29 July 2009


Iyah is the sweetest girl with the cutest accent :D haha (from her youtube video) She agreed to do a swap with me for my hello kitty brush holder head thingy for her heatherette lipglass in bonus beat :) I've been wanting this since it came out, and again I did not have the money to buy it! lol, and besides, I didn't have the guts to go to a mac counter last year anyway :P

Here's the package! She had hello kitty stamps all over it :D haha, this was one of the CUTEST packages I've got so far :P

She packaged it so nicely! :) It was like getting one of those pre-made gift sets the nordstrom people do lol. It's funny because I sent her almost the same exact color nail polish xD

She sent me two samples of the laneige strawberry yogurt peel :) I tried one of the already and I love it! It smells so GOOD and it makes my face feel softer :D When I finish using it I'm going to go ahead and buy the full size. She also got me her favorite falsies, ipum! I haven't tried them yet but they look like they'll look good :D haha! And I got me some eye treatment cream, candies, hello kitty snack (which I've already ate) and of course the heatherette lippie! It looks sooo pretty. I'm going to do a look with it soon... just don't know when yet!

Her handwriting is so pretty! I thought it was typed up at first when I glanced at it! :) I'm really glad we did this swap lol! Iyah is actually one of the first people I talked to on blogger :D She was so nice and friendly and I'm pretty sure that's just her nature!

Anywho, I drove my sister around all day today (she's 27 in october) and we were talking about taking a trip next year to california! :) I don't know which part of cali to go to though, which parts are the best? :D I want to save up so I can go shopping and waste all my money! LOL xD

We went to go and do my financial aide stuff for school (yeah, really late I know!) I'm so glad I'm already registered even though I just graduated from high school. It's so much more convenient because I saw the line and I've never seen it that long at all! O_O While we were doing that, her husband was at home cooking up some korean bbq and it was so GOOOD! They marinated it overnight so it was super flavorful :) And I bought a few things to organize my vanity/dresser. I think I might make a post on my makeup collection! It's not that much as you would think though. Well to me it's not too much because I don't have tons of eyeshadows :P

Enough of my ramble! I've actually got things planned tomorrow so I think I'll wake up a little earlier than I usually would :D (hopefully if all goes well...)

I've got tons of posts planned so I really think the next few days I'm gonna start popping out with a bunch of posts ^_^ and I think my blog turns one in a few months so I'm thinking about having a contest in celebration of it. But that's on a later note so I'll put details into that when I actually think about it :D



  1. OMG, if you come to Cali, you should come to southern Cali! It's really nice here during the spring time, because it's not like super hot and it's not cold! I should know, I live here! And shopping here is pretty awesome too! :)

  2. Aww what a sweet swap...look at all the other goodies you got! I have ipum lashes that I haven't tried yet, but it justlooks good!

  3. What a sweet swap. Iyah is a sweetie :)

    I would recommend socal, even though I'm from norcal. Theres so much more stuff down there plus the weather is always nice. :)

  4. nice swap
    alternative than going to mac and feel tempted to buy more and more.lol

  5. nice swap!! i love iyah!! she is so sweet! =)

    oh my gosh, i did not realize how young u r!! ahhhh i envy ur youth!!! anywhooo...hope everything does go well w/u!!

    finally...do come to CALI!!!!!

  6. Nice swap! That lipglass looks nice.

    Lucky you coming to California!!
    Can't wait for all your upcoming posts.

  7. Nice swap (: I love the Heatherette packaging.

    If I went to Cali, I'm not sure where I would even go, lol. Probably L.A cause that's the biggest place? Haha, I don't know.

    And I know, lol, I'm not a big fan of the Sexy Curves mascara either.

  8. that is some HOT SWAP! this beauty blogging community is soo nice isnt it??? hehe very nice

  9. go to L.A!!!! okay i dont even live in cali but i've lived there for 9 months before and absolutely loved it. actually... any part of cali you go to, you'll enjoy! :)

  10. Ohhh Iyah, is the sweetest!!! Good luck with your financial aid, it's such a pain in the butt. My fall aid is STILL PENDING >_<....

  11. Awww so nice! You're right the packaging is super nice <3 Love it. And yes you should post your make up collection, I bet you got 10x more stuff than moi :D

  12. Cali???? That's so exciting!! Shopping central, you should so do it :)

  13. i'm glad you like everything!! :) Thank You also for doing this wonderful swap with me! :)

    Btw, you should come to SOCAL so we can meet! I recommend OC! :)


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