07 December 2009


Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own hard earned money. I did not get paid to review this product. This review is my own opinion. Please try products at your own risk because I am TOTALLY not responsible for you poking your eye out :P

Hello bloggers!

I've been meaning to do this review for the longest time EVER.. I finally got to it today due to my procrastination of studying for my chemistry final. Well I really don't need to study, just write everything down on a notecard! :D We are ENTITLED to one so shut up I'm not cheating! haha xD


Maybelline Lash Stiletto
  • Seductive Length
  • Shiny Patent Finish
  • Grip and Extend Brush
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Contact Lens Safe
Product: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Overall: 3.7/5

Where to buy: drugstores, ulta, walmart/target
Repurchase? Probably not

The packaging of the product is to resemble the heel of a stiletto. I thought this was pretty cute! :)

Typical plastic wand. Not a big fan because when I apply it sometimes I kinda graze my eye and it hurts! :(

The wand is SQUARE, not your old-fashioned ROUND kinda look. This is where the grip and extend comes into play. I think it did an okay job at that unless I poke myself in the eye!

I applied urban decay eyelash primer potion as a mascara base in this review. I'm really liking it.. Plus it's purple! ^_^

Here I tested out the mascara with no primer on.

It does okay with one coat, but that's where I would stop. The second coat doesn't look smoothly applied like the first one but you can't really tell in the picture. I'm not sure if it gives seductive length, but it does give some kind of length.

Here I tested it out using the primer first.

It applied very smoothly and during the application process it applied quicker because I already had my lashes coated with something.I really like the way it looks with just one coat on personally because after I get to the second coat it just starts to look fake!

I don't personally know if it irritates eyes with contacts because I don't wear contacts or glasses. It doesn't really flake until you've had it for a while (around a month) and it starts to dry out and it will flake a little bit throughout the day. This mascara has a funky smell. Well not funky, but very strong like the colossal mascara that Maybelline carries.

I would say this is an average mascara because it doesn't adhere as well as it would without the primer. I mean, I don't have time to put on primer and then mascara, I live a busy life, lol! The camera doesn't pick up on the length very well but it looks much lengthier in person but I would say it does lack volume.

  • Provides length to your lashes
  • Affordable
  • Dries quickly after applying
  • Doesn't give volume
  • Strong smell
  • Mascara starts to dry out after about a month and a half
I really do like this mascara, but it just doesn't "WOW" me enough to repurchase another tube.

I'll start giving away products when I review them now. Not the ones I USED, but a new one because I'll sometimes buy two products of the same thing in case I like it. Due to the fact that some products I do buy are pricier I won't do it for every single product but it's whatever right because it's free! LOL..

Giveaway opportunity: Leave a comment telling me what your favorite shade of mascara is and why you like it in that color. I'll randomly select someone to give it out to. It'll close on Friday December 11, 2009 @ 11:59PM CMT. Please leave me your email that you check regularly so I can contact you if you win. Also, let me know if you prefer waterproof or the regular formula :)

I'm a mascara junkie so expect plenty more mascara reviews! I think it's the easiest thing to review because I've mastered taking pictures of my eyes :P haha!


Chemistry final tomorrow! Then I have US History and Psychology finals on Wednesday and Speech on thursday! Wish me luck :)



  1. thanks for the review♥
    with all the hype I almost got this. I hate strong smelling stuff.
    I dont know what they are doing to these mascaras now a days, they all dry out in a months time , I know the want a quick drying formula but to only last for a month??

  2. Thanks Lindah, for the review! I always use a dark or jet black mascara because I think my lashes are short BUT i want my eyes to stand out most. I don't know, I've never really thought of it but now that you've asked, I'd say black.. it just matches the black hair i already have! haha

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  4. I need to get myself and eyelash primer =)

    Good Luck on your Finals & Speech.

    My Favorite Shade of Mascara is Black because I find that Black Mascara pops out the eyes more & I prefer Waterproof Just in case I cry or something ha ha ^_^

  5. Nice review! I love using the stiletto for my lower lashes because the brush is so small it can reach every little baby strands!!

    UD primer makes the mascara look much better, I definitely want to check out some mascara bases since everyone's been raving so much about them!!

    I find that colored mascaras don't work to well for me, only black works well since my lashes are pretty much nonexistent!

