10 March 2010


Hello hello!

Thank you for all the comments telling me to go get checked out! ^_^ I feel SOOO MUCH BETTER NOW!! I went to see the chiropractor and now I'm gonna be going there for the next 6 weeks. Car is totaled so I'm on the search for a new car since they've declared it today... but omg, all the nicer looking cars are sooo ugly and expensive! @_@ I'm trying to go for a G35, but I'm not counting on it LOL..

BUT ANYWHO, ONTO THE GIVEAWAY! My birthday is this month, March 22! I probably would've waited until the 22nd to post this, but I am really excited and wanted to post it right away ^_^ so let's just get to it!

To Enter:
  1. MUST be a follower of my blog, if you aren't you aren't even going to be considered!
  2. Leave a comment below on THIS post saying "I want free stuff!" and telling me things I can do to improve my blog and what you'd like to see more of. (i.e. fotds, hauls, tutorials, things like that)
  3. Must be 18 or older or if you have the consent of your parents.
  4. Leave an email address that is checked regularly because once I declare the winner there will be 48 hours (2 days) to contact me with your mailing information.
  5. To earn an extra 2 entries, you can post about the giveaway on your blog! Be sure to put the link down below in the comments!
  6. Contest is international as long as you can receive mail from the United States! ^_^
  7. Giveaway ends on April 10, 2010 @ 11:59pm CMT.
Prize Video:

And for the video-retarded because I know how it feels to have slow internet...

Good luck!

I'll post a real update tomorrow. I'm kind've still a little sad and depressed from totaling my car :( They're coming to get it tomorrow so when I get home no more little RSX... T_T



  1. hi linda! im gonna go ahead and enter your giveaway :)

    i want free stuff! (who doesn't?) hahaha!

    i would like to see more video makeup tutorials and reviews =)

    i posted your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

    thanks dear!

  2. I want free stuff!! ^_^
    I've been a follower of your blog for a while & I so sorry your car's messed up, but so happy you're feeling better. lol free pain relief, you're funny. :)

    Hmm, well I always enjoy seeing hauls, but I like it even more when people review the stuff they buy. FOTD would be nice too. :)


    ps. Were you watching Devil Wears Prada in the background? LOL I know all random, but I just finished watching it on TV today and it's like the same theme song from the movie...lol

  3. I want free stuff! Do I have to put my email on here??? You already know it =[ hmm, I just want to see more of your face! lol. Yeah, Lindah getting the attention she wants! Woot woot! haha. Happy early birthday woman! =]

    Awww, I like your car a lot! It was something that I wanted =[ If you get the G35 in red, I will go after you! lol. j/k. I was going to get it but then I decided I'll get something that I really want later after college or something. I'm happy with the ride I got. hehe. I cannot believe it's totaled =[ I thought it was fixable! I guess it's because it's a two door =T

  4. 1. I'm a follower! OF COURSE!!! :D
    2. I want FREE STUFF!
    3. You should make more videos! I love watching videos! And you should totally make tutorial videos!!!
    4. xbrokenlove@gmail.com

  5. "I want free stuff!" Weeeeee, who doesn't want any free stuff?

    It's good to know that you are feeling better now and sorry about the car. Don't worry, you can still replace it. Your life is more valuable than the car after all.

    I would love for you to review the product in your hauls and post swatches. I've always liked the swatches you post (more of those please?

    My email is: kessathea26 (at) gmail (dot) com

    I will write about this giveaway tomorrow and then I will post the link here.

    Take care always...

  6. i want free stuff! fotds, reviews, and swatches are my favorite posts.

    btw, go march birthdays! mine is on the 25th, haha. it's nice of you to have a giveaway :)


  7. I want free stuff!!

    I always love monthly favorite posts even though I myself don't do them. Lol. FOTDs and reviews are fun too :)

    So sorry about your car. And here's my email address:
    ulfianarsm06 (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. i want free stuff!

    more beauty tips hun..

    My email is: rescueta (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I'm a follower! I want free stuff! Thank you so much for the give away. I actually would like to see more hair tuts. I like your hauls and am glad that you started doing vids!

