01 September 2009


Hey girls! Just a heads up, Cosmedicine is on sale at Haute Look! :)

Click here to check it out ^_^

Or click here to get an invite :D

Whitney from Whitz World of Makeup & Beauty has reviewed most of the items on there. Check it out here!

It ends around September 2nd a little after midnight, or if you see it as ending EARLY September 3rd.

Some pretty good prices going on :) I'm gonna have to buy some things whenever I get back home! Off to run some errands now ^_^


  1. I love their cosmedi-matte stuff, it really keeps my oil face under control hehe..thnx for the heads up!

  2. i LOOOOOVE cosmedicines tinted mouisturizer for oily skin control WWWOOOO!!!! im going to look into this

  3. hahaha..girl you are too funny..it didnt take me that long. I only had 45 minutes. usually it takes me almost an hour but i kind rush myself today. I hate it when I rush myself. Most day I go to school looking like a bum too. Haha. I only put on makeup if I have at least 30 minutes..so today was one of those days where i had extra time..

  4. man my bf hasnt boght me shit in awhile... ima yell at him lol

  5. LOL... ya I usually do the same as far as shoes go... but when I saw these... I absolutely needed them... lol.. ya. :) Lets hope they don't slouch or anything like that!


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