01 October 2009


Hellooo beautiful ladies :D

So why did it take me so long to post up these pictures?
Well first, I didn't have my camera so I wasn't able to take photos of anything I got except through webcam. THEN when I started to take pictures of my hautelook stuff, my camera started dying so I can only post up my Rock&Republic things first :) Better than nothing right? ^_^

It comes in a medium size box and has one layer of bubble wrap and your items are inside of that wrapped up in a tissue paper sort of thing sealed off with a haute look sticker. It took 15 days for me to receive this package so it was average for how they describe how long it takes to get.

I think packaging is ALRIGHT. I'm not sure how much throwing around it gets but my items made it to me safely without cracking :) But if it does get thrown around a lot, I'm not sure if it'll be able to handle without breaking or cracking the powder. Don't you think so? The packaging and size of the stuff was huger than I expected! I was expecting mac size products but then again their stuff is pretty much double the mac prices and maybe a little bit more.

This is the gel liner. I really like the packaging, its so sleek and lots of black! (which is my preference when it comes to packaging unless it's meant to look super cute) This is the only one that was a pain in the ass to get out of the box! I had to break the box thing it came in to get it out :( So depressing! But it's still a little bit attached so it looks okay :)

Here's all the stuff I ordered:
(without flash)

(with flash)

They also sent me a little sample size of their mascara. I tried it out, it's nothing special imo.

A little breakdown of what I think about everything:
Pressed Blush ($40): I got the shade "spank" and it's so gorgeous! It's a pretty pink color and it has a matte finish. The shade on me looks like an actual blushing shade haha. I prefer matte blushes because I don't want my pores accentuated on my cheeks which looks really ugly! lol, but the texture of the blush is super smooth and finely milled. You don't need to swirl it much at all or else you get a lot of excess powder on your brush and all over the compact. It also comes with a mirror unlike some blushes.

Gel Eye Liner ($24): I got the shade "smut" and it's a basic matte black color. The consistency isn't very gel like in comparison to the MAC Fluidline. I personally haven't used the fluidline before but I've tried it out at the counter and I can totally tell a difference. The consistency is more of a hard creamy texture similar to Loreal HIP liners. I think the one I got wasn't shut all the way because I can see that it shrunk a little on the sides because there's a gap where I can actually fit my brush into! It goes on pretty smoothly still despite that fact. It's a little hard to pick up product but maybe I just need to break the surface layer?

Lip Gloss ($26): The shades I got are "mistress" and "alpha blonde". In the product images on hautelook.com, they definitely looked different. (click to see my original post) Alpha blonde looked like a creamy nude shade with no shimmers and mistress looks almost the same as in person but without shimmers. But when i got them in person they definitely have tons of shimmer in it! I was expecting more of a finish like MAC Cremesheen glasses. Never the less, these are true to the colors in the tube and go on smoothly and are nicely pigmented! It reminds me of NARS lipglosses because they aren't sticky but I think NARS' staying power is better and to me NARS is less drying on my lips.

Mascara: It's not available on the website, it says "coming soon" but I think if it's the same formula and brush as the one I got, then they should rethink about releasing it! It goes on easily, but it doesn't give me volume or length. It just looks like my lashes are a little tinted which is absolutely worthless because I have no lashes! The formula leaves your lashes soft and still moveable but it has a bit of a waxy finish to it. I didn't really care though because I didn't get any flakes on my face throughout the day but when I went to wash it off in the shower (because that's how I usually wash my face & makeup lately due to laziness) nothing came off! Well some did, but it smeared all over my eyes! My facial cleanser that I use usually gets most of it off easily without any hassle but this mascara stuck like a magnet! It didn't struggle when I went to take it off with makeup remover though but that was because half of it was already gone.

Overall I am satisfied with everything I purchased but my favorite out of the bunch is the blush! (and I usually don't like to wear blush) :)

Here I am wearing everything I bought and nothing else! You can really see how vibrant the blush it! The eyeliner does smudge though but I didn't put on a primer at all because my eyelids are super oily :P Wearing mistress lipgloss with a little bit of alpha blonde in the middle but you can't really tell.

Not sure when I'll be able to post again because I need to find my charger for the camera lol. My room is a mess, there's probably a snake living in there somewhere! I'm still trying to get organized but school is definitely keeping me busy too! I think I'm doing okay in my classes but I need to excell if I want the pell grant! :(

Have a good day everyone!



  1. Nice haul! The blush is so pretty.
    I may have to check it out next time they sale it.

  2. the blush lookss great! u have a flawless skin hun!!! lol at the snake living in there somewhere. jk!

  3. gosh! now i really need to get my hands on that blush lol should of bought it for cheaper price when i had the chance damit!!

    it looks so good on you!! love your look and your eyes are so piercing..rawr! and what do you use on your face, your skin looks flawless :)

  4. Ohh, I love the packaging! I've never heard of Rock & Republic, at first I thought it was a clothing line or something.

  5. love the cute packaging..u look so pretty!

  6. R&R makes makeup? haha okay i have an excuse for not knwing since i dont really wear makeup! ;P and girlllll i love what you did with your eyes!!! HAWWT!

  7. Love the blush and I don't wear much blush either hehe. I like the packaging, wish it wasn't so pricy though :P

  8. You look very beautiful with the blush on! A great color choice, I'm loving matte blush at the moment to, I'm eyeing one from Illamasqua...

    Thanks for the review. I'm a new follower =)

  9. hey the blush looks really pretty on you!! Their make up seems really nice from your review :D heh yeah it seems like the divorce rate is soo high these days, and couples always seem fine and great until they get married?! Hmmm I wonder if I'll be like that too, and yeah for sure I'd get legally married too, else what the point for spending all that money for?!

  10. i love that lip color on you! the packaging is so cute!

  11. very nice! :) the look is very pretty! I like it!

  12. wow!! great haul! I can't wait to see your others-
    i really like that blush!! my r&r gel liner dried out in like a week :(
    let me know how yours holds up <3

  13. AWESOME haul! =)
    That blush sure is pricy. hehe.
    Thanks for sharing and for the lovely photo wearing all the items.

  14. The blush looks so pretty! Alpha Blonde gloss doesn't look how I thought it would, but both of those glosses still look really nice.

  15. I am a huge fan of sleek packaging, and this definitely fits the bill! It looks heavy duty, which is good for someone like me who throws things around. LOL!

    Love the blush!



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