24 February 2009

Getting My Blair On

My contest entry for M's contest! I had fun dressing up and actually wearing a dress to work! xD

I don't think I'd make a very good prep! I mean I don't even have a headband :O haha, but I DID take time to curl my hair :) the curls actually stayed on all day, even through the busy workday. they were soft too.. I didn't think the bedhead would work so well! (Although the curls looked good, what is up with my bangs?!?!)

I wore this to my dad's birthday brunch and decided too much wanna-be "cleavage" for dim sum lol and changed into this:

Sorry it's so bright! I took it outside and didn't realize how high my ISO was. It was so windy that day that I need a jacket and pulled out my handy dandy plaid trench :) I think that's pretty "preppy." I also wore the black dress I got from my last post with some tights underneath (don't want the wind to reveal anything!)

These were my main inspiration for the contest:

1) ruffle shirt

2) Soft waves and easy makeup :D

So my only preparation for the curling was combing a little bit of Bedhead Small Talk through my hair. I didn't think it'd work so well because I've tried it before and it left my hair a little hard. I guess I wasn't using it right because after I spritzed my hair with the bedhead maniac something hair spray I combed through it with the brush and my curls lasted until I got come from work :) I was very impressed!

BTW, I ordered a few more items from hello kitty before they were gone for good -- so then I won't be bummed that I didn't buy it :) My boyfriend said it's okay because it's almost my birthday.. :D

<333 Lindah


  1. So Cute!! :D Goodluck with the contest <3

  2. aww cuteee!! hair looks amazing! goodluck :)

  3. very adorable :D i love blair haha

  4. I know girl! I don't remember my mac shadows as well. I need to make their labels again. hahah! :P

  5. Look at you cutie! Love the hair!

  6. u did an awesome job.. im lovin ur pink top too,... u look soo cute n innocent! heheh good luck wit the contest =P

  7. hahaha. No she doesn't know I have a blog nor know that I am into make up. haha :) She figured my love for HK because of my car. lol. :) You look so pretty btw! :D

  8. Thanks! Your Blair looks good! Plaid = preppy, hehe. I love your hair!


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