29 April 2009

What I've Been Doing - Quick Update

I've been LAZYY.. lol, I come to the "new post" window and sit and stare at it then say "ehh. I'll update tomorrow" but I'm just so lazy this week :D

I'm thinking about making a video on Friday night :P I don't know we'll see. So here's some things I've been doing :)

Went to the mall today. Took a picture with the boyfriend but he didn't like it so I guess I won't post it :P but took his little sister and his niece (somewhere else in the car?) with us for some "family time" LOL

I thought this was cute.. haha, it's the animal cell I MADE for her stupid project. It even has a little tail in the backk, aww.. my creations :P

Tried to do a faukhawk on thursday night ^_^ Please ignore my big forehead, I'm very insecure lol and ew ignore my dresser. It looks clean in the picture xD

And I got hello kitty on my iPhone :D Isn't it so adorable?!?! I took the picture on my webcam so it's flipped which is retarded >:( I think I'll take a closeup of all the cuteness lol and yeah I got tmobile :)

I'll update for sure next time :) Hauled some things from "a rose romance" collection :D


  1. Hhaha "what ive been doing" i been lazy.. damn gurl! hahah ur funny.. well u know u need to come back wit more posts cutie!!!!!!!! xoxo


  2. Haha you look cute in the first pic!!

  3. Oh & you think you have a big forehead? Look at mine! I always hide it with my hair... it's so ugly!

  4. But it's really not that big, I swear! Mine is totally HUGE! I think it's because I have a loooooooooooong face. Anyways. I'm following your blog, in case I didn't mention it already (=

  5. Oh really? The cuticle creme? I'm using it every night before I go to bed. Don't really see any special improvements, but, oh well. At least, my nails smell nice eheh

    Thanks for the follow (=


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