30 July 2009


Hey girlies! :) Last night I did a quick little post with what I wore. I forgot to put details of what I did yesterday! lol xD

My boyfriend, his little sister, & me went to the mall for some back to school shopping for her :) I also bought a few things here and there and we did a little iPhone deal. We posted the ad on craigslist after I got out of the shower yesterday morning and not even an hour later we had about 5 people interested in buying! Well I hope so, it was only $170! Someone in mansfield contacted us and was going to buy it for that price as it (mansfield is about 40 minutes away from me). We wanted to meet them up some place public in case the deal goes bad, you never know! We met them up at the mall and my boyfriend's little sister got some money from her father to buy some things for back to school shopping because I told him it wasn't worth it to wait for tax-free weekend with their busy schedule!

So they person finally got to the mall and says "If you see me first I'm wearing a purple leopard print tank top and black jeans. I have long brown hair." We were like why is this guy wearing LEOPARD tank top? We started to think oh it must be a rocker guy because a lot of them live out there! haha, it turns out to be a girl :) I honestly thought I rolled around with a lot of cash but good lord! She pulls out this wad of twenties and just gave us the money and left! O_O That's one of the easiest customers to purchase a cracked iPhone :P No hassling, no nothing! She was a sweetheart :)

My boyfriend's little sister (angela) got 2 pairs of jeans from charlotte russe (buy 1, $30, get 1 half off, $15). They were a pretty good deal and that's pretty much the jeans I wear too lol! I think they're comfortable and some forever 21 jeans are too :D Angela got 3 shirts total, and then we went to target and got 4 new bras for her :) She spent a total of $125. Was that a good price for the amount of things she got? I'm not sure anymore how much things are suppose to cost to be at a reasonable price. lol! I think she's just going to get a few more shirts and hopefully that's it! She's still growing so I'm not sure if she should stock up on so much clothing right now.

We went back to my boyfriend's house to drop her back off and didn't realize her parents left us there by ourselves. We watched movies and they weren't back yet... we ended up taking her with us and letting her sleep at my house because we didn't want to wait any longer! I ended up doing the colour craft promo pic look on her and this is how it went. (took 1.5hours because I draw like shit with an eyeliner brush lol)

The original look:

Tried to blur everything out and focus on her face only because she doesn't have much hair :P I ghetto airbrushed her face on photoshop so that's not her real skin color! Since I already sold my skinfood bb cream I didn't have anything else to use as foundie to fix up some flaws :P

I blurred out the skintone but I didn't touch the makeup so that's how it looks straight forward :) I think it turned out pretty okay! I messed up her eyeliner because she was complaining about how the brush was hurting so I took a pencil and dabbed it into my smudgepot :P

&& here's her tiny little lips :D I used melon pigment for the inside shimmeriness!

haha, look at her she's so hungry! Don't mind all my clutter in the room. I tried to put the focus on her only :P She got to be the first to eat the chips... and by morning they were almost all gone! I went to go eat one and was like O_O??? Where's my food at lol

So what do you think? Did I do an okay job? lol, her face had pink stains all over it! It was funny looking :D


  1. wow!
    i think its really good
    exactly the same!

  2. Good job.
    And LOL! She's a growing girl, don't blame her on eating your food, lmao, in my house junk food does not last for more than a day.

    And did you crack your iPhone? My phone is cracked out too (I have an iPhone also). If you sold it for $170, I should try that too..

  3. 2 thumbs up!! nice job :) I think if I tried I would just make a mess hehe

  4. Oooohhh I really like this! Very cute. It's amazing who you meet off craigslist... my boyfriend does it all the time with electronics, selling and buying, and the different kind of people you meet, it's amazing... but like you I always get nervous too, because you really don't know who you're meeting off the internet, it's scary... but anyway... MUCH LOVE!!!

  5. Good recreation of the original look :)

    Did you sell a 1st gen jailbroken iPhone for $170 or is it a 3g? I still have my 1st gen jailbroken phone and I think I should sell it :P (although I paid 530 for a spankin new one, ONLY to find out 3g came out 2 months later)

  6. You have a real talent girl, good job ^_^

  7. she's too cute!!! :) I love what you did!! :) Great job!

  8. Aww you did such a great job! I love it! Do you still have a lot of Melon Pigment left? If so, would you care to swap?

  9. ooh good job! That must have been fun doing it :) LOL omg I mistaken girls for guys all the time.. There was a chick in my class that we think is a chick, but at first we thought she was a guy... Then my friend was like "I saw her boobs.. she does have boobes.. they're just really small" LOL

    yeah I agree that all kelly clarkson songs pretty much sound the same, and the lyrice are all "i hate men" "i hate break ups" or something LOL

  10. Wow! That looks really good! I wish I could do makeup like that. :)

  11. wow!! it looks exactly like the original!! goodjob lindah!

  12. hey lindah
    what do you do with all the makeup you dont like/dont use? I know you just had a blog sale but do you also sell on ebay or anything like that?

  13. I think you look great! you've done a real nice job here!


  14. such crazyy pics, but i looove all the color!! :)

  15. you did a great job!! the colours match perfectly to the promo model

  16. hello,check my blog,u got tagged !lolll

  17. holy moly i love it! great job babe!!


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