07 April 2010


(image taken from http://anastasiatravels.blogspot.com because I wasn't going to post about this at first)

Lots of talking/reading today, beauty related though, but if you're not into that kinda stuff then you might want to skip this post.

I swung by Sephora today to go exchange the Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow in Diamond Dog for something else. I really liked the shadow, but the color was a bit dirty for me although it looked great swatched! I'll go back and get Atmosphere later since it seems to be the most pigmented but at the moment I am not really feeling the loud bright colors. Most likely when May hits or something though ^_^

Today's post is more of a story rather than anything, but I know when I first got into makeup I was very intimidated to go into makeup boutiques, counters, and even Ulta! LOL xD Sad yes, but if I felt this way I'm sure some of you have right?!?! :S I know on blogtv we'll talk about what happened when we went to sephora or something so just want to share what happens when I go to Sephora!

I usually swing by there at least ONCE every two weeks. Sometimes once a week if I have money lol :) I was always under the interpretation that the people that work there are stuck up bitches that think they're hot (ahem, Victoria's secret workers at my location). BUT if you go in with that attitude of course you're gonna be like.. ohh no thanks I don't need your help. Usually when I go in they always greet me and of course being friendly I'll greet them back especially when I greet people at my job and they don't answer me I'll feel like an idiot :X.. Just go in with a good attitude and you'll usually receive the same! Now I can't speak for all the sales people because you might just end up with the bitchy one but most of the ones I've encountered are super friendly and helpful!

Sometimes I know what I want and go and just scoop it up real quick but sometimes I just want to look around. I'm sure by now they remember my face so they usually know the story lol. I went to exchange my eyeshadow today because like I said, it was too dirty looking on my lids. I brought it over there and seriously, no questions asked! lol :) I'm not gonna really return things but this thing I really felt like I wouldn't be able to make it work.

Since I was there I thought I'd ask someone to color match me and ...the girl with the bangin lashes... helped me! I wanted to really give the MUFE HD Foundation another try and was ready to find something that's my color. Unfortunately in the end we didn't find a definite match but the closest I got was 153 but it'll probably suit a little better in the summer so that's what I'm gonna go back for later on around May or something. I also wanted to try the MUFE Mat Velvet + but we didn't get to color match on that because we spent like 30 minutes on the HD foundie haha!

After the first 2 she tried, she just couldn't find a good enough match so ...the guy with the pretty lashes... came over and tried to help. Then Coleen... yes the only person's name I remembered because I see her all the time lol... came over with a clean brush and they were pretty much just hanging out and watching after that. We put on #153 and they all gave their opinions but I walked around the store to look at it and that's when we officially said it's a little too dark. So then the guy recommended I use the NARS Sheer glow foundation.
  • NARS Sheer Glow = Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. Both have the same finish, which is a little dewy and about the same coverage. Good alternative if you can't find the right undertone in the MUFE HD line since most of it is pink/beige.
  • NARS Sheer Matte = Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation. Both turns into a matte finish except I think that the MUFE one is just straight up full coverage if you're looking for that. Plus it's about $10 cheaper.
Okay so after we figured out that the 153 was too dark, all three of them came up to my face; the guy on the left side, girl on the right side, and Coleen was picking up bottles. They all tried to match it up and the best match would have to be the one I was wearing. I was just like WOW! I have like 3 sales people helping out at once xD Some people can barely even get one hahaha!

They really did help because when I bought this foundation the first time, I didn't really get much help. And the way they talked about it with me today was so much more different than the other time. Plus, they even commented about my eye makeup and we ended up talking about the Barbie <3 Stila collection! haha, I guess it does help a little to know some kind of make up background but from reading blogs, I'm sure you will too!

I told them I like to alternate between my foundations because if I use the same one everyday I get different results everyday since my skin changes so much! Overall, this was probably like the most customer service I got and the fact that it was for like 30 minutes really means they took time out of what they're doing to help me! ^_^

So the next time you go into Sephora needing help, don't forget to ask! And please, don't be rude either. If they do say something that seems rude, they're just trying to tell you the truth like if something doesn't suit your skintone. It really does help if you go in with a good attitude because no one likes someone that seems like they're gonna be an asshole. I mean put yourself in their perspective. They work there and of course there's gonna be typical people that go in there that gives them shit! I would hate it too LOL.. and I do actually but I just try not to be rude until they really piss me off xD

I ended up exchanging the eyeshadow for the new MUFE Microfinish Blush! I got #6 Quickie since that seems to be the most popular shade going around. If I really like it, I'll end up getting some more shades :) I'll put a review up in a week or two to give you my two cents about it! I've got a few coming up for recent purchases.

Hope whoever stuck around and read this enjoyed my crazy experience today LOL... that's what I call good customer service ^_^



  1. It's really hard to get any help @ Sephora whenever I'm there because it always seems to be super packed! :p I respect their input though, afterall, they have the same skin issues as all of us. I've never tried anything from the MUFE line yet but I've been seeing them everywhere! In the movies, and magazines..they must be onto something! Better get them before they become more expensive than NARS :p

  2. I want samples of those before deciding to buy them... lol. wow, 3 sale associators helping you... Lindah, you're too special! lol.

  3. wow! 3 people at a time! That's pretty amazing! I don't remember having problems with any of the MUA at any stores.. :) are you going to take advantage the 15% off at sephora? =)

  4. I got some tokidoki stuff - just a lipstain, eyeliner, and a back up of the luminosa powder :P that's just it :P what about you?

  5. I'm glad this post was about a good experience! Workers at beauty stores really vary depending on the location. I've been to one Sephora where the workers weren't friendly at all and others where they're super nice and helpful.

  6. It's great when SA's take the time to help you out. Last week I was at a Givenchy counter and the girl was sooo helpful, she even glammed me up a bit for an interview I had later on.
    At other times, though, SA's can be so rude. They don't like it when you touch or swatch things, and give you nasty glances...oh well, nobody's perfect.

  7. i dont think ive had such a bad experience at sephora. they've all been super helpful and they give you enough space that you dont feel suffocated just cause theyre trying to sell you something. otherwise, i've loved that they give you their honest opinion or at least the ones i've come across

  8. I have always encountered friendly sales people there and they never hesitate to give you a sample if you ask, sometimes they even offer!


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