10 February 2009

Quietly Riches EOTD & Weekend Haul

I think I have a purple thing going :D lol, and I suck at naming entries!

I used quietly pigment from the cool pigments holiday set on my lid and then the purple color from the earthly riches mineralized e/s duo in the outer-vish area lol. then on my bottom lashline quetly 2/3 of the way and purple on the outer. I don't remember the highlight color but I'm sure it's phloof! and my mascara sucks! I'm trying to finish the tube because it's almost out just another week xD can't waste it with the economy going down! :P

Over the weekend I've picked up a few things... of course LOL. I snagged some things from sephora and mac. At sephora I got myself the NARS Love Set, and it comes with the "Orgasm" blush, "sex machine" lip liner, and a "pillow talk" l/g. I really thought the blush wayy over-rated... but now that I've tried it I love it! :) It applies wonderfully and it's so pigmented!

$49 at Sephora or Sephora.com
From mac I got 3 things from the cream team (or I think that's what it's called) that just came out. I'm really glad I did.. but the l/g was a total rip off. There was so much air inside of it whenever I opened the box to try it out for the first time! But I really wanted to get more because after I applied it I fell in lovee.. The gloss is not sticky at all! Usually I hate wearing l/g because of unpredictable texas weather because it's always ends up being windy! If they were cheaper I would go buy them all xD Well anyway, I got one in "Melt in Your Mouth". They're all very sheer so I got one of the more deeper shades so it'll actually show up on my darker skintone. I got two l/s also. One in "creme cup" and of course "lavender whip". I really liked lickable too but I'm going to save my money for HK's lipsticks.. I wasn't such a big lipstick fan because of my braces but now it's a total different story because my lips aren't chapped anymore! xD

look at all that air! :O
I'm going to try to do some more fotd's/eotd's. I think I wanna give a try at the contest that makeupbyrenren is having. It'll be my first video appearance (for makeup anyway :P) maybe, though I'm not sure yet.. we'll see how the macbook holds up. the webcam really sucks without good lighting and it makes everything look all grainy!

And for the "xoannie" I tried to comment on your blog but idk if my mac is being stupid or something else but just shoot me an email to: onlylindah@gmail.com :)

until next time ladies :D

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