  10. 1. I'm a follower! :]
    2. I want FREE STUFF!
    3. You should do more fotds, and videos! Hauls are fun as well!
    4. wingsinheaven5@aol.com

  11. I'm a follower via Google Connect (user ID: robolegojupiter)

    I want free stuff! +^~^`Thanks for this giveaway and happy early birthday! When people ask what they should do or want to see on their blogs, I always suggest doing a fun contest based on dressing up as your favorite character and/or doing the makeup for it, or something to do with a competitive giveaway. ;)

    I totaled my Honda once and it was really scary. I had experienced "post traumatic stress" but it was over with in a few days. I do hope you will be feeling better and getting the G35 (wowie expensive car) that you want.

    P.S. I was in Dallas/Forthworth once, when I went to the lakehouse with a friend of mine and her b/f. I used to live at Boys Ranch, TX, if you know where that is.


  12. I am follower :)

    I want Free Stuff!

    I like to see you blog of food and snacks you eat :D its like healthy way to be slim n sexy :D

    blogged http://bloggingzoombie.blogspot.com/2010/03/birthday-giveaway-by-only-x-lindah.html

    email sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  13. aw you're so cute lady! and im really sorry about your car/neck, that's terrible :( but i'm glad you're ok now. anyways, im back to the blogging world now and have been following you for a while so to stumble upon this post was awesome! what a great giveaway/you're so generous to be giving out prizes during YOUR birthday month haha. also, your hair looks really good in the video/all your pics, i can never get mine that glossy!

    email: josiec1211@yahoo.com

  14. I want free stuff!!

    I would like to see more hauls.


    thank you!

  15. hi! i'm a follower via google friend connect :)

    "I want free stuff!" lol everyone wants it too!

    I'd like to see more haul posts :P its uplifting to see hauls!

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dott) com

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    thanks for having this!

  16. I want free stuff! lol. I always like to see reviews of products!

    I'm sad to hear about your car but glad u are ok!


    happy super early bday haha

  17. I want free stuff!!!!!

    I love to see more hauls & just updates on what have you been up to...:D


    posted your giveaway on my sidebar:

    by the way your birthday is the same day as me & hubby's anniversary...

  18. i want free stuff! woop!
    i'm new around here ,so i'd just like to see more of your blog :)
    here's my email: (manjuxoxo)(at)(gmail)(dot)(com)

  19. i want free stuff!
    hey happy early b-day by the ways my b-day is in 21st of march hehee.
    i love free stuff and this is so kind f you for doing this hehe!!!
    good luck everyoe and thanks lindah!!!

  20. I'm a new follower but Happy Early Birthday hon~!

    I want free stuff! :) & I would def like to see more reviews and tutorials!

    email is anh.ca1@gmail.com

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, love reading your blog!

  21. Hi!
    1) I am a follower.
    2) I want free stuff! ^_^
    3) I would love to see more hauls and (if you have time) more videos!
    4) My email is sheeshaa23@gmail.com
    5) Good luck car shopping!
    Thank you.

  22. I want free stuff!

    posted your giveaway on my sidebar: http://xyyan.blogspot.com


    i would love to see more FOTDs and tutorials :)

  23. hi linds advance happy BDay. ^_^ I'd love to join your giveaway.

    i want free stuff! ^_^

    i would like to see more product reviews not only on makeup but skincare as well. Please maintain your hauls and swatches.

    i posted your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.


    Have a happy weekend. :)

  24. I want free stuff!
    for a busy girl I think you post a lot so I'm not sure what else you need to do. I just like the reviews and tuts are too much effort. So keep with the hauls and reviews. I like hauls and initial feedback- doesn't have to be detailed.
    julujewelry @ gmail - you know the rest.
    thank you for having the giveaway- it's really awesome goodies! :)

  25. I've blogged about your giveaway!
    It's in my latest post. :)
    I think you'll find a familiar film featured on there as well. ;)


  26. I want free stuff!
    I am a follower :)
    I blogged http://ribka-vanessa.blogspot.com/2010/03/giveaways.html
    I'd like to see more hauls and tutorials

    ilovevanessasomuch at gmail.com

  27. I want free stuff!

    email= aerolantern at gmail dot com

    One thing you could include in your upcoming blog posts is what is so good about NARS Orgasm???? I hear a lot about the blush, which seems to have great versatility for most women. But is the other NARS Orgasm (eg Super Orgasm blush, orgasm illuminator, etc.) comparable? And do you think I would look like an angry red troll if I wore all the orgasm makeup on one go? Nars Orgasm line has become a cult following and seeing as how the illuminator is on your wishlist... plz show us the product in a future post too?

