08 December 2009


Hello! :)

Back again, and with a new layout! haha, I had a different one earlier but I just didn't love it and it was making me mad so I found this one! :D

I'm finally getting to my "assemblage" fotd I've been meaning to do. This eyeshadow "quad"... since it's not really a quad... is super wearable for everyday and I don't regret buying it! It's one of the only things I bought during the MAC Colour Craft release ^_^

I use this so often I have a dent in the main lid color I'm wearing. It's a shimmery, yellowish champagne color and I'm also starting to form a dent in the gray/gunmetal color! The white I find too frosty and hard to use so that one is pretty new looking still and so is the black because I have other blacks :P

Hate my right (left in the picture) eyelid! I swear it's starting to make me more mad everyday! :(

I was trying to do a foundation review today but that was an epic fail. I ended up rubbing my face almost the entire time I took my chemistry final because I was thinking too hard so I was like forget it I'll reattempt it tomorrow! haha :D

I have a chubby face! :) It's skinny some days and fat another haha, it's funny because my mom would be like "geez you need to stop eating so much" and then another day it's like "oh my gosh, go get some food!"

Makeup closeup.

I'm wearing MAC Please Me lipstick! It's really pretty, but it's a matte and it's kinda drying on my lips since I have really dry lips already anyway.. but I used a lipbalm over it after wearing it because it was irritating me and it helped.

I want some ice cream! ^_^.. no really I do even though it's like 40 degrees over here.. that's when it's the best! :D It means no melting hahaha!

So I'm liking the pictures without the flash. Do YOU like it? This is the only spot I can get good lighting on and I've been really wanting to make videos, but I seriously CANNOT find my tripod! I'm so PISSED.. GRR.. oh well!

3 more exams to take. I'm pretty mad because I didn't get the grade I expected to get on my chemistry final today... Let's just say I did really good on my government exam when I never did any homework or read chapters for that class. I mean the exam was open book/notes but I was excited I did amazing on the exam. BUT CHEMISTRY... how did I get that grade?!?! I mean COME ON.. I might've bubbled in wrong because that's what happened during the lab finals, but since I had tons of time left I went and check and had to reenter a lot of the answers back in.

Yeah, that's probably why.. which is really stupid of me. Shoulda been more careful eh?

Going to buy my mother some more omega-3 fish oil from CVS right now.. I wish I had gone two days ago because I had a coupon! haha, oh well... Then after I'm coming back and should really look over the history material because we have a final tomorrow and I haven't read the chapters yet LOL.. dang what a slacker!



  1. this is pretty and totally wearable!! i love the lipstick but i agree the matte ones can be a bit drying and my lips are not too pretty when dry

    oh please! let's not talk about chubby faces haha my face is like a round puff ball and my cheeks are huge! x__x

    you should definitely do more fotds and videos too, me want to see! i love the photos, great lighting!

    have fun w/ all your school stuff

  2. Lindah, you're such a big ass slacker! I have to rant this onto someone so you're my victim today! The boo didn't take it nicely today =T and then I end up crying so much 'cause I couldn't take it then he got mad and started to bitch at me. I'm pmsing and my tummy hurts so effin much!!! erghhhh, Midols not even helping me =[ HELP!!!!

    Anyways, whoa at the layout! haha.
    and ello sexy lips :wink wink:
    So I guess chemistry final didn't go so well eh? I took my anthropology test, haha... 25 questions and I was out of the place within 22 minutes.

  3. please me on you look absolutely lovely ! it goes so well together with your eye makeup ! soo cute ! and i have noo idea what youre saying about your right eye .. it looks fine to me ? :S

    so your UD 24/7 liners never showed up . :( im soo angry ! what a waste . is it weird that i hope they at least found a good home and not thrown out in some dumpster ? :S

  4. oh ! and i like your new layoutt !!!

  5. this new layout looks really fresh! love it :) and love your eyes makeup too

  6. i dont think tehre is something wrong with ur right eyelid !hehe
    btw yeah nice lighting for FOTD !hehe
    yeay 3 more finals !and long break!hehe

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  8. Cute makeup! Love the colors. And the lippie looks fab.. Like it!

