02 January 2013

Cheers to 2013!

Year started out great -- spent a lot of time with family I haven't seen in YEARS!

The significant other was sick --still sick, possibly getting me sick-- so we stayed home but I still got to play with makeup! I did a gunmetal smokey eye but then I over killed with glitter and didn't like it so much afterwards. Wish I could've gotten a photo of it but I didn't think about it until after I had glitter everywhere.

On the bright side, as one of my gifts for Christmas I got a new camera from him. He actually listened to the details and I ended up with something I really like for a basic point and shoot! I photographed some makeup with it and it's a lot clearer than my previous camera which I shall keep for rainy days.

I got a ton of small makeup items from my boyfriend's family so I can't wait to post that! :)

Take care everyone ~

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  1. What kind of camera did you get?? I just got a Sony x36 I believe it's called, dslr camera. I need to do some research! lol


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