16 December 2009


Hello, hello! :)

So I will be working all day for the next 4-5 days depending if my co-worker will work on Monday... I don't mind so much because I want to make some money and sitting at home through the whole break is just gonna make me fat LOL.. Plus if I wanna get my items I have on my browser that's been opened for like 1-2 weeks, I'm gonna need to work!

I also placed another order on hautelook a few weeks ago when rock&republic was on sale again and picked up a few items... I think this will be my last time unless I find this product in person to see what the colors really look like because I swear the picture is so innacurate! Well, the colors I picked looked pretty good since I googled swatches and stuff of everythinggg lol..

Placed ANOTHER order today on hautelook because I saw diesel shoes on sale and drjon817 loves the diesel brand so I thought it would be a good present idea for him since I wasn't sure what to get him for christmas.. I spent about $90 which got me 2 pairs of shoes and paid for the shipping. I still think this shipping cost is more reasonable than stila's shipping since their stuff is LIGHTWEIGHT and these shoes are gonna be HEAVY...

Well, onto what this post is about! Chomsiri (Katelyn) sent me a few things. At first I thought she was just going to send me a pack of shisems to try out but when I got home I was like GOOD LORD.. O_O!! The box was enormous than what I expected it to be.. Ahhh, she is too sweet! :)

She wrapped up everything in little tissue papers & I loved how she used the priority tape to tape everything! :D haha, I thought it was cute ^_^

She made it look so fun in there! I mean, look at it :D

Her little hello kitty envelope :) I need to get me some cute stationary! lol, well I do have some, just not envelopes! xD

It's so cuteee.. she typed up the note! LOL, but it didn't really seem long to read? I think I might write super long emails that's why haha!

She sent me this because it reminded her of my culture, and I totally agree! (I am Laos.. okay linda?! LOL, not vietnamese although I may understand some hehe :P) I will probably use this as my camera case maybe because I am currently using a makeup bag to carry it around hahaha!

My first jesse's girl pigment. Well product actually! :) I am probably going to try this out this weekened and do a look with it ^_^ Hope I don't get shadow all over my face LOL!

cute little candies! :D The faces are soooo cute.. The flavors are lemon & orange! ^_^ I think they're yummy and cute and they're milky in the middle :D

She remembered reading that this was the makeup remover I was using and I didn't know where else to repurchase since I won it in a giveaway :D THANK YOU! I am halfway done with my current bottle.. lol but when I do use it I end up using a lot! I am super happy that she sent me another one :)

A victoria's secret eyeshadow ^_^ I like dark colors, and this one is matte so I really like that :D Can't wait to use it!!

Chocolate sheet mask!! She reviewed this on her blog and she says it smells like chocolate.. I hope I don't eat it when I use it lol! The funny thing is the guy on there.. how did they just choose that guy to be on the cover of this sheetmask?!?! ha..

She makes jewelery as a little hobby :) So she made me a SNOWFLAKE necklace since it's the holiday season ^_^

It's so pretty! Look at the way the color looks. It twinkles like... well not like a snowflake but something else!

A tokidoki baggie! She doesn't know if it's real or fake because her mom's friend got a bunch from thailand.. of course it's fake!! LOL, I don't care because only I know! XD And I know it has to be fake because I been there and back :P Dude, I got a LV purse from there and it's on point! Plus a gucci watch and it works greattt :)

And lastly, the lashes she sent me to try! :) And she also sent me some pa lashes ^_^ I'm going to try this out next week because I am going to work pretty much for the rest of this week and I will NOT wake up early to make my makeup extra nice! haha, I am too lazy for that!

Thank you so much katelyn!! I am going to surprise you after new years when the post office settles down.. LOL :) I loved everything I got, I really do! Since your asian markets over there have jacked up the price hopefully I can be the one supplying you some shisem now! LOL


So Linda started a blogtv session the other night! I seriously don't know how to use that thing at all LOL, well I know how to go live but that's about it haha, and I recently figured out how to change my picture :D

We're thinking of doing a secret santa... but in the summer! It'd be a cool little thing where you get a present in the summer instead of during the winter since people usually get junk anyway. It'll be more of like a pick me up :) I mean it's obvious we missed the opportunity to do it right LOL! So who's interested?!?! :D



  1. you lucky punk! I love all those things! Anyway, i love that bag thing! What did you get from Hautelook! I got my Call me blsuh today from rock and republic.. i feel like I'm rich with it!haha

  2. So much love, how lucky!<333 super pretty necklace, and haha I probably would want to eat that mask, I ♥ chocolate (;

  3. You have to admit... blogtv was fun and interesting! lol. It was like losing our virginity to blogtv since we had no idea what the hell we were doing. HAHAHA. yes yes,I knowwwwww. You're Laos! LOL. It's not my fault that you look Vietnamese! =[ lol.

