19 November 2009


Added a few things to my blog sale! Check it out here :)
(YSL, DIOR, and some CHI products)

Here's my promised other haul! I still have a few more, but I'm just not in the mood to go find them and take pictures right now :(

I got all the pigment sets and only one lipgloss set this year ^_^ Actually, that's more than last year but it's okay, they'll last me a lifetime :)

These would make a great gift if you have a makeup loving friend! :D I'd suggest the lipglosses because those seem the most easiest to use.

Sexpot Smokey Mini Pigment/Glitter set (Smokey)
$32.50, BUY HERE

I can't wait to do a look with these! ^_^ I think sunnydaze and naked is my favorite from the bottle!

Cool Capers Mini Pigment/Glitter set (Cool)
$32.50, BUY HERE

Look at the teal reflects..! I can't wait to slap that on my eyes! I can't get them to really adhere on my lids though, any suggestions?

Haute High Jinks Mini Pigment/Glitter set (Warm)
$32.50, BUY HERE

I really wanted jardin aires whenever the fafi(?) collection came out, but I knew I had NO funding to buy anything! I like this warm set better than last years though. Last year had good colors, but they all almost looked the same!

Sexy Shenanigans Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass set (Soft)
$29.50, BUY HERE

I love these colors! I'm a SUCKER for light pinks :) I think the most versatile lipgloss set was the frisky business (bright) one since it had a range of colors from soft to bright to a little deep ^_^


I'm a little sad today :( Well, it started yesterday.. my boyfriend and I "separated". I don't want to say broke up because I don't think we're at that exact stage yet, but he did take all of his things and left :/? (he lived with me) So I don't know what's going to happen for sure yet.. It was all over something stupid too which is what frustrates me!!! We haven't had a fight this serious since we've been together.. we've had other fights similar, but it has never gone this far before :( Don't know what's gonna happen for sure yet but I've been moping around all day doing nothing. I was trying to take pictures of all the stuff I got but I just lost interest in trying to do so, so I'll have to finish that another day. *sigh* wish me luck girls! We've been together for almost 4 years (4 in april) so I know I'd be super sad without him.

Thank you for listening! Thank you for following! And I'll have something small planned for the end of the year to celebrate my (active) blogging! It probably won't be finished until after christmas though since this time of the year is hectic :P



  1. great haul!!! i've been eye-ing mac holiday stuff forever but haven't gotten any yet

    i really want the eye bag and some pigment sets (although i suck at using pigments), but they are all so pretty!

  2. awwwww sorry to hear about the situation with the bf :( hopefully the fight is temperary if it's over something small. but if you two can't work out the root cause then perhaps it's better to take a break? Either way whatever happens (with him or not) it will work itself out. You're such a catch he's gotta be crazy not to at least try to work it out with you! :)

  3. Nice haul! I totally I want that Lip Set after debating over & over again.

    Awwww, that sucks about you & your boyfriend. That's how I feel with my ex, we're "seperated" because we still talk. This was a sucky year for us. :/

  4. Ooo such pretty pigments! I've never tried using any before >< Awhh and sorry to hear about you two :( I'm having probs also *sigh* but I hope things work out for you! *hugs*

  5. oooooooooooo. I see some pink and glittery products! mwahahahaha. the power of sparkle! =D I'm like a little girl -___- lol.

    something after Christmas? I hope I have internet connect by then. I'm going back to my beautiful hometown until the 9th of January. lol.

    Sorry to hear about the situation of BF =[ I hope it gets resolve soon. I'm sure you two are not "separated." Maybe he's just mad at something? Try to call him in two days or so to see whats up. It better not be a break up! 4 years is just too long to let it all go away like that, especially over something stupid! Don't worry, you have me to talk to =] I don't live with my hunnie though =[ I wish I was, it would be a great situation for me. I think I'll feel more loved that way. He'll come back soon! Try talking to him. I don't want to see you all sad!

    Lindah, can I have your aim sn? I want to chat! I'm bored in school and class is about to start soon. lol.
    my aim: x0ladiihoneyx0 (just copy and paste exactly of what it is if you use aim), hehe? I'll cheer you up, babe!

  6. oh man, im so sorry to hear about your bf. I hope the separation is temporary and Im pretty sure you guys just need time and space. It does help.

    Stay strong gorgeous!

  7. oh.. sad to hear about you bf. :( hope everything will be fine though.

    anyway, what a nice haul! the hot pink pigment on the 2nd photo, i likey. looks really pretty. can't wait for your looks using them.

  8. OMG I LOVE THE HAULS HUN!!! You make me want to shop for more make-up just when i thought I'd give it a rest...

    I'm sorry about your situation. It happens to all of us and maybe it might be healthy for the both of you. Maybe to have some time for yourselves... Go have fun with your girlies! Get pampered! Shop... But of course it's always good to assure him that you still love and care for him. You don't want him to think you are all of sudden happy and better off... You just need some alone time for yourself.. Take care honey and remember you are FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! He'd be a fool to let such sweet,caring and beautiful girl go....

  9. i really want the cool capers pigments! nice haul btw lol!

    & kind of the same thing happened to me on monday, we're on a 'break'. but he doesn't live with me so i can't imagine how you feel. aw lindah!!! keep your head up sweetie!!!

  10. hi sweetie!
    I wish you the best and I hope all works out. 4 years is a long time, but I think a little space temporary is fine, hun. Don't over think and all will go well. =)

  11. aww be strong hun !hope everythings gonna be okay.:)
    checking ur blogsale

  12. great haul!

    i'm so sorry about your bf situation. i hope everything works out!

  13. Awww honey I'm so sad to hear about your separation...don't worry, be patient, if it was over something stupid, than you'll probably find a solution.
    I love the pigment sets, they're stunning! Though it's too expensive for me to get one...if I could, I'd get the Sexpot piggies and the Sexy Shenanigans l/g. Thanks for sharing!


  15. Great haul Linda! I got the same eye sets as you did and I love the mini pigments and glitter! And I settled for the sexy shananigans Holiday MAC lip set which I love as well - I know what you mean about taking pictures of items you buy - I feel so tired to do it most of the time!
    I'm sorry to hear about your situation with your boyfriend. See how you both feel after a few days - it gets pretty emotional right away, but after a few days I think you'll both see things more clearly and I hope the outcome is what will be best for you :)

  16. Jealous of the pigmnts, they all look so pretty! have you tried using it with a mixing medium to make it stick more?

    Aww I hope everthing turns out okay for you guys, maybe he just needs time to think and calm down :)

  17. haha hunney i can only get what i can get from ASOS !lol
    im curious what u were looking for !hehe

  18. i'm so sorry to hear about your situation with your bf hun, but chin up! boys will be boys, i bet he's just mad because of the silly fight?

    i hope you are feeling better and thank you so much for sharing your photos of your haul :)

  19. Great post, and great blog ^___^

    To make pigments stay all day I aply a generous amount of eye cream on my lids and soak the brush with it before dipping it on the pigment, you can also make a mixing medum with 1 spoon of glycerin and 3 spoons of water ;)


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