  9. i love your layout, my eyes used to hurt when i read off the black background..i'm sensitive :( lol
    you're so pretty, i love that lip color on you!

  10. Pretty! I love the darker color in the outer corner, and how you blended it with the bright golden color! <3

  11. Definitely love this look! Don't be to harsh on your self, I'm sure you did just fine! Besides it happens to the best of us... gr@finals anyway! lol I have 4 finals to go.... yuck

  12. i use the lash stiletto first then my maybelline volume express mascara. it gives me great result!

    oh and that's a pretty lipstick you have on. im a sucker for pink lipstick. i have dry lips too so i also have a hard time wearing lipsticks

  13. Nice Layout & FOTD.

    I really like your Lipcolor. =)

    Glad you got the boots. You should subscribe to their newsletter they have incredible deals all the time.
    Can't wait to see ur Haul... Lol


  14. good luck on school! Finals are next week for me, and I know I'm not looking forward to any of them!

  15. yay we have the same layout! seriously, i find this layout cute, simple, pleasing for the eyes!

    and OMG my eye lid is bugging me too! the left one is BIGGER than my right one. thats why im hesitating to take FOTD pics! its been like that for 3 days now. i think its b.c we both studied too much, lmao

    and im sorry you didnt get the grade you wanted on chem. good luck on your tests! study!

  16. so pretty!
    also, I like the new layout!

    I fail at taking pics of my makeup that truly show the color. I haven't quite figured it out. Yours turned out good though!

  17. lol at first when i read ur comment on my cellphone,i was like "what the hell are u talking about??",now i remember we were talking bout ur eyelid !
    btw dont forget the cheapo gold silver eyeliner if u go to walmart

  18. Please Me lipstick suits you very well. I was contemplating getting this lippy because I have seen so many peeps speak about how gorg. it is. I agree it does look awsome. I also have assemblage quad or whatever it is. I recently did a Holiday look with it.
    If you have some time, when it out on my blog.

  19. Ooooh new layout!

    Pretty look! I love that lippie color on you. I ALWAYS wear a lipstick with a gloss.

    Good luck on your finals. :)

  20. Such a beautiful, soft look. Love it. :)

    Good luck with finals! :)

  21. I was thinking I should have gotten the black as well, as 98% of what I own goes with black... but I want to steer away from black now for some reason... lol plus I bought this dress from Kohls for a whopping $5.00 and it's a brown plaid, got home and realized I don't have shoes to go with it!! But I couldn't just leave it on the rack...it was $5.00!!! LOL

  22. hey pretttty lady! ;P love the new layout and your gorgeous new pictures. i'm weird like you.. i like cold drinks/desserts even more during the winter time. haha! ;P

  23. Wow you are soo very preetty. Tell me do you like crystal gel? I love the way you do makeup. You have to teach me sometime :D You're so very talented and so young and beautifull. Talk to you later kay? CIAO!

  24. ahh school schmmoool as long as it's average or above average I say that's great! Everything is base on work experience or connections nowadays anyways ;) and the mac lipstick looks nice on you it's nice to see new pics of you as well!

    yeah it's hard to keep the weight off when you get older and older for sure... I look at my mom and she was once about the same body type as me. It makes me :S and wanna go to the gym LOL

    Btw I love your new layout! It has a more open feeling for sure <3

  25. whistle** ur gorgeous honey! nicely blended!!

    ps mmmm ice cream! ur so right! no melting!

  26. I love the new layout girl, it feels bright and happy ^_^. Hmmm I think the holiday season is gettin' to you, you're feelin the Christmas air. ^_^

    And I love the pictures, sooo pretty ^_^. And that tongue lickin' picture of yours is ooozin sexiness yay ^_^. Go Linds !! Have a nice day girl!

  27. good luck on the exams hun! that's a really pretty fotd! i love the gunmetal shade and the champagne colour together :D

  28. love the fotd! don't be mad at your right eye lol.. my left eye is the same way and now i just ignore it-- for the most part hahah. good luck with finals =)


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