19 January 2010


OMG! So sorry I have been missing from the blogger world :( I was pretty much working last week and the day I had off I just slept because I was exhausted! School started today and I was EXHAUSTED! I got home after running errands at around 3pm today and was going to get some things done for class but I fell asleep until around 7:30pm.. Also I fell asleep in chemistry class during the last 20 minutes! UGH, I'm so mad at myself, but I got all my notes written so I'm not sure how "sleeping" I was haha!

HOPEFULLY tomorrow I don't knock out again and I will spend about 2-3 hours reading & commenting blogs :D I also need to go out and buy the rest of my school books tomorrow and send out a package(S?)! PLUS go set up a new bank account for the boyfriend at wells fargo and then maybe I'll get a savings account with them too tomorrow to put my financial aid stash in?!?! IDK yet, I'm inbetween chase, wells fargo, and bank of america. At the moment, I'm banking with chase so.... idk who are you girls banking with? :)


Website Review: Okay, so onto my lorac stuff! ^_^ I ordered online from loraccosmetics.com a few weeks ago and haven't posted it yet. It didn't take long to get here but it wasn't like quick, I'd say it was moderate. I really like their "VIP DISCOUNT" section because the products there are so inexpensive! ^_^ Yeah I am cheap, you might not think so but I like good deals for good products LOL! LORAC stuff is kinda pricey when you buy it regular price, but trust me they are very good quality. After buying my lorac double stacked book thing from sephora I became addicted to lorac stuff! I really want to buy and try out a lot of their products, but I'll save that for the future :) OKAY, back to the review! The shipping is free after $50 purchase which I would prefer because shipping is around $8 I think and I think it's kinda pricey if my purchase is gonna be $30 already and after tax and shipping it'd be about $40 so I might as well pay the extra $10 and get more things right?! IDK, my philosophy haha :D

So I received my package on Monday and didn't get to open the products until Wednesday night because I was busy at work. I checked the package to see if I got everything though and everything was there so I was like cool and just left it in my room and went to work. So I opened all the products and swatched them and of course the liquid liner I'm gonna swatch last because I mean it's an eyeliner?! What else is it gonna look like lol. But yeah, it was dried out and I was waiting for it to flow through but it never did so I waited to swatch it in fives minutes or so. Still didn't work so I closely examined it! It was CRACKED on the bottom so it must've done something to it!

Customer Service - I emailed them around 2am I guess I would say thursday morning and didn't get a response until around 4pm on thursday. It felt like it took a while because too faced email me back already (I contacted them both at the same time) but I guess honestly it didn't take long because it wasn't even more than a day. I told them my situation and they said they've never heard of this happening before but they didn't ask any questions and asked for my address to send out a replacement. I was like wow no questions asked? I thought they were lying just to shut me up so I waited for my replacement to come before I posted about it. It came in about 2-3 business days so pretty quick! ^_^
Shipping - It comes in a reasonable box that fits everything really well! My items came in bubble wrap so if you're ordering powder products they don't break on the way. I think the shipping is pretty pricey if you're just buying a few things but they offer free shipping on purchases $50 and over. Took a reasonable amount of time to come so I'm not complaining.
Free Gifts - LORAC doesn't offer any kind of free gifts so that's kinda a bummer but they have some pretty nice sets that change pretty often for a reasonable price so you get a lot of things.

I will definitely order from them again especially their special sets that they have! ^_^ I really love the quality of the products and they are definitely worth the money.


So here's everything I got:
  • Showstopper Palette ($17.50)
  • Cheek stamp in Hibiscus ($4.99)
  • Matte lipstick in imagine ($4.99)
  • Cream lipstick in Premiere ($4.99)
  • Front of the line liquid eyeliner in black ($20 -- now on sale for $10! #$@!%)
So the expensivest thing I bought was damage! If it were a lipstick, I probably wouldn't have contacted for a replacement lol but since it cost a lot I did!
The showstopper palette! I like the colors, it's neutral and they have a navy shade in there plus a blush ^_^ I really like the packaging because it's super sparkley, like a fancy shamncy dress or something :D Comes in a bag thing like high end brands like dior, but my double book palette didn't come it a bag, it came in a biggo box thing lol!
Cheek stamp! Cool concept, but you still need to blend out the edges so I just stamp it on and then go over with a brush to "perfect" it. It's great to put on the right amount so you don't over apply. FYI, it's really small though! But then again, it fits perfectly on the apples of your cheeks ^_^
The lipsticks are really pigmented! I'm not sure which is which on here though lol, but my favorite is premiere and I'm gonna guess it's the one on the right HA! Packaging is lightweight though, feels kinda cheap but not really?
And the crappy liner... ahh look at the tip of the pen! It's like gray.. the replacement I got is saturated and flows right on contact with your skin. Not like the revlon colorstay pen or the MAC penultimate I have. I think I'm gonna buy a few to stock up on lol! It actually stays on all day including my inner corner of my eyes which usually fades away by the end of my work day ^_^
See the crack?!!? OMG.. I didn't even notice it until I had to closely examine what could have caused it to dry out.. SEE THAT LORAC COSMETICS! I DIDN'T LIE ABOUT MY DAMAGED LINER!! But the weird thing was, the box was sealed and it's one of those boxes that if someones open it you'll know. LIKE.. you gotta break the seal!

