03 September 2009


Hey ladies! Sorry, I feel like I'm advertising spamming BUT I found another good steal :D

I've been wanting to try out rock&republic makeup for so long and I think this is the time ^_^

Everything is pretty much about 40% off which is a GOOD price compared to their normal prices!

I was too late on buying the cosmedicine when I got home because I went to watch inglorious basterds (which was pretty good in my opinion) and then I forgot I had to take a quiz for class. We were suppose to submit it before 11:55pm yesterday and it took me like 45minutes to take it and it turns out that that website doesn't like mac's so I lost all of my information! :(

You can view the sale at: *CLICK*

Or get invited by me at: *CLICK*

The prices are almost the same as MAC after the sale so I don't think that's bad at all! Their packaging is so pretty from what I've seen on Whitz blog. She reviews some of the "underdog" brands :D It's worth trying out right now! :)

Here's what I'm going to get to try out ^_^ ... and this is my list to remind me later :D
- Alpha Blonde Lipgloss
- Vacant Lipgloss
- Smut Gel Liner
- Spank Pressed Blush

I just gotta get home to a secure connection before I purchase :)

BTW, I've got a huge clothing haul post coming soon because I've been going to forever 21 like crazy lately! I love their prices! And I've got some faux LEATHER pants that I've been looking for, for like EVER! :D


  1. thanks for the heads up!!

    this is so tempting but i'm suppose to take it easy on the shopping for awhile.. .*sigh*

    i love forever21, they always got cute stuff for a great price... i've been buying so much make up stuff lately that i'm neglecting clothes, shoes, and accessories!! i like.. have no new clothes for fall *so sad*

  2. Those prices do look pretty good. I've never really read any reviews about Rock & Republic makeup and don't hear much about it so I'm gonna have to check some out.

  3. forever21 is like the best !hehehe
    aww rock n republic?gonna check them out !:)

  4. Wow very nice sale ^_^ Soooo excited with the updates on your upcoming posts, keep it up girl ^_^

  5. of coursse they would !just convo the sellers !hehehe
    oooh i love etsy !:)


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