06 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

 Happy New Years everyone! (:

I hope the new year is treating everyone good! Every year I literally do nothing for New Years Eve. I usually just stay home but this year my friend invited me to take a family trip to Wichita, Kansas!

We stayed at his aunt's lakehouse. I only snapped a few pictures while I was there because there was literally nothing to take photos of since we were there for about a day and half >__<
 It was suuuuper cold. I only brought a light cardigan since I was thinking "Texas weather." I guess I didn't realize where we were staying!

His puppy Momo! He's such a cutie, his hair is sooo long that it just blows in the breeze lol! He looks like he's gonna sweep the floor sometimes too :)
 This is my friend Kiet. He has long hair also that I sometimes straighten LOL.
 The photo below I think is very interesting.... I tried to enlarge it so you can all see!
 We both have iPhones... my phone has a tokidoki case which I purchased from sephora. His is PINK!

Here's the makeup for the day. I did a simple, not so dark look using the NAKED2 palette! It was just a little more for definition that you can't see in the photo lol.
 This is my friend and I! I'm in serious need of a haircut yet haven't made my way to the salon yet...
We were also in need of an eyebrow touchup. I actually took care of this the next day :P

What was there to do in Kansas? NOTHINGGG. The previous night when we arrived we ended up playing hide&seek in the dark. It was actually pretty fun! The next day we went to the mall. THERE WERE NO STORES WORTH LOOKING IN!!! I ended up at Victoria's Secret for their 7/$25 panty raid they had and that's all I ended up with. We also ended up eating at Outback Steakhouse and I would've had food pictures but I didn't want to embarrass their family by whipping out my camera lol :)

When the clock struck 12, I was knocked out in the car since we were driving back. Soooo technically I didn't do much for New Year's but I did a lot more than normal. PLUS I got to visit a new state! ^__^

I have another post I'm working on. I was INSPIRED to do makeup and I've already done it and taken photos just gotta build the post and resize everything. I'm really excited about that one but I've gotta head to bed now because I need to be up in a couple of hours >__<



  1. AW MY GOSH! Kiet's puppy Momo looks f-ing adorable! Same mop on his head like his dad! ;)

    Happy New Year hun! :)

  2. Momo is a lot cuter than I thought... he looks like a mop. LOL. perfect picture by the way. Kiet should thank you and enlarge that photo to put it in a photoframe! hahaha.

  3. I love those two mop heads :) haha! Kiet needs to go shave :3


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