14 January 2010


OMG.. I am a terrible person! I've been online shopping so much more than I've been actually in the stores shopping! :( Today's edition is the sephora haul... I took advantage of their under $10 steals and I thought I should get my dior mascara set at the same time! Plus, they had a online VIB nail polish thingy I wanted to claim ^_^

I'm just trying to get all my hauls posted up and then I'll start to post reviews and swatches of things.. in about two weeks! :) I have so many hauls laying around my room from the past month and haven't had a chance to post them up so it's not ALL from one week! :X


Website Review: Sephora has yet to mess up my order and I am very glad. It usually takes about a week for me to receive my order which isn't bad. If I get regular ground shipping it takes about 7 days. If I upgrade my shipping (it's only $3 extra after you qualify for free ground shipping) and it takes about 5 days to arrive at my house. I always receive an order confirmation within 5 minutes of placing my order and there's also a shipment confirmation the day they send it out.

They always ship using UPS and I know that it's limited to different countries they send to so if you have a sephora in your country then I'm sure you can order online. I'm not familiar with international shipping and communication because I am located in the US.

Customer Service - I got a "recycled" tracking number from UPS on my most recent order and I freaked out because it says that it's been delivered already to Plano (which is a surrounding city to me) and that it was signed by "LINDA".. so of course I was like I was never in Plano and I never signed for anything?!?! I immediately called them and they told me that it should update the information later. They were real nice and very helpful and I wasn't on hold for a long time, although I called in the morning so maybe it wasn't too busy since everyone's working.
Shipping - Everything is nicely package in a pretty big box depending on what you get. Even if you don't order big things I would still say the box is huge. They fill it up with tissue paper -- tons of it -- so that your powder products don't get broken on the way. The box on the outside has the sephora logo on it so no need to look at where it got shipped from. :) Also they do free returns! Each order comes with a return sticker in case you want to return something, you just have to drop it off at UPS or I think you can schedule UPS to pick it up from your house?
Free gifts - Sephora always gives complimentary samples with every purchase. The supply changes a lot and you get to pick 3 that you want to try out. The "supply" is always viewable before you even order anything and there's a link to it on the home page. When the sample is out of stock they'll throw in a different sample for you. I was kinda mad when I ordered from the F&F sale and got something else instead of what I originally wanted, but hey you can't get upset because it's complimentary -- it's not like I paid for it. If you're a beauty insider, every 100 points (or I guess $100 you spend) you get a free deluxe sample. You can either choose a sample or you can save it for next time. If you save up to 500 points, you should be a VIB insider and then you can choose from a "full size" gift. The selection changes but not too often so you'll have "time" to save for it.

Overall, I will continue to keep purchasing from sephora for probably the rest of my life! Everything isn't available at my sephora (such as illamasqua, givenchy, guerlain) so it's nice to be able to order it online instead of driving 30 minutes out to another one that may have it.


Okay so here's all I got:
  • Benefit to go beauty bestsellers ($10)
  • NARS duo concealer in custard/ginger ($10)
  • Bliss vanilla + bergamot body butter ($4)
  • Dior diorshow lash essentials set ($29)
  • Sephora by OPI 500-point gift (FREE, but I guess it costs 500 points)
  • Fekkai shampoo/conditioner sample, striVectin sample, philosophy unconditional love sample (FREE)
These are nice samples to try out :) I think the high beam and posie tint will last a little while because you don't need much when you use it. I'm not so sure about the some kinda gorgeous or that gal brightening primer because I haven't tried it yet though.
The NARS concealer matches my skin perfectly! ^_^ It was on my wishlist too and I'm so glad they had my shade on sale for only $10! That's definitely a steal :D You can already see my finger marks in it already LOL..
This is great to throw in your purse! It's super portable :) The scent of it I'm unsure of.. it smells good but I guess I'm not too fond of the bergamot scent?! It's really thick and hydrating though ^_^
I was excited to see another kit for my dear iconic mascara.. I love this mascara because I don't have to work with it! :D But priced at $27 a tube really scared me away and now I'm currently in the search for a more affordable holy grail.
yup.. I had to snag it! I'm gonna wait to use it though.. like until my other ones run out :)
my free gift! :X I haven't had a chance to paint my nails yet but I know I would like this more than the kat von d one they have in stores! A lot of people said that the shadows were chalky so I was glad I didn't waste my points on them ^_^
My free samples! ^_^ I have ALWAYS been interested in the fekkai shampoos! I wonder if they're really good as the hype.. I know bed head liters are on sale right now for $9.99 so I'm gonna stock up on those next week and hopefully will start a 2 week no makeup buy -___-" I already stocked up on my skincare already last week because my face wash is almost gone so I think I am okay in that department too! :D

Swatches and review will follow. I've already reviewed the mascara so you can check that out here!

