03 December 2009


I'm not sure if any of you know, but I LOVE stila products! :) I'm not gonna lie, sometimes they are a bit "plain jane" for me but it's great for when I want to look like that ^_^

So here's something I bought before thanksgiving. I forgot when it came in becaue I took pictures just to have to ready on my computer to make a new post... yeapp, LAZY!

They had an offer when I got this and it was "spend $25 and get the runway look palette free". I think I bought the "smokey stare" (deal they had with the red carpet look and stila smudgepot) and got the runway free.. I'm pretty sure. But I'm pretty sure the runway one if the black palette! XD

Each palette comes with a Stila Kajal Liner in Onyx(?.. the black one) So I just went ahead and spent $35 to get the "smokey stare" palette and it comes with a barbie loves stila smudgepot in little black dress. Gosh I love it! ^_^

The red carpet look:

The Runway look:

Barbie loves stila smudgepot:

Swatches of everthing! :) I remembered this time..

Left side is the red carpet look and the right side is the runway look and done the middle separating the eyeshadows is the little black dress smudgepot and on the bottom is the onyx kajal.

I think these are super wearable palettes and can be used on a daily basis :) All in all I am satisfied with my purchase but I wish stila had better shipping rates! It cost me $7.95 for shipping.. and last time I didn't really buy much from them so I was kinda a little mad but this time it's worth it since I got a free eyeshadow palette :P


Who's all taking their finals soon?!?! *raises hand* I finally finished my speech and presented today and I think I did alright. I also finished my butthole of assignments I needed to get done so I'm a little bit more relieved now except I still have so much other things to do! :(

My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow. He's turning 21! :)

Until next time... which is hopefully not another haul :D (although I manage to still haul when the economy is down.. *sigh*)



  1. I love it!!!! I would be the great candidate for Stila cause I'm def. a plain jane!

  2. those packaging are so cute! that smudgepot is a gorgeous color! hope ur bf have a wonderful bday!

  3. Good luck on finals!! As much as I hate finals, I miss school :P

    The Stila smudgepot is gorgeous!! The might be something you've answered, but how do you like them compared to MACs fluidlines? I'm trying to love MACs but it smudges a lot!

  4. that's what I said to myself too " no more hauls" but I just ordered some stuff from sasa (free ship) and sephora (vib $20 gc) sigh lol

    but really, no more no more!

    I didn't really care for stila palettes before but after I picked up one I agree, they are really nice and suitable for everyday wear

    The barbie smudgepot is so fab!! The color is gorgeous, great buy!

    Good luck on your finals and glad that you cleared up a butthole of assignments (although buttholes are usually small no?) haha

    happy bday to ur future hubby!

  5. I need to get me some stila..that packaging is a dorable!!

  6. I've heard so much raves about the smudgepot! I have yet to try Stila products but this post tempts me. :D

  7. ahh the redcarpet and smudgepot look so gorgeous! the packaging is also adorableeee :)

  8. happy early 21st birthday to your boyfriend. living together again? =]

    so, I'm glad you finish your assignments. one less thing to stress over. Finals soon =[ boohoo! YOU'LL LIVE AND YOU'LL DO WELL =]

  9. great packaging♥
    they are too nice

  10. Cuuuute stuff! I only own one Stila product. LOL!

    Happy B-Day to your boyfriend!!

  11. I do love the quality of Stila products too and you gotta love it when they have a deal or set ;) I love how the eyeshadows are very wearable but OMG, the purple from the little black dress smudgepot is soooo nice! Oh I LOVE purples and I want it now! LOL.

    Oh yah, the MAC lightful creme cleanser is in the permanent line ;)

  12. Good deal. I have the red stila palette and bought it for full price ($40) last year. :P

  13. hi lindah! i answered your question about the fake eyelashes in your cbox! :)

    did you buy those stila products at beautycrunch.com? i usually look there for stila products b/c they are wayyy cheaper! and im loving the swatch of barbie smudge pot! <3

    and OMG finals next week for me :( im gonna die. i dont feel like studying either. sigh -_-

    and happy bday to your bf! 21! finally! im 20 so one more year for me! i cant wait!

  14. i loveee stila! they have really good really pigmented eyeshadows i think! :D tell us how you go with the stila kajal eyeliner, apparently it's even better than the feline and smolder eye kohl!

  15. oh my.. great packaging on stila's e/s trio!

  16. hey girl!
    You're so funny. How can u not have money when I see u with all these fabulous cosmetics makeup stuff. hehe.

    I guess I just spend more on clothing and a lot less on makeup stuff.

  17. yay!!! more eyeshadows!! :D I like the runway look! I like stila products too because they have huge eyeshadows! :D at least compare to mac.. :)

  18. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    I really like the little black dress smudgepot, its a gorgeous color!

    Yeah I bought the Nars stuff with the 22% off coupon. I am trying out the products and will post reviews in a few weeks.Ohh and I wanna use the coralista blush already but my hubby doesn't let me he said I have to wait til christmas! =/

  19. oh my I'm lovin the swatches especially the
    Stila Smudge Pot tsk tsk, now you got me lemming again ^_^

  20. hey !! =)
    i have a blog sale going on, feel free to visit!! thanks hun =)


  21. hehe you need to take your bf to a casino!! 21 is huge! Those stila plates are nice, lovely flower on them. yeah for the shipping rate especially to canada I always buy bulk to get my shipping rate worth haha!

    and I'm with you too I'm cheap on lingerie, but I'll wear it if my bf guys it for me LOL!

  22. Those are really cute packaging from Stila. I haven't seen too many makeup product that packaged with a flower. So girly. Love it! hehe


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