OKAY, so tomorrow I'll try to catch up on blogs. I feel so out of the loop and I feel like a bitch for not reading your posts! LOL.. Linda & I have planned me on going to a no buy sometime soon. So my birthday is MARCH 22 (mark your calenders!) and I like to spoil myself for my birthday so I'm planning maybe in april? But my anniversary is on April 13 and then my mother's birthday is May 28 and then there's mother's day.. and then we're going to have secret angel thing in the summer.. So then we realized that a no buy isn't going to work! Instead, I am going to set a $50 limit to spend on whatever I want each week and then the rest I am going to save for a special occasion (like roadtrip, or maybe car failure?!) and for school I guess -___-".. yeah, so that's the plan! I am not looking forward to it, so I'm trying to get my spending out of the way before I start this I guess after my birthday?! I'll probably do it until middle of the summer or maybe at the end of summer (because all the good mac collections comes out during the fall/winter in my opinion, haha!).. WISH ME LUCK EVERYONE!!



  1. i bank with BOA as for debit! i have 6 credit cards. one with WAMU and 1 with chase but then WAMU died so now technically i got 2 with chase.

    the only bank i have debit and saving with is boa because i think they are they safest and most strict. you know, when i had debit acct with WAMU, my acct money was stolen TWICE! each time $700! I was so mad! but seriously, for me BOA works and im keeping it!

    that showstopper palette is definitely a SHOWSTOPPER! can i see swatches?! :D

    im sorry that the eyeliner cracked tho :(

  2. awww the palette looks so pretty!
    woaa 50 bucks for makeup per week is too much for me

  3. I never even heard of them... or I don't think I have. lol. So are they giving you a replacement for it!? =O Someone probably of used it or something and then return that shit to them. tsk tsk tsk!

    By the way, I'm banking with Bank of America. I think you should open a bank account with them and make your boo open one and you're a "recruiter" so you'll get some bucks. lol. or say I did? c[= I actually think they're pretty safe, plus, student banks are pretty good. It was $50 when my hunnie signed up (before I met him) and then it was I think $20 or $10 so I don't know about now. haha.

    You're going to send out some love package for moi? =]

  4. So I don't know how I miss out on the last paragraph but... I re-read it... and WHAT!? I thought we had it clear that after you get your hot plate or whatever.... you're going to start the $50 and whatever you don't use go to the next week like rollover minutes, instead it's rollover money! *gasp*

  5. HI LINDA!!! :D

    I have Bank of America, but they kind of suck! I wanted to switch to Chase, but there is not one close to where I live. The closest one is all the way across town! So I put up with it.

    I love your makeup haul! I bought some items too, but only 1 item shipped in, and it didn't even ship in! The mailman dropped off my mail at my neighbor's house! And I kept wondering what happened to my mail today!!! GRRRRR!!!

    Please do a look with the eyeshadow palette?? I want to see what it looks like! :D

  6. I've heard good things lately about Lorac cosmetics especiallly the one you got Linds the Lorac Cheek Stamp.

    The palette is soooo pretty yay. By the way, I have a package notice from the post office, I think this is the one from you yay!!! I'M SOOOO EXCITED ahaha, I'll be getting it tomorrow yey !!!

    It's sad hearing you stressed out, despite the stress don't forget to smile, frowning causes wrinkles nyahaha. Take care girl ^_^

    I myself am busy the past few days, I'm tutoring my son non-stop, it's his periodical exams hehe. ;)

  7. i was always interested in the cheek stamp, look so convenient! but kinda defeats the purpose if i still need to blend the edges. can't believe there is a crack in the liner!!

  8. Ooooh loving your haul girl!
    I never tried Lorac, just eyed it a few times. lol

    I want to see swatches of the lipsticks please!

  9. Nice Haul! The ShowStopper palette is very pretty.

    I bank with Chase, And I have never had any problems with them...


  10. Wow! What a haul! :-) And I'm not really in to a lot of Lorac products, but I did like their eye shadows; it's really pigmented.

  11. i started school yesterday too and it really is exhausting. we'll get back into it though.

    nooo BOA!! they charge too many sneaky fees. i have accounts with coppermark and chase...plan to close my boa soon : )

    i hate paying for shipping, too! if the price will be around the same, i will always go for the free ship/more items. i've never tried lorac, but this is a great review. i always wonder how peoples' shopping experiences go. cuz i had trouble with NYX customer service : /

    ooo a no buy? i've done that before (lent) maybe i will do it too again? good luck and i'm "stalking" you now : P

  12. great haul! I am very new to Lorac stuff, never really used or own any of their items before! The cheek stamp sounds interesting, wouldn't it be cool if they actually had a patter on it and you can stamp like hearts and stars on your cheeks? haha ok maybe not!

  13. You remind me of my school days Linda! I barely slept (okay, well 5-6 hours/night is not much for me) and was in a constant state of being tired :( But hang in there girl!
    I like Lorac too but you're right -they are pricey. I only have their glam rocks eye shadow which I love. They're really good quality and I love your showstopper palette :)

  14. that sucks that you bought something then it goes on sale, thats why I try to hold out for sales if they have it, but then sometimes the thing I want they run out of. booo! Have fun meeting up with the bank and opening accounts, I only have 1 credit card, I figured, it limits how much I spend, hahaha! Hopefully you get it replaced!

  15. WOw I'm surprised they sent you a new one so fast! :D How awesome, and no questions either :)

    I've never tried lorac and am trying to resist trying them too. LOL I don't wanna spend more money then I already do XD haha

  16. thanks for the review! i love great deals also, esp. after working for wholesale i know how things get profitted by 100% markups or more. i'm glad they sent you a new one. love the blog! -leslie

  17. i love lorac palettes but i never get them because they are expensive. pretty colors though!! that sucks about the eyeliner, but atleast they sent a new one fast with no questions asked!

    ahh i need to limit myself but it is so hard. i work in retail so basically my paycheck goes back to them, lol.

  18. This looks good, I haven't tried Lorac yet. (I'm mostly a MAC girl at the moment) Are their products comparable?


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