08 June 2009

Revlon Self-Adhesive False Lashes

Today is a post about the Revlon Self-Adhesive False Lashes :)

I was contacted by Janet, like a lot of you other beauty bloggers to review some Revlon products. She's a representative for Revlon and thank you so much for letting me try out some of revlon's amazing products. Totally didn't think I was worthy of it :P I'm still in the process of reviewing the nails.. lol

There's a bit of reading so this is my honest opinion! I don't have any allergies except to bees but I'm sure there's no bees in cosmetic products :X

But FIRST, here's what I look like without the lashes representing my forever 21 necklace :D

So here you see no lashes what so-ever! :(

Jesmakeup reviewed these a while ago and pointed out the adhesive STRIP! She said they didn't stay on. I half-way agree with her lol. The duo glue side (as indicated below) is the side I had to rip the strip off and use glue instead. I had to cut the lashes down a bit to fit to my eyes and I didn't do a clean enough "cut" so it messed up the strip a little and when I applied it to my eyes the inner part touched my eyeshadow first because I was working on the outer and accidently hit the inner part with my finger. They stick on pretty good upon FIRST application but if you pull it off a little they don't really stick anymore because the sticky part picks up the eyeshadow and doesn't have the adhesive property they did before. I was going to put the "strip" side on like the other but I decided not to. This time, I carefully cut the strip to fit my eyes and didn't mess it up. I also carefully put it onto my lashline and it went on like a dream! I had no problems this time and it didn't feel like they were going to fall off! :)

The side with the duo glue doesn't have that big black line like the ones with the strip do! I guess that's a con with the self-adhesive technology. It does come with an extra strip and applicator so you could use them again. If you really take care of them, I'm sure you could use them beyond 2x and apply them with lash glue. The base of the lashes are really thin and invisible without the strip on them :) That's a pluss!

So here's how they look when I look down, yes I know one eyeliner side is thicker than the other! I tried to make my eyeliner look even when looking straight ahead :P BUT back to the REVIEW, you can't see the lash glue on because it dries flat and black (because I'm using dark duo) versus the one with the strip because the strip does feel a bit bulky compared to the old school way of application.

Overall, this is a very good product for beginners to learn where to apply the false lashes or for ladies that are in a hurry that can't wait for the glue to dry.

- No drying time needed.
- Comes with an extra adhesive strip for second time use.
- Lashes are soft and doesn't feel hard like plastic.
- Lash base isn't thick when strip is removed.
- Cost about the same as Ardell lashes.
- Great for beginners!
- Comes in about 4 styles depending where you go to.

- Self adhesive strip is very thick and bulky.
- Doesn't stay on if you don't put it in the first time.
- Might only be able to use only once if you're not careful peeling off the strip because these are very delicate!
- Inner side doesn't stay put all day for me, but usually a lot of lashes do that for me.

It's a good buy! I went to my local stores to check the prices and availabilty of these babies. I'll definitely purchase these in the future because it's a good product and it's a very thoughtful idea! :)


  1. wow love the review! looks like its better of WITH glue!

  2. nice review! i like these tooo.. i agree on the cons... i prefer to remove the sticky strips.. witout it looks more natural! btw thats such a cute necklace!! i really want it.. ima go on forever21 site now lol

  3. She has got a hold of everybody. lol But great review.

    Someone sent me a pair in a swap and they are pretty nifty.

  4. Great review! I really couldn't tell much difference from the photos, hehe.

  5. nice review! and i would say it looks better with the glue.
    and cute necklace!

  6. this review was helpful & i love you eotd & f21 necklace : )


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