06 January 2010


Rai wanted to to hurry up and post my CVS haul that I got yesterday because of her post here. But I was planning to post my MAC stuff I got last week today so I just made a video for her :)

Here's my MAC stuff I got last week when the Warm & Cozy Collection debuted ^_^
I got...
  • Feelin` Good Tinted Lip Conditioner
  • 2N Lipglass
  • Feeling Dreamy Lipglass
  • Warm It Up Lipstick
  • Feline Kohl Power (from the Love Lace Collection)
I realize that the two lipglasses are almost the same exact color but I know that already but I still got it :P I also wanted to get 3N lipglass because it looked okay on, but then I realized I really won't use it too often so I backed out. The other TLC (Close for Comfort) I was gonna get too but I remembered how often I used the HK Popster (before it melted) and that it wouldn't be too often that I'd run out so I just stuck with one. I should've left Feeling Dreamy at the store but it was too pretty at the time to leave behind -___-"

This MAC Haul is from the Baroque Boudoir Collection that has been sold out online & everywhere else! :) I'm so glad that I found these lippies (a couple of days before christmass too I might add) at the MAC store at Parks Mall! ^_^ Thanks Steph (from Julu Jewelry for the heads up!) I was sooo lucky to get these two things and happy that I called ahead because the lipstick was the LAST ONE! I would've been bummed if I got up there and they said "I just sold the last one an hour ago".. =___=
Doesn't the packaging look so luxurious?!?! I love how it stands out with all my other MAC packaging/boxes :P
I got...
  • D'Nouveau Lipglass
  • Treasured Lipstick
I got the darkest lipglass because from all the swatches I saw, they were all too sheer! Hopefully this will just give me a nice pink tint to my lips ^_^ And I was debating between Prive and Treasured Lipstick but since they were sold out of the pink one it was easier to make a decision :D

Okay, enough makeup talk, well actually there's a whole video on it now hahaha! :) This one is for Rai! ^_^ I'm feeling lazier and lazier to take pictures of my hauls but I really don't want to broadcast myself on youtube?!?! What should I do???

Any questions, let me know! Should I continue to make stupid videos or should I just keep it as pictures? LOL.. I hate my webcam! Does photobooth do this to anyone else or am I just the only one?!?! If I am the only one, I am going to apple and making them fix it!

Don't worry, I didn't forget your awards.... because I wrote them all down on my planner! xD Now the question is, how to put them up all at once?!?! Oh well, I'm lucky most of them are simple :D



  1. I love your haul! I'm really debating on getting that 2n lipglass because it's so pretty.
    Warm Up looks similar to NYX Thalia lipstick...I believe it was.

    A video for me. I FEEL SO SPECIAL! lol I use the HIP Paint as a base.
    And are you taking that gloss back?! LOL!

    You should do videos and photos. :)

    AND OMG! I'm over the cold down here as well. SPRING COME QUICK! haha

  2. nice haul! i haven't had a chance to drop by my local cvs yet but i think by the time i do everything will already be gone!

    mac has so many good stuff out right now i can't decide which collection to hit first! i really want mac lillyland and all races, and also warm and cozy and probably love lace too aaaaaaahhh! my wallet is crying :)

    you should do more videos!! i wish i can do some but my webcam sucks balllllllz

  3. awww the temptation is too strong...I must contain myself and not go to mac or cvs Im gonna try and be a good girl..

  4. Whoah I love your HAULS Linds ^_^ The Feelin' Good Tinted Lip Conditioner looks really pretty. And I like the Youtube Videos of your hauls yay!! We get to hear your really nice voice, I like it ^_^

    Maybe next time, we get to see how you did your EOTD's in videos??? ahaha ;)

  5. Cute haul! Love the new goods.

  6. omg i cant wait to go see stuff at the mac counter. imma go nuts!

    and keep making videos!

  7. Girl, you look sooo pretty in the video. Its always cool to see fellow bloggers in a video :) I think you should continue doing more videos.

    geezzz what a nice deal!i hate u!u have cvs,rite aird,walgreens etc etc.lol
    1 dollar stuff huh?hehe

  9. very nice haul! i'm broke at the moment i can't walk by mac or i'd do some major damage on credit card :(

    for the moment, i think i'll be happy with just looking at your haul and touching the photos through the screen... :P LOL

  10. the packaging is great on those for sure! And $1.30 for stuff that's cheap! What software do you use for editing those captions on your videos btw? And did you end up getting those teddy bear brushes at 30% off?

  11. LOL omigosh linda i love the colors you got! ummm but i cant wait for summer either! gosh i hate the cold weather...


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