13 August 2009


Hello everyone! This is me trying to do my peace sign but now that I look at my face it's getting a little pudgey from all this junk food I've been eating o_O!!

OH! And I got a free nail polish from ulta :) Its dulce de leche, a nice neutral color

Haha my nose looks terrible! It like matched my eyeshadow today o_O! I don't know if that was a good move on my part LOL! I used the fresh cut palette today and I put the peachy color all over my lid, the dark brown color on my outer, and the maroon color above the crease and highlighted with the light pink. I will probably redo this and take quality pictures later :P

I went to the sephora inside JCPENNYS down the street to check it out after I posted up my earlier post xD... I was so excited, I used good makeup counter etiquette today because usually I'm like FUCK IT everyone else is using their nasty little fingers! But today I used q-tips, lip wands, and little eyeshadow thingies ^_^

But anywho, I couldn't find my graphic garden palette to do a third look but I swear that palette is so diverse :) and besides, I love the colors! But excuse the sorry webcam pictures, I didn't feel like pulling out my digi cam but it looks really nice in person :) PLUS, I had to take my boyfriend's little sister to get her registered for 7th grade! OMG, she's growing up and the school smells like yucky shrimpy smell.. kinda like when you pass by flamingos @ sea world or at the aquarium because they eat shrimp to retain their pink color! But the smell was very minor but stupid G2 gatorade upset my stomach and made me wanna vomit!


I finally got out of the sephora, after like an hour! It was pretty small but it had stila, urban decay, benefit, smashbox, korres, anastashia, tarte, cargo, go smile, bliss, cosmedicine, and most of the popular brands. They were missing MUFE, NARS, DIOR, and most of the HIGH, HIGH end brands! lol, I was kinda sad.. I really wanted to swatch some mufe stuff but oh well :P Got to check out the new products by too faced & urban decay. I think they are AIIIGHT. Nothing too special. But all the things you always see on sale on the website that's always sold out, this is where you find it! It was so peaceful in there, no one harassing me & I could go swatch crazy and take my sweet time ^_^ BUT ANYWHO...

I know the benefit coralista blush has been sold out everywhereeeee! And everytime I try to go buy it there's never any left to purchase, only to swatch :( ulta.. sephora.. other ulta.. two weeks later.. another week later... NOTHING! But this sephora had like at least 3 left! Does anyone want me to do a coralista run for them :D haha..!

also I picked the korres pomegranate lip butter over the stila blending brush.. But I might go back for the brush because it's only $14 or less @_@!!! That's really cheap for a department store brand :D Can't you tell how excited I was today? :)

BUT I don't wanna stick my fingers in there like I did with my hk lip conditioner.. Oh did I tell you guys? I left it lopsided in the car and it melted&shifted over so I'm gonna go leave it straight in the sun and see if it fixes itself.. I need to go pick up more lip brushes at sally's or something because I can't find the rest of the ones I bought :( and I'm so proud of myself, I never use my lipglasses straight from the tube! I use a brush or I dab some from the wand onto my CLEAN hand and apply it from there :)

Sales assistant I was talking to the whole time gave me some free samples! :) Not sure how to use it so I'll probably google these go smile thingies ^_^... is she trying to tell me my teeth are yellow?!?! LOL xD

OKAY SO THE MOMENT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! So what happened to my nose? Let's just start off and say I'M STUPID & RETARDED! haha, so it started off me going to my sisters house to use her internet and placing an order on forever 21 (it's my first time, anyone knows how long it takes?) and I end up staying over to watch movies online.. yeah I'm kinda illegal :P but we finished watching the hangover and it was almost 3am and I had work the next morning. Jack, the cute little furball puppy, was fast asleep dreaming or maybe even having a nightmare! He's a grumpy sleeper & my sister tells me all the time even though I know. I was messing with him all night and when I gave him a kiss on the head goodbye because I was leaving.. He gets up so fast and BITES my nose! I think I had a doggy hanging on my nose for a second there and it HURT but not that bad. At first my boyfriend looks back because he was growling and I screamed and looked at me and it was just a little scratch.. but 5 seconds later this blood comes rushing out! OMG it wouldn't stop bleeding but it wasn't even that deep of a cut! I went to work the next day and everyone was like what happened?!?! haha.. I didn't want to tell them but I ended up telling them and laughing at myself because I'm so stupid. My brother-in-law was just cracking up sooooo bad and I was too only because the fact that I KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN... and my sister warns me ALL the time when I sleep over! LOL.. I don't want to complain because it IS my own fault but gosh it's so itchy now because it's pretty much healed! He just scratched the surface thankfully :P And today I found out that he made the inside of my nose bleed a little too! I asked my boyfriend's little sister angela if it was a booger or something and she goes NOPE it's blood! I was like :O!!

But hey it could've been worse right? At least it wasn't my eye... OR MY LIP! haha.. I'm going to remember this foreverrrrr. And my sister told me the next day that he didn't go sleep upstairs with them at all. Instead she found him sleeping in his little cage whenever they got up.. :( I feel terrible because he got in trouble for following his instincts.. LOL!