  6. awww i want that mascara!!i love ur 2nd coat look!hehe
    i will put on review of my HG mascara,see if u like it i can get it for u

  7. btw can i join ur giveaway?
    btw im also mascara junkie !LOL
    just too lazy to review unless its really good!hehe
    i prefer black one coz its natural and waterproof ALL THE WAY

  8. Hello Lindah!

    This mascara is my new HG drugstore mascara! It works wonders on my short and sparse lashes.

    My favorite shade of mascara is... black (= & I prefer the regular formula.


  9. btw can i join ur giveaway?
    btw im also mascara junkie !LOL
    just too lazy to review unless its really good!hehe
    i prefer black one coz its natural and waterproof ALL THE WAY

  10. i lash stilleto too :) but i layer it with maybelline volume express because i find that it doesnt give me enough volume.. i use it for lengthening.. i like black mascaras because they give volume.. and i dont use waterproof because they are hard to remove..thats all :)


  11. i have lash stilleto too** ( i missed out a word on my last comment ^^) lol

  12. yuck. US History... good luck!!!!

    I have my psychology final on Thursday. lol. I wonder if we use the same book for US History.. I procrastinated in taking that damn class and I'm taking it next semester. oh hell to me -____- That class is going to bring my GPA down like hell.

    By the way, I kinda like it with the first coat... it doesn't wow me and the second coat is just plain ugly. haha. I'm too honest but you know you love me! hmmmz.... try using clinique's mascara or something! It's not even worth the money if the damn thing dries up like a month later. Again, just my opinion though. Why waste money on something that isn't great and just invest that money on a good mascara that will last longerrrrrr and make your eyes prettierrrrr. lol.

    back to psychology study =[ I spent over freakin 5 hours on this shit! =[

  13. oh yeah, before I forget...

    email: bostonphuong(at)yahoo.com
    giveaway comment: black because it matches with my eye lashes and I like the natural look. I have some color mascaras but I haven't dare to touch them to my eyelashes yet. haha. It's just not me... maybe for Halloween. I saw an Asian chiq with purple/blue mascara and it made her eyes pop out prettyyyyy. lol. and ermmms... I prefer waterproof, used to be regular but I find covergirls lash blast's waterproof doesn't clump my eyelashes ;] hehe.

  14. ive heard about that mascara. from what i heard, they said they liked it and it is a good mascara. i myself havent tried it yet though. from the pictures, i can see that it looks wayy better with the primer. the one without it looks chunky gunky!

    thanks for the review and good luck on your test! :)

  15. Hi sweetie!

    Thanks for the review. I actually heard many bad stuff about this mascara with many cons, so I don't think I will give it a try. hehe.

    Thanks for the comment about the hair extensions. Luckly, I will be carrying clip in highlights and funky and bright shades of color in my store. =)

    I'm currently planning everything, but I will keep everyone updated soon. =)

  16. My sister actually bought that mascara, used it once and gave it to me. I never really cared much about a mascara, just want it to make my lashes look as dark as possible. I never had a problem with it, but didn't love it like it's my HG item! Glad I didnt pay for it :P

  17. Why is it that you take really pretty eye pictures and I don't waaa? I really like your eyes girl, tis sooo pretty ^_^

    I find your comment about the increase number in suicides funny , I laughed out loud. Husband was looking at me like I'm a weirdo lol. ^_^

    Now about this giveaway, whether you ship international or not, I'm definitely joining hehe.

    Regular formula or waterproof is fine with me. But I really love another color except black. Brown, blue, violet, anything as long as it's not black hehe, all my mascara's are black ^_^

    And my email is twinsouls888@gmail.com

  18. thanks for this review, been wanting to try this out for a while now only because of the commercial. lol.

    i'm always on the lookout for a good mascara. still haven't found anything to replace my fave.

    MAC Plushlash in Black is my fave mascara color as of now.

    my email is jaclynrose@teamlegion.net

  19. thanks for the review hon! :D i've always wanted to try the lash stiletto :)

    my personal favourite is the lancom virtuose in black :D i like the curved brush :)

  20. School sucks right now! I have finals next week, and two projects due this week! I'm totally feeling you on the whole school stuff. I love the Stila stuff you bought! I wish I could buy makeup right now, but I'm trying to save up for x-mas! I'm buying my boyfriend some special shoes! :)

  21. Hey Lindah (=

    Well this mascara really gives me amazingly long lashes, I just couldn't believe it at first! And lenght is the main thing I'm looking for in a mascara. So yeah, that's why I call it my HG mascara hehe ^^

  22. Great review!

    My favorite is MAC plushlash in black!
    It builds volume so easy!

    my email is on my blog:)


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