Also, here's a video of all the things I got from CARGO because sephora is kicking them to the curb! Everything is 50% off so I would suggest going to check out their selection! ^_^ I went back today and pretty much everything is sold out -- including their foundation! Sucks I couldn't get more things today but whateverrr :P

Until tomorrow (no seriously, I'm trying to get all my haul posts posted this week LOL) my lovely ladiesss!



  1. benefit!!!! you know, "that gal" primer is the first product from benefit that i ever got but i thought it didnt do much but it smells nice. i was eyeing on that set but decided not to buy it and save money BUT i wanted to try the "some kind of gorgeous" one!!

    i thought about buying the nars concealer too! $10, who wont want it you know?!

    man, im so jealous that you get to haul a lot, i want to too :( but im saving for apple laptop, sigh.

  2. yay!!for those $10 deals...and I checked out sephora's cargo sale yesterday....and everything I want are all sold out.....:(

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.....


  3. I like the Cargo Lipgloss that you picked out . I made a sephora order a few days ago, but only for the bluray powder, I might have to make another one for the glosses. Great Vid!

  4. Omg, I love Sephora. If everything wasn't so expensive! I think it would be great if they had more big sales. It's great that you got a lot of cargo items on sale!

    BTW, I watched the video of you when it first came out, like during this afternoon! Haha, I was bored and I was on youtube, and I was like, hmmm... who can i watch? :)

  5. You lucky girl you are always hauling!!! You should do a review on that Dior mascara! I am always up for trying out new ones! <3

  6. that's a good point about returning it by ups. I usually slap the label on there and drop it at my P.O. Oops. well, it always makes it to back sephora alright. gotta thank the workers!
    hmm, that nars is only $10? I should've put that in my order. i'm looking for something that doesn't cake in my under-eye lines.

    I ended up getting the cargo blu-ray in #20 (wasn't sure about the shade) and the hd belize lipgloss. JEALOUS you got the blush! all of them, lol.

    I almost got the glosses in luxor and alexandrite. I thought the classics were too sheer. laredo looks purdy too but I'm trying to save!

    the jcp ones don't have them on sale. they are gonna stay full price. boo!

  7. oh my god honey i am drooling over your haul! you got so much stuff! i can't wait to see how you go with all the products! :D

  8. I can't even buy any Cargo because for some damn reason it's not 50% Off at Sephora in JCP. How dumb is that?!!!

    CVS has high-end beauty products (Beauty 360) and it's still the normal prices.

  9. Holy woman, so many hails! Lol, but you got some pretty good deals so I don't blame you!

    My friend from work got me the Dior Blackout Mascara for our secret santa thing, and I exchanged it for something else because I didn't want to fall in love with it and not use anything else, haha. It is expensive for like $30 a tube!

  10. Whoah you're haulin' again ahaha, but I love it ;). The $ 10 deals are awesome, wish it's like that here in Manila. Lovely products you got , will be looking forward on the swatches. I love the videos, you'll be a pro in no time ahaha ^_^

  11. That bitch Linda was me. LOL. Just playing!!! haha. Cargo going to be a drugstore brand? Nice haul......... another haul. lol. I guess it's okay since you're saving some bucks.... each and every single month. lol. How are the Cargo lipsticks? I'm interested =]

  12. Cute haul!!! Love the new goods!

  13. Wow you got a bunch of great items for $10!! The nail polish colours look really nice!! Can't wait for your other haul posts. =)
    You're lucky you've experienced good customer service with Sephora. I've been having problems with Coastal Scents and now I don't think I'll ever purchase from them again. =(

  14. Nice Stuff! I would love to see the Nail polishes on you!

    Great Deal on the Benefit Concealer! but That's Some Expensive Tube of Mascara lol o_O


  15. Hey I nom'd you for a Blog Award. Visit http://ksdkemp-houseofkrystia.blogspot.com/ for info.

  16. your blog makes me wanna cry cuz i want all the stuff you get LOL

  17. i also took advantage of the Sephora sale and bought the same Benefit kit you got! i love the mini samples.. so cute :D i wanted the Nars concealer too but they were sold out before i could get my hands on them :( oh well! nice haul girl :D xx

  18. Love your choice of makeup purchases. Benefit has been more a miss than a hit for me so I kinda avoid it. I hope you like the kit though. I found the Some Kinda Gorgeous rubbed off my skin too easily even though the colour is nice and it feels alright :\
    Oh I love Bliss creams -they are sooo moisturizing! But darn it, I didn't pay $4 for mine LOL
    I've bought the Dior Show mascara like 4 times and I haven't repeated it. I thought I would love it but I still went back to my L'oreal mascaras.
    I'd go for the OPI nail polishes too over the Kat Von D eye shadows too!

  19. love your haul! i wish i lived near a sephora! i dont even think there is one in uk..? you got such good deals there though. cute benefit set and nars concealer for $10! what a bargain~~ i've still to try diors mascaras.. need to save for now though~__~


  20. great haul! Let me know how you like the Benefit set. I've been tempted to pick it up not not sure how the products are.


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