07 May 2009

What the French? + Hauls + Award

School was closed due to swine so we(boyfriend, me, and our friend george) went to Vie a Paris for lunch :)

This croissant sandwich was big! Ham&Swiss babyy.. I thought it was funny that there's a chocolate covered strawberry in the middle haha. It tasted good but not the best.
My boyfriend.. he looks grumpy LOL, if you look to the left of his shoulder you can see our friend's head in the back haha
Strawberry shortcake -- yummm :)
Strawberry napolean to go :D 

My "A Rose Romance" haul. I actually bought Mutiny pigment and Silverthorn e/s but I ended up returning it because I asked myself... "how many blues do I have?"
Left to Right: Summer Rose beauty powder blush, Loving Touch see thru lip color, A rose romance l/s, way to love l/s, creme d' violet e/s, and circa plum pigment.

I really love how sheer the blush is because I tend to always pick up too much blush than I need; with this one it's buildable! The see-thru lipcolor isn't bad either. I have the one from the emanuel ungaro collection and I have to see I love this one wayy better although they changed the size and made them smaller :/ Loving touch has a pearly sheen to it! Lipsticks & eyeshadow I picked up because I thought they were pretty, nothing really special. I actually wish I can return the eyeshadow but I lost the receipt. And for the pigment, I really love it! I love the way it's so everyday wearable because it's not like "in your face!" haha. I've actually been wearing it almost everyday this week :)

And I went to ulta to pick up the OPI Gargantuan Green Grape for someone ;D
A lot of people say it's a dupe for peppermint pattie so here's what they look like side by side. Peppermint pattie is more of a deeper green while OPI is more on the yellow-green side.

And then we passed by the hello kitty stand and I saw this mouse + pad! I just had to get it :P I need a mouse to use with my mac anyways. Editing videos really suck on a touchpad lol

Yay for mail :)
Wearing "love and friendship" nail polish in this picture. Forgot to mention that in my haul oops :P
From Whit, thanks for everything! I really love the mask, and the moisturizer doesn't smell like the one I got! :O I think it's a keeper.
From singapore. If you click and enlarge, it's the mispelled last name I use for my email address xD I thought it looked a little funny when I got it! Then my boyfriend goes "why'd he spelled your name wrong"
I got brown and blue circle lenses in geo angel(?) lenses :) The blues are really bright in the picture but I haven't tried the brown ones yet. I hope they look good too :P They really make my eyes look bigger because when I put one on I looked at myself and my non-contact eye looked puny! haha xD

Thanks Fuz for this award :D

The rules are:
1. Take your award here
2. Put the logo on your post
3. Link the person who awarded you
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I nominate --
1. Mimi - http://beautyisandrogynous.blogspot.com/
2. Cinthia - http://www.ebeautyblog.com/
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7. Yas - http://naughtygirlx.blogspot.com/

until next time!


  1. Croissant!!! Mmmmmmmm i like mine buttery n warm!!!

    Thanks for the award wooo!!! it's been a while since i received one!! thank you thank you gorgeous!!

  2. cute blog!! and that croissant looks delish!

  3. yayy thanks for the award girl :) <333! omg those contacts look soooo friggen cute on u!! <3 it!! + that hello kitty mouse and pad i NEED that hahaah im def going to be on the hunt for that haha its tooooooo cute gahh loll omg i wanted to get both pigments from the rose romance collection but i probably dont neeeeed them...theyre just tooo pretty!! i cant make up my mind haha but my bank acct says no :P lolll


  4. Yay for a day off school but not yay for swine flu :(

    That strawberry shortcake made me drool~~~~ your bf looks grumpy alright. He no like shortcake? hehehehe

    OMG!!!! that hello kitty mouse and mouse pad is super cuteness. I want those. Too bad I don't see those around my hk stores.

    Thanks for the award dear. Can I nominate you back?! I will anyway. hehe

  5. The cake looks super good :)

    Your school closed down because of the Swine Flu? Yikes! But I was reading through the images in Postsecrets.com and found that someone wished it would happened to their school, LOL!

    Ooh! Nice Nail Polish. I need to get one in that color, mmmm.

  6. ur such a cutie! ur natural lashes r curled! mines never.. so thank god to falsies haha.. aww thanks for the award!! ill post this soon!! THANK YOU!!!! how much did the mouse pad cost u? thats soo cute.. i need a mouse pad! i dont have one n my table is gettin scratched up... i think the HK mouse pad is a good n cuter idea! haha


  7. thanks for the award =]

    you look so cute in ur pic.
    i didn't get ANYTHING from rose romance. i kind of wanted to but meh...I guess after i saw it in person I didn't want to anymore.
    plus i was low on $$. Hopefully that will change cuz I have a job interview! I'm so excited! now I'm just rambling but yeah.

    I'll be sure to do the tag post soon...
    and u look cute on ur bottom post where I tagged u haha =]

    I'm curious, how old are you?

  8. I just love your blog
    I have to get me that hello kitty mouse and mouse pad ♥

  9. oooh! you're another pretty blogger :)!
    the food looks soo yummmy! esp the croissantt!!

  10. Mmm strawberry shortcake!! Yum yum~ Ooh geo angel blue looks great on you!

  11. wow i love those geo contacts!! they're so pretty! and that hello kitty mouse pad! omg its tooo cute!

    *following your blogger! =]

  12. Girl, the contacts is pretty! I think I'll order another one without the "prescription" because it makes me feel dizzy! ahahaha! :p I wonder why it does not make my eyes bigger. I guess because my eyes are already huge in the 1st place. LOL! :p

    I love your haul! Lookin at it makes me wanna buy some.. its so tempting!! ahhh! ahahaha

  13. OMG that Beauty Powder Blush is absolutely pretty! It in on my Rose Romance wish list, too, but I think I'll go on a makeup diet ¬_¬

  14. Your makeup looks greeeeeat!


  16. lindah!!!

    you should have put in your blue contacts for the Hillary duff pictures.
    your blog is so endless.
    yer great!
    love ya!


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