09 November 2009


Hellooooo! Hope you read my LAST POST. If not, check it out here: *CLICK*

I got tagged by Linda (xoladiihoneyxo) for the color tag.

So the person tagging picks out a color and you go find 7 things that you have that is that color :) Linda picked out RED so I had to go find something red to take pictures of..

I didn't realize that I didn't have many red things! I went through my room and found tons of PINK stuff! hahaha xD

1. Clown nose.

I got this at the film festival I went to in Austin. They were handing it out to promote their movie they made. It was crazy, people walking around dressed like clowns! Oh what people do to promote!

2. Mushroom Massager

Also got this when I was in Austin but I bought it at Waterloo for my boyfriend since his back always hurts. We have YET to use it lol, but I thought it was so cute :)

3. Vans Flats

I got these at the Vans outlet at Grapevine Mills. They are originally $40 but I got mine for $15 :D Hehe! I love themmmmm..

4. iPhone case

Red juicy couture case for my iPhone :D Originally saw one on eki's phone so I asked where she got it and got me one too ^_^ I don't know why I put on the red one, but I like it :)

5. Lip Products

My red lipstick and red dazzleglass :D I love wearing red lipstick, but I can't really eat anything since it might smear.. LOL! x)

6. Benihana Photo

Complimentary of Benihana on my birthday! I also got a free ice cream roll :) I might have been 16 or 17. I don't remember since I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years!

7. Headband

This has already appeared on my blog, but here it is again! My last thing that was visible to me that was red :) It's really comfy and it's a headband I've worn more than 3 times ^_^

I tag:

I choose TEAL... haha! That will probably be super hard :) Well, we all know what teal looks like, I'm not sure if this font color is very accurate ^_^

I hope you enjoyed my quick update! :D And don't forget to check out my last post! It's SUPER important for us bloggers!



  1. mushroom massager eh? what kind of massager is it? haha j/k!

  2. thanks for tagging ! everyone has done many colors of this but i havent got any !haha
    the clown nose is too cute,what a way to promote their movie huh?hehe
    omg the lippie is so sexy !hehe
    didnt know ur trip to laos was that awful.i thought exploring would be fun !hehe
    u shud stop by jakarta !loll

  3. damn woman. I knew red was going to be a little bit tough but TEAL!? Are you crazy!?!? lol. good luck to those people! haha. I don't think the color matches very well; teal is a tad darker than that but I guess something close to it, counts.... at least you should take it and not be all tough woman on them. LOL. At first, I thought of the color pink, blue, or green but then I thought about red so ha! At least you found some stuff. If anything, you could of cheated with markers and ribbons. AHAHA!

  4. loveeeee your iphone case.

  5. yes you're right, it is about $20^^
    thanks you for the compliment, i'm realy touched :)
    yes all the jewelry are made by myself^^
    have a lovely day :)

  6. cute mushroom. she tagged me too, i gotta get working on that.

  7. Yikes teal...that's a tough one! LOL.
    Your mushroom massager looks cool - wonder how it works :)
    I know what you mean about red lipstick - I don't even have to eat anything and it smears somehow! LOL.

  8. lol @ picking teal! I have a teal top and that's about it. OMG! I've been meaning to post this tag like weeks ago... I've been tagged 3 times... now 4! haha

  9. Thanks for the tag! Now I gotta google what teal is, cause I'm not a 100% sure what it is (haha :$) I don't think I have a lot, we'll see!


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