23 March 2010


Hello gals! Enjoy the serious eye candy today ~~

I planned a swap with Verina from the end of last year and then we finally sent out our packages when March came! I got mine in the beginning of march but just haven't posted it yet :)

The package came in a huge hot pink box! (Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of that, doh!) It was like boring day ------> EXCITING DAY! :D I was seriously grinning from ear to ear lol.. but everything came safely over here except for the face shop blush. That one broke on the way, but I'll try to repress it because I swatched the broken powder on my hand and it was sooooo pretty! It's in the shade orange but it's really a beautiful peachy color :)

Okay, so onto the stuff! BEWARE!!! This will make you want to go eat some candy lol

I didn't really ask for anything, I just got stuff lol. The thing I really wanted was the Biore black pore strips! I read on Phoebe's blog that she likes these better than the regular ones :) I really wanted to try them out because the white ones just don't work for me!

She got me 3 things of hand cream! OMG, it's really sad though because I still haven't stuck it in my purse and everytime I'm driving I notice that my hands look really dry and gross and I'm like F*CK!!! I forgot the hand cream again LOL.. I gotta do that tonight, seriously! I will have short reviews up of some of the the things that you might be able to get online :)

This whole stack is sheet masks, except for the pink pen and the hand mask! ^_^ I didn't think she was going to get me a ton of silk whitia masks when I asked! lol, but I'm really excited to use them all up :D hm, what I don't know is... what the little pink cloth thing (not soft enough to be a towl) on the corner is suppose to be for?!?! I was really confused and tried to think of what it's used for. Help? lol

THIS is the part of the package I was looking forward to! OMG, I think when I opened it I was more excited for this than the makeup! ahhaha xD I've already ate some of these and they're super yummy! :) The kit kats... you know we all wonder in america what they taste like! haha, I ate the ones with the "APPLE" and "CARROT" on it and it was super fruity, like you're chewing on gum but it's chocolate so I thought that was SUPER cool!

Honestly though, if they sold different flavored kit kats in America I don't think they will sell just because I know most americans (caucasian primarily, no offense!) aren't willing to try new things and like to stick to the norm from what I've experienced at work. I can't wait to go back and visit asia one day! I'll actually have things to look forward to getting now xD!!

Thanks so much Verina! I will send you more things in the future for sure!!! I feel like what I sent you does not compare to this! :(


I'm working on doing a collection post :) Not a "MAKEUP ORGANIZATION" post because it's not organized, just thrown together kinda neatly but since I'm getting new furniture I thought it would be cool to have a before and after of my makeup area ^_^ Yes, new furniture from my mother that I have to build! She bought it for my birthday LOL..



  1. Wow, you got so many goodies. Please do a review on the Fiberwig. Seeing all of the candy makes me hungry.

    Btw, I am going to do a MUFE swatch type thing, but I like natural light for foundation and CO is being all gloomy, supposed to be sunny this weekend, have you tried any of the MUFE foundations yet?

  2. Wow, great swap! I wonder what that pink cloth thing is for too!

    Yumm all the goodies look so great :D I'm always wondering about those kitkats.. some flavors sound so... weird lol! Like how can that possibly taste good?! But I still wanna try them hehe. I agree, I don't think America would accept the idea of "carrot" flavored kitkats too well :P

  3. Wow, look at all that amazing stuff! I've been meaning to try out the Japanese kit kats! I think I'm going to purchase some now! :)

  4. AWESOME! Enjoy all your new goodies. :)

  5. awwww cant wait for ur makeup collection post!!hehehe
    my bro got the pinkie towel from etude korea,i thought it was for face but i didnt touch and feel the fabric!hehe

  6. So many goodies! I want them all! hahaha, I want to try out the black biore nose strip thing toooooo and the flavor kit kats (steph wants to try that out more than me though). I agree with you that if they do have flavor kit kats here, they're not willing to try as much as in Asia. They like to stay within their norms.

  7. Awesome swap! Verina is really sweet to get you all those goodies :) I guess the pink cloth is for holding your bangs, like a velcro i think :D

  8. don't worry I won't go and raid your candy stash. I'm getting my kit kats soon. hopefully in the next week? Oh I can't wait!

  9. Awesome! All your goodies look fun and exciting. I would be so happy too! :D :D The Kit Kats look Mmmmm! YUM! I love Kit Kats as it is.... and it's a problem! :p Fruit infused chocolate would be good. I love raspberries with chocolate and even melon cocoa..I think I'll fall madly in love with yours!

  10. super loaded hehe,i once had the fiberwig but it didnt maage to hold my curls sob

  11. wow great goodies. Love the kit kats, too. so yummy :)
    btw, I gave you an award, check my blog

  12. LOL just saw this post again, i don't know why this post shows on my related post link on my blog! weird!
    how have u been??


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