do look nice!

  4. wow beautiful!! i love the first look! u look good in red lipstickssss i love it hehe =]

  5. Gorgeous! Love the red lippie on ya & the "tropical" colors of the second one : ) PS - you were the only one who guessed right so far! Good memory! XD

  6. Awwww... I love both looks! :D

  7. girrrrl, i love them both but DAMN you look good with red lipstick lol!

  8. youu loook smokin hot in the first one!!! woooot! you should do a video tutorial! I love the tropical look too, I don't know if I can pull it off tho outside the house lol, but you definitely did! xoxo

  9. wow, i have to agree with the guy..you really do look damn beautiful!

    im serious!
    red lipstick really does look good in you.

    the first that i actually did right after seeing the title of your post is to find out what lipstick shade you are wearing.hahaha! it's sinfully divine!

    you rock the look,hun!

    have a happy weekend!

  10. i love the second eyes!! so cute~!! btw where do you work? chinese restuarant? LOL <3

  11. wow this green Look is gorgeous.. I likey. You look beautiful...

    About my lashes, I got from Sally Beauty and its Ardell. I forgot the number of it or what ever you call it but will tell you when I go buy another one tomorrow. I really love that falshy.

  12. Love the red lippie on you. :D

  13. so pretty! i love the yellow/lime look! :D

  14. I love both looks and you look great with red lipsticks. :)

  15. you look so glamorous with the bold red lips and so definitely gorgeous with the tropical look (is that what it is? the colorful eyeshadows?)

    AND OMGOSH that's dedication right there!! you're so thorough hahaha... i get so dead when it hits 2AM. i don't know how you do it. amazinggg.

  16. but you DO look good with red lips :D!

  17. awwww u look hot with red lips!haha
    but nude also looks good!

  18. you do look super hot with red lipstick!! kudos to the guy who had the balls to tell you :) how is the lasting power on that baby?

    great job on creating holly's look, it looks great on you! i have yet to explored or try wearing bright color combos!

  19. The last picture reminds me of somebody sitting on a beach lounge chair out in the tropical islands, sippin' on a Margarita! It's fresh-lookin & unique! You did a good job here! :)

  20. Wow Linda I LOVE that first FOTD on you. It's very glamorous and sexy too! And great blending job with the shadows in the second FOTD - reminds of like tropical birds in a good way :)
    OMG what a coincidence we both had on MAC Studded polish at the same time! I actually liked how it looked matte upon drying. LOL - you thought it looked ugly when it dries? Maybe if you add a top coat you might like it more? Oooo I haven't checked out the Alice + Olivia polish collection to be launched with MAC.

  21. oh wow, this is why im such a big fan of you!!! Both looks are so gorgeous! I really like the red lips on you.


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