26 August 2009


Here's a quick look I did for shar's arabic contest! I know I didn't follow the rules but I don't really care about entering to win.. haha :) I just wanted to do it since she was having a contest! ^_^


Create an Arabic Style Inspired Makeup. From what I noticed, when I google 'Arabic Style Makeup', They usually have flawless, porcelain-like skin, and really bright colors on the eyes yet it still looks smokey because of the heavy eyeliner on both the lashline and lower lashline.

Rules & Requirements:
·First of all you must be a member of blogger.
·You must be a follower of my blog.
·Post as an entry to your blog. Copy these rules onto your entry and link back to this post.
[To copy, highlight and then press ctrl+c, right click has been disabled]
·Take a picture of: Your face, one with your eyes opened and one closed. And a freestyle pose. ·Also include your inspirational photo, if any. Don't forget to list down and take a picture of the products you used.
·Send in your contest entry url as a comment to this post only [for organizational purposes].
All others will not be aknowledged, sorry!

August 31, 2009 11:59 PM Guam Time - That's about 3 weeks from now, so you have plenty of time.
Note: Guam time is advance a few hours from U.S.

Winner Selection:
There will be two winners, also open to international.
My boyfriend will help judge but the decision is still mine.
Your overall creativity, skills, techniques used as well as the ability to abide by the rules will be a factor in determining the winner. Props, Hair and Outfit is a plus : )

The Prizes:
The first place winner will get

3 Beauty From the Earth Multipurpose Minerals (In Aloha, Firecracker, Kou. Has been swatched), 4 NYX Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow, 1 NYX Pressed Eyeshadow, 1 NYX Eyeshadow Trio, 1 M.A.C. Lipglass from the Holiday '08 Collection.

The second place winner will get

Purple and Black Houndstooth Print Bracelet and Earring set, 6 Eyeshadow Quads (No Brand), 2 NYX Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow

Yeah, definitely didn't follow the rules, but you still have time to enter if you want to!

I did this look really quick after I got off school today! I thought I deserved a few hours off of school stuff to go shopping & play with my makeup since the professor sorta let me off early today?? haha, still left the campus super late though because I was trying to get my scantrons, manuals, and such ^_^ BTW, I have a lab partner! haha, he's SMART. Well most of them are nerdy looking and smart and some are kinda old and the rest are foreign.. LOL! shh.. I'm mean but I'm not trying to make fun :)

Wearing NC35 Studio Fix that I bought from shar's blogsale! Go check that out. She has really cool stuff :D haha, I'm surprised it's almost a perfect match! Just a teensy bit too light ^_^

Trying to make a sex face.. but it turned out funny looking! HAHA XD

The eyeshadows I used were: Urban Decay Deluxe E/S in Honey, MAC Dangerzone MES, MAC Mont Black, and MAC Shroom. I made it super dramatic with falsies and stuff too :)

Give me props because I wore this look out shopping today! :D I really liked the height of the eyeshadow but I don't think these colors are very wearable.. haha :)

Trying to wink... :) *hehe*

ahh.. I'm not sure anymore! haha :) My lipstick actually stayed on without lipliner today! I'm very impressed ^_^

But my lashes didn't stay on half as long as my lipstick because my eyes watered up when the wind hit it and therefore made the glue not work anymore! haha, I had to take them off halfway to the mall and apply my eyeliner over the "missing" parts :P

I hoped you enjoyed my entry shar! I understand if it doesn't meet your rules & regulations but I did this for you :D

On the otherhand, I'm really tired with all this school stuff. It's really exhausting me and I'm never gonna get to eat lunch ever again on wednesday T_T I hate you community college traffic!!! haha xD

and I need some advice, some people on my blog sale are being stubborn! Should I still sell to them or do I have the right to refuse service? :( I'm not sure what to do but I'm usually a nice person but I do get a little bit wench-y sometimes! anyone else been in the same situation?



  1. I love your entry! Your skin looks flawless and I love the colors your used on your eyes.

    As for your blog sale, it'd depend on what they're being stubborn with. If it's something where you'd end up losing something I'd say refuse it. it's your sale, therefore your rules :D

  2. omfg the make up is amazingggg!!!!!!!!! you did a AMAZING job!

  3. Beautiful entry! Your blending is great, and your skin is gorgeous.

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    you have no idea how jealous i am right now at the fact that you can ROCK red lipstick to the max. it looks soo good on you girl.. ARG! LOL
    you should definatly win!!!

  6. p.s im loving your 'sex face' hahaha GET EM GIRL!!

  7. ooh sexy! love the red lips and the eyes!! your skin also looks flawless, you did such a great job..

    and wow u are a brave girl!! I could never pull that look off and go shopping in it... so fierce!

