08 April 2009

Collective Haul Video 1

Made this video on Friday night when I got off work! I look so tired.. my foundation like came off by the time I made this so my skin looks a little scary LOL just be warned! :P

See what I mean? I forgot to show my perfect topping, light over dark, and grand duo :P but I'm sure you guys have seen swatches of that everywhere lol

Well anyway, have been so busy doing all this news stuff! woo, I'm pooped. I gotta go finish my calculus homework :) See you next time!


  1. cute video haul! i think id be wayy too shyyy to do this... but since i have a private blog.. who knos! but anyways i received your lovepack the other day.. THANKK you SOOO MUCH!! and dont worry.. used or not... i LOVE IT! u kno as mmuch as i love makeup, its hard forr me to get stufff for myself. im too poor! ill do a post soon =) thanks again lindah!

  2. Nice video blog! :) And nails! Eeee.

    Good luck on your calculus homework! Smart girl, you! ♥

  3. Angela is your sister? Heh she is so cute! :)

    YAY for haul! I love Dior.. I need to get more dior.. I just love them! haha! :) Ohh pepermint patty..I'm looking for a nice dupe for that :)

  4. ohhh!! hahah! SHe's really cute :) Btw, yes get the mystery powder because its awesome! I love it.. Its so silky! and when you finish with the powder, just buy a blush refill and put that one in the compact :)

    BTW, you are lucky they messed up your order! hahaha!

  5. looks like you got some great stuff!


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