10 December 2009


Uhh.. let me start off my saying there's a lot of photos of me once again haha! So beware, if you don't wanna see my face then you should just go to another website :P

Good news! Finals are done with, but I did really shitty on all of them because I didn't study :P But whatever, I didn't study for any of them so I'm happy with that HA! xD

I won this eyeshadow quad from Shar's arabic contest a while back and I've swatched it here and there but never really put it to use until today :) I've used pretty much all of the other stuff already though ^_^ I realized I never posted up what I actually won and I won't be able to because I put it into my makeup stash and now I can't tell the difference :D

So here's the quad:

It's by Rimmel and it contains a warm medium-dark brown, a warm yellow brown, an aqua blue, and a white highlighter shade.

I did the makeup and then I was like "hmm, this reminds me of a beach!".. and then I read the back of the quad like a retard and it's called Urban Beach.. ha! I'm stupid. YEEAPP!

So here's the face of the day :P (just an fyi, I don't do my makeup when I go to school but when I get out is when I do it since I actually go places.) This quad is okay pigmented, but I've experienced better drugstore brands that have better pigmentation. I might invest in a few just to do looks with instead of all these department store brands! -___-" I've really come a label whore but at least it's not all I'll use ^_^

The blue & yellow based brown blends together to create kinda a green color :D

Some eye shots.. eek! I finally plucked my eyebrows sorta :)

It's pretty simple to do, the darker brown didn't show up very well in the photos, but then again since it was a drugstore quad the pigmentation was a little off and a little chalky. Except you gotta work with what you got ya know?

My lipps! :) haha, I'm likin` my lip shots lately. I've always tried to do it with flash but it was always so complicated so I called it quits!

This is what happens...

when you don't wash your makeup brushes! I have no clean brushes left so I really gotta show my brushes some TLC and clean them.. ha! I tried to wipe off all the black eyeshadow to use my crease brush but didn't work. It just keep smearing black everywhere so I dug up another brush I haven't opened yet :P I really want to go buy the MAC brush cleaner for in-between uses! ^_^

Feeling a little goofy today. Maybe because my fuggin left eye won't stop twitching! I swearrrr it's making me mad. I remember it did this before when I didn't get enough sleep, but now I'm sleeping enough and I'm not really stressed out and it starts twitching again! What do you do to make it stop if this happens to you?!?! I need a solution.. ehh!

- Smashbox Photofinish Primer (original)
- MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC40
- Make Up For Ever HD Powder
- Benefit Coralista Blush (love this, gives me a light neutral flush and I can never apply too much :D)
- Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
- Rimmel London Urban Beach Eyeshadow Quad (white as highlight & inner tear duct, aqua on lid, yellow-brown on crease, medium-dark brown on outer corner)
- Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Pen
- Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara (loving this so far... eek! :D)
- MAC Lollipop Loving Lipstick (Heatherette/Sugar Sweet Collection)
- MAC Nice to be Nice Lipglass (Hello Kitty Collection)

Didn't use very much today (LOL.. even though the list is hella long) Probably only took like 10-15 minutes today! :)

I went out to eat lunch this afternoon with the boyfriend. I was like "I'M NOT HUNGRY, I'M NOT GONNA EAT MUCH".. know what I ordered?!?! 2 spring rolls, 2 egg rolls, grilled pork, and a rootbeer... and I finished the whole entire thing! hahaha.. Saw a lot of friends over there too!

Today we learned.... don't make an assumption just because a chick and a dude are riding in the same car together. They probably aren't dating! Just because me&the boyfriend never really rode with the opposite sex before by ourselves unless they were family. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW! Don't think someones cheating because they're in a car with the opposite sex :P

I've got a review coming up for Cellnique and an opportunity for 50 readers! :) I have pretty much all of the pictures done, just need to shrink them down and finalize them before I post it up! ^_^ BEWARE, I HAVE REALLY BAD SKIN AND DARK HAIR! But I've learn to not give a shit so it's okay :D



  1. Lindah, I think you look sooo pretty with the shades of this quad! It's one of my favorite looks on you actually! <3

  2. Your making me hungry! Lol.

    Lovely FOTD by the way! I loving the whole summery beach look! That's funny that the quad is named urban beach!

  3. lovely look..I dont have any rimmel quads becuz Ive heard they suck...but ive been tempted to buy one just to see for myself :D hey maybe your eye is twitching cuz of stress..Ive had that happen to me and the drs I work with tell me it's related to stress

  4. I wanna call this the mermaid look! it's so pretty!

  5. yay another fotd!! you always look so gorgeous :) this does remind me of a tropical beach too bad it's friggin cold right now!

    i haven't had too much luck with drugstore quads, but i've only tried a few and they weren't as smooth and easy to blend like high end ones! i know elf came out with a brush shampoo cleaner and a disinfect daily spray as well and it's on $3! i haven't tried it but i figured it wouldn't hurt since its so cheaaaaap...so you can have both a cheap quad and a cheap cleaner haha

    i have been hearing raves about the mufe smoky eyes mascara, and your lashes look great, i have to pick me up one now (i'm a mascara freak!)

    glad your finals are over, now more time to play with make up!