  28. *I want free stuff!
    *i am follower with google friends ;)
    * i poste here http://frumusikapro.blogspot.com/2010/03/27-lindah-giveaway.html
    *Happy Early Birtdhay :*

    mail adress: s.andreea2007@gmail.com
    thanks !!!

  29. Hi Linda, I'm your follower and yep,
    I want free stuff!

    my email address: purplewhyt@yahoo.com

  30. I want free stuff! Thanks for the giveaway. Skin care product reviews would be nice ( :

    A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

  31. I want free stuff!!!

    I am your new follower- grace

    I would like to see makeup tutorials, inexpensive but with quality products, your haul of the day, and share about your fashion style.

    email: shopaholicgoddess@yahoo.com

    I reposted your contest giveaway on my blog check it here: http://shopaholigoddessonabudget.blogspot.com/2010/03/only-x-lindah-give-away.html

    Advanced Happy Bday!!!

    Thanks! GodBless:-)

  32. I want free stuff, who doesnt lol. =]

    Keisha - My email is xo_kbaby_xo@live.com

    I would like to see makeup tutorials!!! i really love the look you did when you was about to go to work .. your so pretty! and the eyeshadows colors look great on you!

    im a new follower please be sure to follow me. I posted about your blog on my site on the sidebar check it out!!! =] http://thatbrowneyedbrunette.blogspot.com/

  33. I want free stuff! =)


    More hauls! Love knowing what's good out there and what not.

  34. I want free stuff! ;)

    could you please please do some articles on spend vs. save products?

    oh, and happy birthday!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  35. I want free stuff!

    I love your page's organization and background. I love reading your reviews with pictures to go with it. more of those are alwayyyys a pluss

  36. I’m a folower of your blog & I want free stuff! :P

    And I’d like to see more outfits and videos in general (love the way you dress) and hauls (with perhaps some swatches etc in there) would be awesome as well!

    blogged about it here: http://beautyvibes.blogspot.com/p/giveaways.html


  37. I want free stuff
    I am follower
    I posted you give away
    also check out my blog

  38. I want free stuff
    blog http://rednysdersmile.blogspot.com/
    I forgot to leave my email adress
    dont laugh but it :bowwow_2u@yahoo.com
    And there nothing that you can change about your blog. besides more giveaways

  39. I want free stuff!

    I like tutorials, hauls, photos, and especially product reviews!

    I blogged about this giveaway:

    Happy birthday!

    kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com

  40. i want free stuffs <3

    who doesn't, right? :]


    more reviews:]

  41. "I want free stuff!"
    Who wouldn't want free stuffs ;P

    ^ Email xD
    I made it when i was little
    thats my excuse ;)

  42. "I want free stuff!"
    How many times can we post :$
    and maybe you could make more hair tutorials?

  43. "I want free stuff!"
    Kay last post:$
    aha i forgot to say
    i subbed on youtube
    and followed you on your blog ;D

  44. I want free stuff!

    I would love if you showed more FOTD's and product reviews!

    I posted about your giveaway in a link on blog at htpp://steffstarrr.blogspot.com



    I would love to see more hauls and love/mail packages (although you have to receive them first LOL). I think it's fun to see what people send and buy!

    I've linked your giveaway on my blog sidebar under "Current Giveaways" here:



    <33 rena

  46. Maybe for your Yt you could add more haulsor reviews :)?

  47. i want free stuff!!!
    haha ^_^
    maybe change the white background to another colour and maybe more ootds

  48. I want free stuff! ;))
    - hauls+reviews


    I want free stuff!
    E-mail: rai@glam-morena.com

    As for improvement, you don't post regularly like you used to but that's understable. :)

  50. 1. I'm a follower.

