03 February 2009

"ULTA"mate haul

Driving through downtown fort worth the other day trying to get to work.. Then the day after that it was bright and sunny?!?! Crazy Texas weather! Reminds me of Stephen King's "The Mist" You can't even see where the buildings stop and trust me, it's way higher.

Anywho, my Ulta package came in the mail the other day! :) I got the "ULTA"mate stila set and a stila eyeshadow in "Diamond Lil." I really wanted the eyeshadow because I missed out on "smoke&diamonds" from the starflash collection. I swear they said it was going to be a permanent but it never got restocked! :(

MAC e/s in "Go" and Stila e/s in "GoLightly"

MAC e/s in "Grand Entrance" and Stila e/s in "Kitten"

So these colors look exactly the same! Well there's a teensy bit of difference in the pictures but when you apply it, it does look the same! Oh well, the whole set was only $40 :) The tinted moisturizer is going to end up in the trash because I tried the sample a while back and it didn't do anything. The texture is thick and greasy feeling and pretty much invisible lol. I'll probably throw it out unless someone wants it? It's in shade 01. And the shade would be too light anyways :P

So ladies, are you ready for Hello Kitty?!?! I know I am :D I already made a list of what I wanted lol. My boyfriend is going to pay for half since he didn't get me a christmas present and this will double for valentine's day :) I think I'm going to buy a two lipsticks from the "Creme Team" this week also :D

Until next time! :)


  1. Wow! The starflashes are very dupable! I actually have the "GO" e/s.

    I don't think I will go and get the brush set. You can actually get a HK brush holder for less. I'll visit SANRIO soon so I will look for something like the holder :)

    But I will go back and get more stuff! haha! :p

  2. Nice.. its raining right now in texas? same here in cALI.. from ur last post.. i like the neutural look! =) im soo colorful.. hahah

  3. Hi! I would gladly take the tinted moisturizer if you're planning on throwing it away! That's such a waste. I really like your blog and hauls. You should post videos of how you do your makeup!

  4. hey if you didnt throgh the tinted moustrizer away i would realy love it i dont have any high end brand stuff so please?


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