  6. Super pretty look! Love the colors :D Reminds me of the shades from ELF Nymph Dreams quad hehe. Super cute pix at the end too ^_^

  7. i like all the colors together in the quad! it does remind me of the beach too! water/sand/sun colors.

    my eyes are being retarded still -_- you're not alone!

    ummm i think if you want to take pics without flash, becareful about the blur. i noticed that some pics you took are clear and nice but some are kinda blur and it takes away the prettiness! :(

  8. hi lindah! about you questions! :)

    for my bangs, the thing is it CANT be too short or too long or you cant side sweep it like the picture. also, when i sweep it, i start from the middle of my head and just grab it to the left! if its too short, it'll look so funny but if its too long it'll look too much. hope that helps!

    my thai name is chomsiri :) thats my first name! i think NOY sounds cute tho!

    and you know what? send me your address to my email! Imma send you shisem lashes for you to try! :) and i dont use the glue that it comes with, i use duo! i never bother to use the one that it comes with! email me your address c_katelyn9 [at] yahoo [dot] com! :D

  9. I think I have told you this before but i really love the way you put your makeup ^_^

    My first makeup quad is from rimmel and I did not like it at all. Like what you said, it has an ok pigmentation. I guess the colors are buildable.

    Also, I love what you did with the colors. You made it look wearable.

    Oh and im glad to hear that youre back with your bf ^_^

  10. awww u pluck ur eyebrow?its perfectly defined !!
    yeay !!
    my eotd is always simple,,one color on the lid and brown on the crease,bled it,done
    always fail trying to do it like urs !hehe
    wow giveaway !!cant wait !

  11. I love your winged eyeliner! I try and try but just fail horribly at it =/ LoL

  12. I don't own a lot of MAC products but I remeber when I was new to makeup and I bought So Ceylon and I was scared at how pigmented it was so I returned it! haha. Now I wish I still had it!

  13. pretty girl ;)
    i finally tweezed mine today too, you would think my nerves would be deadened from the 5 years of waxing/tweezing, but NO! it still hurts like a bitch and i still put it off to the point where i can't even see my shape anymore. lol anyway!!!!!! love it!

  14. Whoah the aqua blue E/S looks great on you girl. ^_^. Those Rimmel palettes are lovely ^_^

  15. You're so pretty!!! I love your eye makeup, I understand the lack of pigmentation, but I can hardley ell in your pics, love the lip pic too :) eyeliner is on point!! My eyebrows are severely neglected right now, I had them threaded by an idiot...I have to go see a different threader now, hopefully Saturday!

    Use the ELF Daily Brush Cleaner, I use it everyday :)

  16. omg. the eye makeup really does remind me of the beach! Now I want the quad =[ the pigmentation isn't so bad. I like it a lot actually. lol.

    so I guess I know why you two fought? lol. No pictures with him this time? sad sad! and what's wrong with dark hair!? =O

  17. zomg lindah, so many pictures of yourself. im deleting you off my friends list.



    hahahaha! HI! i'm back! so yes im with you on the eating thing (surprise, surprise) - bf hates it cus i'll say i'm not hungry.. you go ahead and eat, and i'll end up eating half of his food. hahaha!

  18. you should spot clean your brushes with baby wipes :D it works well with my brushes and it's so cheap as well! :) give it a go :D the mac brush cleanser works but i don't know why i really can't be bothered going to go get some more whenever i run out :P

  19. CUTE! I didn't mind seeing your face. :)


  20. hey lindah, you should def. join her contest! i totally want to see what you do too! mine, took about 20 minutes cause I abdolutely suck at drawing.. haha. i have no artistic skills. and this is prob. the most i have ever done.. lmao!

  21. hey girl! i really like the eye combination. thanks for the look, and i totally agree with you about the opposite sex car thing :)

  22. hi .. stopping and find your nice posts ^-^
    your makeup is so smooth and nice. I love the color mix of your eyes. That's true .. being together in a car is not always a sign of a close relationship. I join my colleague's car to get home. And I am not dating him ^^

  23. Let me start by singing.. "you're beautiful.. its true.." ^-^ I love the colors.. I think that eye color will be great for Spring too! :D

    ANywho, I have tried the HYDRACTION moisturizer, i actually got a sample and for some reason it didn't work for me too. I guess DIOR's skincare line is not for me. :( Thank You so much for asking though..

    Yeah I guess I'm the only blogger who got dry, patchy skin.. huhuhu!

    and yes, the IQQU don't have a return policy so if you didn't like it, then its like you're screwed because you can't even re-sell it. I read it in their police "/ I'll review it soon..

  24. quite adorable dear!

  25. the blue and yellow looks really good on you btw! And yeah Im soo lazy at washing by brushes sometimes I only wash them once per week 0_0 shhhh don't tell anyone lol

    I can't wait to see your Bliv review! I'm always curious as to what products I've tried and how it effects me compare to others!

  26. Fabulous eyes and make-up! :)
    This is cool!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  27. Jon - hey I'm not saying its in a relationship wise...but usually that's just how it is...you gotta kind think about it closely...and its not why we fought :) I was just asking as a joke...I knew they weren't dating. And also you never know..so you just gotta make sure lol.


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