    2. I want free stuff! :) I want to see more of fotd and celebrity inspired makeup. :)


    4.Posted at my blog.
    > http://bheiibeautyblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/only-x-lindah-birthday-giveaway.html

    ~Belated Happy birthday lindah! :)

  51. I want free stuff!

    Glad you feel better!! good luck with the car search! ^_^

    happy birthday! my daughter's 4th birthday was on the 20th.

    I want to see more tutorials and reviews. I love the way your blog is set up - very nice and simple. Easy to read through or get info on.
    will post about the giveaway some time over the weekend.

    calia yang

  52. I want free stuff!

    I want to see more FOTDs, EOTDs and reviews. :)



  53. I want free stuff! :D



  54. Soo great giveway!!Enter me please!!!
    Aaaand happy happy birhtday to you!!

  55. great giveaways :) I'd like to enter.
    I'm a follower.

  56. Hi! :)

    I want free stuff :)

    I am a follower (Helena :) ) and would like to see a tutorial or two about doing your gorgeous eye makeup :)


    P.S. I have blogged about this:


  57. Hey I want free stuff...:)

    I am a new follower! So far I am really enjoying your blog posts! i love seeing reviews and tutorials that are showing the products your reviewing... !!! xoxo

    Kimberly.long at gmail dot com


    For me, I definitely love to see HAULS~ AND swatches too. Yeah, so more Haul posts plz. :D

    Email: popcorn3148@gmail.com

    I also posted it on my blog http://popcorn3148.blogspot.com/


  59. I'm a follower :) 'london's beauty' via google.

    'i want free stuff!' i would like to see more FOTD's and some nail tutorials.

    is my email

    i posted this giveaway on my sidebar with the picture

  60. Great giveaway!
    "I want free stuff!"Thank you=)

    I'll like to see more make up
    review & shopping hauls.

    1)I'm your follower.

    2)linked your givaway in my blog's sidebar.

  61. I want free stuff!"
    More FOTD's and tutorials.

    I follow


  62. Did a post: http://www.glam-morena.com/2010/03/giveaways-to-enter.html

    E-mail: rai@glam-morena.com

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. i want free stuff!
    e-mail; c0urtkneee@yahoo.com

    &happy belated birthday! hope you are feeling better! i think you should do more hauls & videos. i love seeing your hauls!

  65. I want free stuff!


    I'm a pretty recent follower, and so far, I like how your blog is set up, the quality of your pics, and the topics. Maybe you can interact with your followers more by adding a discussion page, or replying to comments. :)

  66. I want free stuff!!

    I really like your blog and I think that I want to see more tutorials from you! You are so talented and your make up looks great all the time. I would love to hear your tips and ideas to make make up look good!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Happy Bday!


  67. i want free stuff!

    now a follower and id love to see more MU tutorials and reviews!



  68. I posted about your giveaway here:

    calia yang

  69. I want free stuff..

    Can you do more hauls and FOTD? Or any good find of cheap stuff..:D


    I post your giveaway on my blog. Feel free to check it out...

  70. I want free stuff!

    tutorials & videos! :D

    email: lorencdavid (at)gmail(dot)com

    I posted your giveaway on my blog:

  71. i want free stuff!

    more beauty (luv them)


  72. I want free stuff!

    I want more tutorials, because your looks are really pretty and wearable :)


  73. I want free stuff!

    i want more bout skin care. especially oily skin .. hehe

    I am new follower via google friend !

    my name ipeh ping
    email me : ipehishere@gmail.com

    i post your giveaway here your link on my sidebar :

    and i re-post here

    thank you :)

  74. i'm folowing, I want free stuff!

    i like reviews

    daisypack at hotmail dot com

  75. Did you switch blogs? I KNOW I used to follow you before. I'm following.. again :s

    Anyway, I want free stuff! & I'd like to see more fotd's. My e-mail address is miss.saimshaikh at-gmail-dot-com

    Btw, I love the rose salve from Bath & Body Works in the first prize pack.. I always use it!