Whatever, good night girls :) I'll shut my rambling. Hope you all enjoy my little story. Go ahead and laugh if you want, I still giggle at it sometimes! And I was really looking forward to using that pore peeler thing tina sent me :( I'm going to have to wait until it heals!


  1. wow that was quick! i just commented on how i couldn't wait to hear about it. hahaha! and OHMMMYYYY LINDAHh!!! but you gotta admit, it makes for a great blog post/story. hahaha! ;P jsut make sure you treat it so it doesn't scar!

  2. Damn, your post reminded me of what I forgot to buy today. I want to try Coralista. May run to Sephora tomorrow. I'm sorry about your nose, but what a cute story! Hope it heals fast.

  3. That's definitely something I'd remember forever too...but yeah, at least it wasn't your eye and it wasn't deep. Your eyeshadow looks great :).

  4. oh no about the dog biting your nose!! You were just trying to give him so loving, but yeah, dogs can be cranky if they get woken up. Hope it heals quick!

  5. omg, u got coralista!! lucky you! anyways, omg at ur nose story!! i thought it was a pimple! hahaha. awwwwww. well i hope it gets better sooN! definately something i would remember for my whole life too! haha

  6. nice haul! been wanting the benefit coralista too....

    great nose story...a dog bit me on my cheeks when i was younger too cuz i stuck my face in his food bowl while he was eating lol..so i kinda have a little tiny scar on my cheeks... hope your nose heals soon! :)

  7. Awww....
    Poor puppy and your nose! :o

    But no worries, the scratch will heal.

  8. Our Sephora in JCP doesn't have Stila, MUFE, Dior but that's all I noticed... boo!
    Cargo stuff is pretty nice! Did you happen to check it out?

    OMG! That's horrible what happened to you. I think some dogs are cute but I totally keep my distance. lol
    Thank God it wasn't your eye though!!! Hope you feel better. :)

  9. im sorry to hear about your nose :*( but you can barely see it on your pics, maybe neoosporin may help it heal faster? idk. besides your face as a whole is gorgeous so i barely noticed it until you mentioned it.

    Cant believe coralista was out where you live, we've been stocked since its debut,do you come from a small city?

    ps-sorry for a long ass comment lol

  10. woooe thats waaaacko! hahah want me to kick dog??? hehe JK JK JK i love animals i want chihuahua hehe i would name him kitty....... hehe okay thats seperate story! hehe awe but i like opi so much

  11. AWWWWWWW, that's so cuteeeeee! But that is funny, haha. Atleast you can laugh about it!

    And I wish I had a Sephora closer to me too, I would be in there daily just looking around, and like you, I could probably spend an hour in there just swatching stuff.

  12. Aww I'm sorry about your nose. <3

    I love the lip balm that you got a lot! It smells so good and it's a perfect pinkish tint :D

  13. hahaha OMG I had the exact same incident with my chapstick! I left it in my car and it MELTED to the side! booooo my poor burts bees... Anyways your nose doesn't look that bad! I didn't notice it in the first 2 pics until you pointed it out in the 3rd one!

  14. LOL! Flamingos at sea world. You are too cute : ) Btw, you make me wanna get Coralista now.

  15. Hahahhaa a puppy dog bit your nose?!! That's the last thing I would've guessed!!! Well I hope it heals soon. It is kinda funny that it matched your e/s today, lol.

  16. Thanks alot! : ) Just take your time cause there's no rush.

    I know what you mean. I wish I made my own money. I've never had a job before. I don't really ask anyone for anything but if I go as far as mentioning I like it...someone will cater to me or offer it (if it's reasonable of course).

  17. Aww your nose! I hope it heals soon! I didn't know there were sephoras inside jcp! That really sucks that there's no mufe...that's what I really look forward to in sephora.

  18. dang girl...THAT SUCKS!!! lol that dog sounds really mean haha
    and i've been fiending for the blush for the longest...just afraid that it won't show up on my skin tone...hmm

    and your idea about putting the TLC in sun to fix itself is pure genious LOL i swear i would NEVER think of that i would just deal with it being messed! hahaha

    hope your scar heals QUICK!

  19. wooo ive been using coralista for a long time now and i LOVE it! it looks so summery with not too much sparkle, AND it smells really good :) hope you like it as well!!



  21. hope your nose heals :S you should use something like Savlon, it quickens natural heals and reduced scarring!

  22. omggg. ive only ever been bit on my handdd. your poor nose :(

  23. i was going to get the coralista blush but I really didnt like the swatch on my hand maybe ill give it one more try :D

  24. I love the Coralista blush!! I'm so glad you were finally able to get it after all that trouble!

  25. sorry to hear bout your nose :( was a cute story tho.. haha! :P
    hope it heals soon! <3
    my sister got bit in the lip! :P coz my dog thought she was takin his food away or sth :P haha... thankfully it wasn't that bad :)


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