11 November 2009


This is what I was for halloween :D It's pretty late posting this since it's mid november now haha!

Me & the boyfriendd was dressed up as A Nightmare Before Christmas! :) His lipstick rubbed off after his first sip of beer! GRR.. whatever!

I didn't even spend more than 10 minutes on my makeup since I was trying to make people look dead.. ha! OH and we were late to the party since my boyfriend was going to DJ but it's okay they had a laptop going with music :P

The dogggy <3!! He's sooooo adorable :) He's dressed up as a police officer ^_^

My brother in law, he's dressed up as a dead jailbird :P Jack is like "WHO ARE YOU!! AND WHERE'S MY POPPA!" hahaha :)

It's funny because they're sitting almost the exact same way o_O! They're a bunch of weirdossss! I didn't get to take a picture with my sister on my camera though so I'm kinda bummed :(

Here's during the party.. my face is coming off! And my boyfriend smeared he eyeliner on his face since he got frustrated at the equipment malfunctioning.. No one noticed though so it's okay :D

A lot of people came up to us to take pictures! I guess we were that unique looking xD

I never realized, but we're like midgets in the real world! He's about 5'5-5'6 and I'm about 5'3-5'4.. I mean I'm pretty tall for an asian girl, but I don't compare to the rest of the American girls! LOL.. I better stock up on some heels ^_^

I have pictures planned to post up tomorrow already :) I'm just trying to get out the things I really need to post before it feels like wayyy too late! lol

Going to do some chemistry homework and hopefully I'll be able to read some blogs tonight if it's not too late! :D



  1. creative indeed!n i bet the doggy was shocked n scared of ur bro in law!hahaha..

  2. You're always doing Chemistry homework or studying for Chemistry. HAHA. Do you slack off in school or something!? tsk tsk.

    Great costumes =] I don't think anyone went all out like you did... plus you're not dressing up as a slut so that's rare. LOL. I don't think a dead person smile... hmmm, you must be up to something! lol. j/k hehe.

    My hunnie is the same height as your boyfriend! You're one inch taller than me though..

  3. You guys look so cute! I really love your makeup. I was a greek goddess and my hubby was a prisoner. My Husband never was to dress up with me =(

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  4. Love it! Makeup & costume looks great!

  5. haha you look great! good job esp. since you didn't spend much time on it! love officer doggie too, so cute! ;P

  6. great costume!! you guys look adorable together

    my bf wanted me to be an orange since he was a banana but i didn't want to lol

  7. You both look great. So cute. We're lucky to have bfs who are willing to dress up!! heheh xx Livia


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