  76. I follow as DG and I want free stuff!

    I would love to see more hair product hauls!!!

    posted on my blog: http://deegee13.xanga.com/724715931/exciting-new-blog-giveaways/

    Thanks :)

  77. I want free stuff!

    I'd love to see more makeup reviews and tutorials!

    blogged: http://sugarrosies.blogspot.com/2010/03/weekly-giveaways-wk-4.html

    thanks! :3

  78. "I want free stuff!"

    More reviews pls :D

    email: adeline.er [at] gmail [dot] com

    I have also linked your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog :)


  79. "I want free stuff!"

    I'm a new follower..I would love to see more FOTD from you hun..^_^..Enjoy reading your blog..


  80. i want free stuff!
    I love swatches and fotd, <3
    i'm a new follower


  81. Hey Lindah :)

    Instead of saying 'I want free stuff' I am going to say it in a polite sophisticated way!!

    Linah, I would really appriciate some lovely free gifts from yourself that you have bought with your very own money! :)

    To be honest - you do everything really well, and you have a really pretty face to match!

    aha, it would be good if you could do some more reviews on some drugstore products (more in my price range!) or maybe on ELF, Rimmel, Maybelline ect.. because I am thinking of having a spending spree so it would be great to know what you recommend!

    You could also do some Hauls - cause I lovee seeing what everyone is currently into.. so I can see if it fits my skin!

    Thankyou so much for this wonderful oppertunity that you have given all of us special girls.. who loveee youu muchly!!

    I reallly dont like sharing my email on a blog where everyone can view it.. so I'll send you a private message on youtube with my email address so you can contact me whenever!

    Lovee you and your videos hun :D

    Phoebeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

  82. Hi hi, been a follower for awhile now. :D

    "I want free stuff"

    More videos would be cool!! Especially review ones. I noticed you have those bracelets on your left wrist from the temple?!? Cause I wear them too haha. (It's a Laotian thing!! Lol)

    Sorry about your car, hopefully you find a better one soon!!


  83. Hi~ I would love free stuff! Who wouldn't want free stuff! :]

    I love your reviews a bunch and your hauls are super fun to look through. :D

    I know this is a bit late but I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY! Congratulations on your red car! Vroomvroom :]

    My email is everbelievecee[at]gmail[dot]com and I am a follower through that~

    I also posted about your giveaway on my blog here: http://blogofcloverlover.blogspot.com/2010/04/giveaway-only-x-lindah.html

    Hope you have fun :]

  84. I want free stuff" And I want more tutorials!

  85. Hii! ENTER ME pls~~ I WANT FREE STUFF!! :]
    I'm Risya
    My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

    1)I'm your followers^^ (username: Risyaa♥)
    2)I'd like to see your personal tips & tricks so that I can actually learn something new from YOU^^ & maybe some DIY things?
    and maybe try to do posts that's usually not related to your daily posts (example: cooking). just for the fun of it once in a while. that'd be fun!

    Additional Entries:
    +2 posted this giveaway on my blog with the pic & the link back (http://risyahoneydew.blogspot.com/2010/04/okaayy-more-giveaways.html)

    I really hope I'll win~
    Crossing my fingers now^^

  86. "I want free stuff!"

    I'm a new follower


  87. "I want free stuff!"

    Hi, My name is Li Lian and I would love to entered in your contest

    I am following you through my blog http://shortwidenails.blogspot.com under google friend connect:
    li lian

    My email is li_lian_c@hotmail.com

    I have posted about your contest in my blog here:


    For your blog I would love to see more product reviews. ..nail polish? Well I’m a nail polish addict but I am new to makeup so I would love more makeup product reviews.

  88. I'm a follower :)

    "i want free stuff" for me, I want to see more beauty reviews and hauls + nail stuff :D i love reading about those :P


    I posted the link of this contest on my sidebar: http://www.withadriyah.blogspot.com

  89. I want free stuff!

    I'm a follower.

