26 May 2009

Drugstore Haul + NYX Lip Swatches + Hilary Duff Inspired

I'm sort of on a makeup diet. Well, a high end makeup diet lol. I don't really think I splurge on drugstore makeup much, I usually only buy a few things unlike at the mac counter or something. But it's been since "a rose romance" collection came out (literally the first day) since I've bought anything high end.

Anywho, I went to cvs (I'm sure you can tell by the label) and maybelline mascaras were buy one get on free :) I finally try out the lash stilleto and colossal one! yay, so review/showdown coming soon. (I think I said showdown because of fuz)

I also went to walmart last night to go buy more ram for my old school mac (shown wayyy below) but ended up being DDR instead of SDR which was what I needed. My boyfriend insisted we go look around and insisted I buy something so it won't be a waste of gas xD I love him, haha <3 Definitely excited to try out the pen :) The only other pen style I tried out was the physician's formula one and I LOVED it but I dried out so fast :( So I picked up my HG one in case it does LOL!

Here's the swatches of the lippies stuff from my cherry culture haul :) Hope it's useful and I'm an NC40 so it's probably aroud that area or it's darker since it's my driving arm :X

Top row, left to right.
round glosses: dolly pink, ballerina pink, peach, real nude, natural, amethyst, true red;; lipliners: pinky, coffee, deep purple, plush red, natural
Bottown row, left to right.
round lipsticks: paris, narcissus, b52, cocoa, creamy beige, thalia, eggplant

Here's my entry for Rai's "celeb neutral/smokey eye contest" Check it out if you haven't already :D You have until THIS friday! I think it said a total of 3 pictures including the inspiration. I cam whored just a teensy bit LOL! First few pictures I used a different lipcolor than the rest :P My camera was being a little gay so some might be blurry!

Hilary duff was my inspiration since she always has nice smoke eye makeup :) Poor hilary with her bad veneers, they look oversized!

Trying to pose like her! haha

My lips look super thin right here, and you can see my old school mac :)

I shouldn't have mixed too much light foundation with my dark foundation :P (I have no nose!)

Half face!

Changed the lipcolor up because I thought it wasn't dark enough.. then it was too dark!

Looks a little hazy, I think I could sport this look for the holidays :)

of course I have to finish with my stupd pose :) haha

Products used:

-- eyes
benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in skinny jeans
mac e/s in mont black
milani e/s in a gray color, the label isn't there anymore :(
revlon matte e/s in vintage lace
dior iconic mascara
urban decay 24/7 e/l in zero
n.y.c. brow/eye pencil in taupe (not pictured)

-- face
mufe hd foundation in 155, yeah it totally doesn't match LOL (I blended it with some really light foundation to lighten it up, looks like it worked too well :P)
mac msf in brunette
mac beauty powder blush in stark naked

-- lips (not pictured)
nyx round gloss in amethyst, first few pics (light red shade)
nyx round gloss in true red, last few pics (darker red shade)

Hope you guys liked it :)

Next up, nyx jumbo pencil swatches :D Seems fairly easy... LOL!


  1. oOO i wanna try that stilleto lash! have u tried it yet? lemme know how u like it! love the hilary duff inspired look! u look gorgeouss!

  2. wow! hilary has the same smile as you =] LOL

  3. you are soo cute! can i see tutorial for this black smokey plz? i have not learned how to do that yet =( u see nothin but colorful e/s on my blogs haha how is that maybelline yellow mascara? is it better than the orange CG? plz let me know! =) xoxo


  4. Aww Hilary..I really do like her makeup! Smokey eyes and red lips look so classy! You did an awesome job!

  5. this look is so pretty!!! :) reminds me also that I need to buy a mascara very soon :p

  6. That's a good sale! Buy one, get one! :)

    I think you did it better than Hilary. ♥

  7. You love that Maybelline Mascara!
    lol Well at least I did.

    And yeah I was watching that on E! They did make her veneers a tad bit huge.

    haha Love the pose at the end.
    Thanks again for entering!!

  8. I bought Lash Stiletto some times ago but haven't tried it yet. I want to finish my older mascaras first! Oh & The Colossal is AWESOME.

  9. very nice!! very hilary duff!
    i would like to check otu the cherry culture thing very nice!!!!

  10. LOL @ poor Hilary with her oversized veneers! You look so much better than she does... She looks like she's going to bite someone's head off! xD

  11. great job on copying the look. i love smokey looks, and the red lip just adds that pop of flare lovely!

  12. Yeah thats not hilary's finest picture, but anyhoooo in that blurry pic you look almost identical to your mom, but your just darker :X. Your the next Lizzie McGuire ahahah just keedin :D

    I LOVE YOU ^.^

  13. nice haul...u look so pretty :D

  14. I must say, I definitely like your version better. Very pretty!

  15. i LOVE the stileto mascara so much! just got it not too long ago. i dont care for the yellow one.
    it smells weird!

  16. omg girl you are totally gonna win- lovvvvveeee this look on you!!


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