    I want to name it Secret Angel! lol. We do not have the big belly and the red costume with the big ass black belt and boots. lol..... did I mention white beard? hahaha. so there... it will be called Secret Angel unless we think of something better but I think not 'cause I'm the best. lol.

    whoaaaa, it looks like an Easter basket! lol. Lovely surprise gifts ;] You know you're going to start eating the mask... if you don't... then drjon817 will probably lick it off your face if you fall asleep. lol. I love those snowflake crystals! Haven't had my hands on any yet though =[ I'm waiting for Steph to get some gold chains... if she ever. lol.

    Word verification: screw

    lol. weirddd.

  4. Hey Lindah!!

    I'm a new follower and just wanted to say that your blog is great!! What a nice love package you got from Katelyn. ^_^

    p.s. I'm Laos too hehe. When I saw that bag...I immediately thought of Laos lol.

    Take care,

  5. wow the package looks so good, maybe its b/c of your camera skill! seriously! and omg i had the same thought about the mask! I mean, who the hell is that guy on the chocolate mask and why him, you know?

    i love the pink background, it's soo pretty!

    what?! you started blogtv?! i missed it :( wahh

  6. Lucky!!! That's some very awesome goodies.

    doing some online shopping eh? You shop more than I do. lol.

    Can't wait to see the stuff u got when u receive them. =)

  7. Cute stuffies from Katie :)

    OOOh, Secret Santa in the summer sounds fun! I would love to join in :)

  8. very cute things honey! i've been dying to try shishem lashes but i can't find them anywhere :( even online without it costing me a fortune to get it to me! haha

    tell us how you go with the jesse's girl pigment! i've heard great things about jesse's girl! :)

  9. great haulage!!! I'm loving the snowflake necklace... really pretty!

  10. damnn what a love pack?!?
    thats huge love !lol
    haha yeah hilarious,how come that guy ended there
    btw cout me in for summer secret santa,but u shud change the name,not santa?hehhe

  11. wow, what a nice goodies!
    summer Secret Santa sounds like fun!

  12. awesome stuff, oooh now im curious to try that vs make up remover! sounds interesting

    my aunt sends me fake toki doki bags too.. i have like a ton in all styles and sizes lol they are that great of quality but it's cute to use :)

    secret summer santa sounds fun, def count me in! yay!

    kbbq is way better than hawaiin bbq hehe but i guess it depends on your mood, hawaiin bbq is like grilled chicken with super sweet teriyaki sauce!

  13. full of goodies!! very exciting

  14. hehe. cute items! i think a secret santa in summer is a good idea! because there aren't holidays during the summer! :D

  15. wow how sweet of her to send you all of that!! :)

    Hey I am totally down for a secret santa- now, summer, whenever!!! count me in!

  16. that's great for two pairs of shoes and shipping! I got some shoes off ebay (new) and they shipping was more than the shoes...

  17. dude count me in for the secret santa lol

    OMG for the goodies! thats a lot of stuff ^_^

    Hey how do you like the VS eyeshadow?

  18. awww cute love pack! how are the VS eyeshadows? pigmented? not so much? how about the staying power? LOL about the toki doki, meh who cares if it's fake- toki doki is always fun. I got my sister a fake sport sac purse back in may, she's 14 and honestly at her age no one can tell between real and fake and everyone is a brand label whore right?! at least I was! LOL

  19. i like that VS makeup remover except for one problem.. the smell bothers me! hahah mine ran out tho... how u been lindah?

  20. LMAO baby its new place,plus someone has been cleaning my place,nowonder it stays clean.haha but i really puta an effort to stay clean and tidy,its a new record for me !haha
    i dont think i remember mentioning i have any teeth whitening product at the moment?
    hows our swap so far?check out ur email

  21. the mask made me crave chocolatee lol

    i hate TS shawdow insureance (eyeshawdow) but there face primer i loveeee.

  22. Everything looks sooo lovely and cute. I think the Very Sexy Makeup remover has a nice color, a very pale pastel pink that I like. Be sure to remind yourself girl about the chocolate mask "not food, not food... otieh? " ahaha

  23. Hey Linda! That's so sweet of Katelyn to send you a surprise gift ;)
    Yah, what's up with the Asian dude chef on the chocolate mask?! LOL. Damn I can't read any Asian language, I'd probably think the mask was a snack haha.
    The eye shadows and lashes look fab! Can't wait to see the looks you'll do with them :)


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