    I'd love to see reviews on skin care products and more nail polish swatches would be awesome!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  90. rawr!
    i want free stuff,of course!

    im a follower...silent stalker actually..hehe

    room for improvement...
    seriously, i think your log is already amazing as it is. You provide clear & great pics & swatches.
    you have a great way of blogging because you include opinions & options for all your readers. That's why your product reviews are great!
    Maybe a request... I love nail arts..
    i hope that you do some nail designs too!

    i posted your giveaway HERE


  91. Hi. = )
    I'm a follower via GFC.
    I want free stuff! = p
    I like swatches, tutorials, hauls and reviwes; they really help us all.
    I put your giveaway on my sidebar and your blog is on my blogroll.


    Andreia. *

  92. I want free stuff!
    I'm a new follower via GFC
    I like reviews and new finds

  93. I am a new follower (nickname: LipGlossit).
    I want free stuff! :P
    I like hauls and reviews about beauty products.

  94. I want free stuff!

    i'm a follower..
    post it on my sidebar at

    email at: e.t.boado@gmail.com

    advance happy birthday!

  95. I want free stuff!

    i'm a follower..
    great giveaway btw!!! :)

    As for blog, how about some bridal looks or updos? :)


  96. I want free stuff!

    Sorry I'm entering so late >_< but i only just discovered your blog !

    I think more pics of you and outfits etc :)

  97. oh no.. I forgot to say my email address is epued@live.co.uk

  98. 1. I am following your blog via my twitter account (twitter.com/enteneu)
    2. I want free stuff! :D

    I would like to see more outfit of the day + more entrees about your day to day life (what you did, ate..) ... Is that weird? HAHA
    3. Over Eighteen? Check!
    4. enteneu@gmail.com
    5. I posted about your awesome give away here:

    happy belated birthday! :D

  99. I'm a follower via my Google account (Claire's Blog).

    I want free stuff!
    I would like more easy tutorials.


    I posted about your giveaway here:

  100. I want free stuff !!

    I'd like to see more of reviews & tutorials :)


  101. hi~~
    I want free stuffs!

    i wanna see more FOTD or EOTD from ya! *wink*

    my email: jennymsc@gmail.com

  102. hi!
    "I want free stuff!"
    I would like to see more tutorials on your blog
    I posted your contest on my blog
    link: http://blushme-pilic.blogspot.com/2010/04/concursos.html
    email: pililalocaja@hotmail.com
    kisses (=!

  103. Enter me please! I'm a new follower from Spain! (fisiwoman)
    I would see more makeups tutorials and reviews
    I want free stuff

    Ana Belén R.M

  104. Enter me please! I'm a follower

    I want free stuff!!!!!!!

    I'd like to see video make up tutorials and hair style tutorials too!!!!


  105. i am a follower =)

    i want free stuff!
    i like the posts you tag as "life"
    more please! it may be stalkerish, but it really gives your blog character =)

    blogpost: http://themonolidgirl.blogspot.com/2010/04/one-only-x-lindah.html

    thank you!


  106. I want free stuff!
    Enter me please I`m a follower.
    I would like to see more tutorials and reviews of products with swatches.

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog: http://conbdebelleza.blogspot.com/2010/03/en-primavera-tambien-emergen-nuevos.html (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

    Thank you Lindah, the prizes are awesome :)

  107. I want free stuff! ♥

    I already love your blog, but I especially love your swatches and fotds! More of that, and I'll be over the moon lol! :)


    Here's the link to your giveaway~!

  108. I want free stuff x)
    I'd like to see more video Tutorials :)

    My email : New_disease86(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Link (left side bar :D) : http://vanity-nails.blogspot.com

    Thank you very much for this giveaway :)

  109. i want free stuff!

    I think you blog is fine as it is, but maybe a bit more about skincare? =)

    Email: madtxter57@hotmail.com

    Stay beautiful!

    Yinnie x

  110. I want free stuff lol

    I like your blog though admittedly I am pretty new to it. I always like reviews/

    nettysgirl at gmail.com

  111. I want free stuff x)
    I'd like to see more eyemakeup tutorials

    My email : rescueta@gmail.com

    i spread the word here:

    Belated happy birthday sweetie..
    hugs and kisses rhaindropz

  112. I want free stuff!
    I'm a follower and I'd like to see more tutorials!


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