15 April 2010


Hello! I'm so sorry I've been MIA this week.. which isn't like me o_O! Something super serious happened this weekend! My boyfriend's grandmother started to have heart problems and breathing problems on Saturday night. She was finally brought back to the house on Monday around 7:30pm and we all knew she was going to go soon and we all wanted to say our goodbyes. I got to say my goodbye when I left on Monday night.

By Tuesday when I came back to see her she was gone. I was less than an hour too late! Frustrating yes because I was cleaning up my ramen noodle mess I made since the soup spilled everywhere when I was almost done eating! Gosh, and let me tell you.. traffic! It's already like a 20 minute drive to get there so yeahhh.. I got there and we immediately started to plan the mourning ceremonies. Funeral is going to be next Saturday.. It's okay, I'm happy she's in a better place now and not feeling all this pain!


About the giveaway. I have not had a chance to look at all the entries yet so if you posted the link to the giveaway on your sidebar, please don't take it down yet or if you do I won't be able to award you those extra entries! I'll have it finished by this weekend for sure but I'm probably going to start right now after I place my order on Sephora.. yes an order! Man, the sales are robbing me. I guess it's a good time to scoop up the things I've been wanting with the discounts!

Okay, but I promise this is gonna happen soon! I'm a little frustrated that my head is so jampacked with things right now, hope everyone understands!

P.S. JULU STEPH, I did get the shadows! Very pretty for everyday wear :) I need to buy a pro palette and depot this bullshit because It would be soooo much easier to store! Depotting help? :X



  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you, your boyfriend, and his family!

    You are such a wonderful person and deal with everything in a very positive manner. :] Take your time with everything! No rushesss! :]

    And haha, I totally know how you feel about the sales D: I'm in like mental agony right now from debating over whether I should get stuff haha!! >.<

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I agree, she's in a much better place now.

  3. please extend my condolences to your bf's family too. im so sorry for your loss but your right in saying that she is in a better place now, free from pain.

    she is always guiding all you.

  4. Is your boyfriend Thai or Laos?

    I'm sorry for your loss and your boyfriend too.

  5. awww, how is Jon feeling?

    Sorry for the loss, rest in peace to Jon's grandma.

  6. I am so sorry, I also lost my grandpa last year. :(

  7. so sorry for your loss... :[

    by the way if you want to try it, just try it...you can either like it or not like it and you wont know till you try it :)

  8. Condolences.

    Hope your bf is ok.

  9. I hope everything is okay. RIP to your bf's grandmas!


  10. Condolences to your bf. I hope he and his fam are OK. I can't wait to see your sephora haul :D

  11. condolences to your boyfriend and to you. =( We all know that she's in a better place.

    Can't wait till u get back!

  12. I'm sorry for your bf's loss. :( I had a similar experience where I was driving my g-pa home from church and he wanted to stop by his house real quick to grab a bite to eat but by the time we got to the hospice she was already gone- so that was sad. I hope you both are holding up well.

    btw, you're so funny to shout me out during your post, hehe. I have not actually depotted mac shadows- I usually just buy the pans but I found a link I can send you later.

  13. Oh gosh Linda. My deepest condolences to you and your family. I agree with you that it's better now that she's free of pain and in peace.


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