25 December 2009


Hope everyone is having a great christmas day! As for me, it's pretty much over when I woke up today lol because we opened up gifts last night ^_^ I don't really ask for anything for christmas so when I open presents it's pretty much a surprise to me LOL :) As for things on my wishlist, I will buy those on my own with my money or maybe drjon817 will get some for me xD

I also posted a few more things up in my blogsale, there's a link above this post to my blogsale blog so just click that if you want to see what I posted up :)

Okay so as for the post.. I bought a few more things off of hautelook during their rock&republic sale :) I am pretty much done buying R&R stuff unless I feel an urge to "collect" all of their blushes and in that case, it'd be during the hautelook sales lol xD

This time I got a lipgloss (vacant), eyeshadow (veil), and a blush(call me).

They're so pretty! ^_^

I am very happy with the colors that came this time, I had to do my research online first and look at swatches. I really wanted a matte highlight color so I got veil. I'm really loving it, I have used it everyday when I do my makeup ^_^

swatches! :) lipgloss is very muted and neutral which was why I bought it :P It's not as pigmented as the other ones I got but I mean it's still pretty pigmented compared other lipglosses!

A lot of the sites I went to said the R&R call me blush looks like NARS orgasm so I decided to compare for you!

In the pan it doesn't look as if they'd be the same but when you swatch it it's virtually the same shade! :) NARS has more "chunkier" shimmers but it's still very fine. The R&R blush has very subtle small shimmers that just gives your skin a beautiful sheen! :D I love it...

Well that's it! And don't forget, check out my blogsale if you're interested! It's actually a couple of limited edition things lol. I don't want to return it because when you return things they have to throw it away! It's so sad.. I rather try to post it up here and get less of my money back then see a perfectly unused product get thrown in the trash! *sigh* all that wasted makeup.. LOL XD

Hope everyone had a great holiday! ^_^



  1. love the shade of the blush its so pretty!!

  2. when i look at your swatch i like orgasm much better :O i might have to get this xD but the packagig of the R&R is so damn gorgeous!! O.O

  3. damn are those cheap at hautellok??the packaging and name is to die for !
    rock n republic !lol
    the blush n gloss is so pretty !!if u ever wanna let go,please let me know.loll

  4. the blush looks like a great dupe of nars orgasm. now if only i could buy R&R stuff over here... :(

    we don't have return policy in Indonesia so I end up selling stuff I dislike too. lol

  5. Ohh the blush is so soo pretty! I've been addicted to blushes lately lol! The lippie is pretty too. Merry xmas!<3

  6. That blush is pretty! :)

    I didn't know that they threw away the items when you returned them! That's really sad.


  8. Love your haul! I love that blush. I think I should order something next time they go on sale. lol

  9. I really have to look out for the next R&R sale! I am in love with the packaging, great post!

  10. what? do they really throw away return stuff even if it's new?? i bet the cs people keep it lol I would! hellz i would have so many free stuff haha

    great rock and repuplic haul i still have yet to get anything from them!! altho i do really want the lipgloss and blushes, omg your blush collection is slowly getting bigger than mine! :D

  11. I've been looking for a blush, and have heard LOADS about nars orgasm-- I checked it out at Sephora, and it was sparkly-- do you think the sparkles are too much?

  12. Would you prefer those tiny sparkles that make your skin glow a little, or just a matte blush? And does it sparkle a lot in face shots?

  13. That blush is seriously gorgeous!! Plus, look at the packaging! OMG it's pure love! I wish R&R was a bit cheaper. :(

  14. pretty colors and I like the packaging! lol. I've never ordered from them before. hmmm... how's the shipping and all that?

    I'm sure drjon817 will spoil you with everything you want. lol.... sooner or later. haha.

  15. Hey Linda! Love your R&R lipgloss and blush :) I'm so silly - I didn't even know they made makeup LOL. Hope you're enjoying the Holidays as well

  16. Whoah I love the blush, it look like a combi of peach and pink which I really love. ^_^. Lovely hauls girl :)

  17. yeah, I think the mac shadows are bulky too. That's why I only buy them in pan form. It's cheaper too! The down side is I will be less likely to get LE colors. I think I have all that glitters. I can't even remember now. lol. I usually end up picking up my nyx I depotted, haha. I wouldn't throw it out either. Nothing a little alcohol couldn't clean up. If it's cheap I may throw it out to clear up space.

    I just wanted to stop by the MAC store b/c I find it hilarious they ignore me when I don't wear any makeup there. The simplest things in life amuse me, lol!

    That lipgloss is really purdy!! R&R call me looks good, but it seems like there's less of a golden tone in it.

  18. ROCKIN THE ROCK! ^_^ Loveee it!! its so expensively looking, but then it is expensive! ahahaha! So pretty though! :) I bet i will love the R&R Call me blush too because I love the ORGASM ^_^

    Happy Holidays sweetie!

  19. aww hope you had a great Christmas! Hehe I can never hold off opening presents until Christmas I pretty much open them as soon as the giver leaves my house HAHAHA R&F blush looks really nice btw!

    and cute video you made I didn't know it snows in Texas?!?!? I thought it's hot all year around! and yeah more money = more make up :D


    i love the packaging on the r&r stuff, it's divine.. i want :( *pouts*

    merry belated christmas my dear! :D

  21. i nominated you for an award honey! it's on my newest post :)


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