    I think you can do anything you want..it is your blog sale! haha

  8. OMG girl!!! I love it. It's so bold! Thanks for entering and making it harder for me to choose haha! Good luck babe!

  9. p.s the blush is orgasm. :)
    and i bet the leggings will look great on you :D

  10. omg id never wash it off haha.

    i got 2 jobss one at guess and another at abercrombie :)

  11. wow u look nice with red lips and red eyemakeup! woohoo!

  12. really outstanding colors combinations...anyway i love your skin color...

  13. WOW! you look gorgeous! I love the colors! :)

  14. so pretty! love the colors u used.. they blended so nicely together. you are so adorable lindah!

  15. Gorgeous!! Red lips look great on you girl! =D

    LOL! You are so funny.
    But if people are being wack on your blog sale, IT'S YOUR STUFF, YOUR SALE! Do it the way you want.

  16. I love this look! I think red lipstick suites you sooo well.....very nice girl!

  17. i like this look on you! Favorite! : )

  18. "Your comment will be visible after approval"

    came up after I opened up the comment section. But I sure hope I didnt' accidently just comment on your page instead of someone elses >_< If a comment I sent didn't make sense, don't publish it please. LOL I have multiple tabs open and my internet got funny & I might have send a mascara comment to you, haha!

    Anyways, be mean if you have to! Don't work with people who are being 'stubborn' though I don't quite know what you're talking about. LOL . But yest you have the right to refuse service to anyone.

    Cute look, I love it <3

  19. You look gorgeous!! As always... love the look! If I were you I'd tell them you have a day to pay or I'm going to try to have someone else buy them... lol

  20. bright lips^^ it looks so good on you! love the colours.. very fiery.

    good luck for the contest girl!xox

  21. sssttt i'll try to photoshop it later and default pict.:P
    lol thanks !:)

  22. red hot lipstick! love it! you are gorgeous girlll! ;P

  23. Hi new here, this blog is fab! I am so loving your eye-shadow. It's so ah-mazing! I wish I could do that to my eye lids :P


  24. HOLY sooo pretty! This look also looks soo great on you and great job on the photography hehehe. Great everything all together!! Love it all <3

    And I think you got the right to refuse :) I mean, its not costing you anything to keep the cosmetics longer and they don't really depreciate in value.

    P.S totally agree with your comment on attractive sales women

  25. aww you look so pretty lady! awesome idea for that contest and the prizes are fab :)

  26. such a gorgeous look! <3
    n yes!!! i think you totally deserve the right to refuse service!
    you already have good prices for new/almost new products!

  27. It's growning on your, huh? Well since you're starting to love the bracelet more now, maybe it's enough to buy it? *hint hint* ;) *nudge nudge* HAHA XD i kid

  28. Work those red lips girl! :) You should try MAC REd it's my fave red ever, and I think it would look gorgeous on you! xo Much lovee<3

  29. ooooh contest! Have not tried entering one where you have to do a look. I dont see how you wont win this one though! :) awesome job!

  30. beautiful!!! u r rockin those red lippies tooO! good luck to u i hope u win =) im soo lazy to join contests n soo stressed but.. but i wanna thank you soo much for that comment on my private blog =) life is hard! thanks for understanding... and ur so lucky u got both parents to help u.. sigh* wut r u majorin in anyways, nursing? wut ethnicity are u? u look chinese to me! but i cuold be wrong... hehe oh and u lucky ur pell grants came before skoo started!

  31. Hi girl, how are you? ^_^ You are sooo pretty in this makeup, you look sophisticated. Red lippie looks good on you. I hope you win girl. ^_^. But in case you don't win, you're still our winner yay ! ^_^

    Go girl ^_^

  32. I'm speechless! You look soo Glamorous girl I love love the red lippy on you! :D

  33. ughh talkin bout sushi and im starving.lolll
    i'd look like an SA if im the only one wears makeup !loll
    ur makeup is great,so u ook pretty !
    its been ages since ur last post,i hv commented in this post three times !lol
    more post !:P

  34. The red lipstick looks great on you!!! I can never pull off such bright color but you did and you are so beautiful.. I haven't been playing with my make up and I know I should bec what's the use of having all these make up if we don't use it? ahahah! I am mostly using my coastalscents 88 palette (which I regret buying) for work make up :P

    Good luck!! I wish you win :D

  35. omg lindah you are soo sweet... I take it as a compliment for you to visit my blog lol. i'm a big admirer of your work.. Girl you got skills... Seriously!!! This look is AMAZING... You are such a beauty!

  36. This is such a fab post. You look super sexy in red. Luv your sex face pic. hehe. The eye makeup is stunning with the gold color. LUV it. =)

  37. ohh you looks super sexy!! I love this look on you!! haba haba!! <3


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